Meet Meredith Coen and Lila Clark


Selina Pi

Freshmen Lila (left) and Meredith (right) enjoyed Spirit Week!

Selina Pi and Lilly Schweickhardt

Even though Meredith Coen, whose sister Emma is a senior, knew that Spirit Week would be crazy and fun, she found that it was still surprising and unexpected. Fellow freshman Lila Clark also expressed that Spirit Week was “super fun and crazy.” Lila’s and Meredith’s favorite day was Homecoming Day. “It was fun to beat the sophomores,” Meredith laughed. As for the Black Diamonds, Meredith loved them, and Lila was shocked at first and called them “amazing,” especially after Ms. Pinckney made her think that the pep rally was over. On Career Day, both had positive opinions of the Convocation speaker, Maria Furtado. After Convocation, Meredith’s favorite career presentation was engineering, and Lila’s was behavioral science. At a future Spirit Week, Meredith would like to see character day, and Lila would like to see twin day and Harry Potter day. Both said that, outside their own wall, the senior wall was their favorite because “theirs was the craziest.”

Meredith’s and Lila’s favorite class is biology. You can find Meredith at soccer, Lila at Theater at Charleston Stage, and both at Eat Dirt, Global Hood, and Spectrum. Meredith’s spirit animal is a moose, and Lila’s is a koala bear.