R^3 Coming Soon

Forget kool-aid, get ready to drink the tea.


Lead investigators, Lizard King (left), Lizard Queen(right)

Everything you thought you knew. Is a lie. Coming soon to The Talon is a series dedicated to woking the Magnet population.

Raptors Revealing Ruses (R^3) starring The Lizard King and Queen will bring you to new wavelengths. Those conspiracy theories you read online at 2am are not theories anymore
Topics ranging from Technology, to Helen Keller, to Australia, will be exposed. Nobody is safe.

Here is a taste of what you may learn:

Australia. The Hemsworths say they are from there. Steve Irwin “died” there from hundreds of stabs from a stingray (BIRDS of the sea). Kangaroos “live” there. The land down under may very well BE under. Think about it. Have YOU been to Australia?

The world’s most dangerous animals are from Australia. Why? This is where the government is genetically modifying animals for warfare. Nobody ventures to the middle, but do you wonder why? This is where the moon landing was falsified. All the “tourists” merely stay on the coast. However whoever claims to go to Australia is just working for the government. The origins of Australia began when the British used it as a prison. However, it never actually was a prison. Just a secret government island. This is where the government officials turn into lizards.

From July 3rd to September 11th, Pink, the singer, was in the Australia region. THREE months on one “continent”? What is she planning? Another popular pop diva, Taylor Swift, has just ended the Australian leg of her Reputation Stadium Tour. Taylor Swift has self-admittedly called herself what vicious, often poisonous, reptile? A snake. Australia isn’t just meant to turn government officials into lizards; the goal is to turn ALL influential figures into them. But that’s just the beginning… how long until they get to the general population? What if they already have? Your neighbor is probably already converted. The leadership of our schools are probably converted, educating our children in their vile, lizardous ways.

Most Flat Earthers, believe in this conspiracy. They believe that when the British used Australia as a “prison”, they merely dumped the people in the water. Australia is just a big cover up for a mass murder.
However R^3 believes differently. The government wouldn’t waste this opportunity and potential.

Disclaimer: You may be placed on a government watchlist if you view R^3. We can’t be held liable if you are “vaporized”. Be woke at your own risk.

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