A Preview of Basketball Season

An Early Look Into the Excitement


As October comes to a close and football season wraps up, we look forward to one of the most exciting sports at Magnet. Basketball season begins in November and gives life to an otherwise cold and academically-demanding time of the year. While the Birdcage migrates south for the winter to the warm indoors of the Magnet Gym, the same fervent school spirit remains in the air. With the season just weeks away, Raptors fans can look forward to exciting games and spectacular plays from both the girls and boys teams. In this article, we’ll interview some of the players to get their takes on the upcoming season as well as excited fans who can hardly wait for the season to begin.

First, we asked senior spirit leader, Mason Bishop, his thoughts on the approaching season from a fan’s perspective.

Question 1: What are you most looking forward to this basketball season?

“Definitely bringing the Birdcage back into the gym. The gym atmosphere only intensifies the Raptor spirit.”

Question 2: What is your favorite part of basketball games?

“How close we are to the players. This way, we can really see how our cheers motivate and encourage the Raptor players.”

The gym atmosphere only intensifies the Raptor spirit”

— Mason Bishop

Next, we discussed the upcoming season with several of the Raptor basketball players.

Question 3: How have you been preparing for the season thus far?

Josh Cumins: “We’ve been doing a lot of conditioning on the track to get in shape for the season.”

Question 4: What do you expect from your team this year?

Janie O’Shea: “I think even though we’ve moved up a region, we’re still gonna bring it every game and give it a 100%.”

Question 5: What do you enjoy most about basketball season?

Vinod Pandey: “The excitement and energy I feel stepping onto the court before our home games.”

Although these Raptors have given you a sense of what basketball season is like, the only real way to experience the atmosphere of a Raptor basketball game is by going yourself. Surrounded by some of your closest friends while the palpable energy of the gym pulses through the air, basketball games are truly a unique experience at Magnet. As you’ve read, the Raptor players feed off the energy of the crowd, so it’s important to have as many people present at the games as possible. Hopefully you’ll make the trip out to the Birdcage this year to support your Raptors!