Club Spotlight: PIG Club

Liza interviews longstanding AMHS P.I.G. Club co-president, Hannah O.


For the Raptors who are unaware, P.I.G. Club is a well-known school organization headed by seniors Hannah O and Greta Waits. The club has graced Magnet with its presence for three years, serving as a constant force of charitable compassion and student unity. Curious about the success of P.I.G. club, I personally interviewed President Hannah O.

What is P.I.G. Club?

PIG stands for Providing International Generosity. We raise money through fundraisers to purchase animals for families in third world countries. These animals are usually farm animals such as goats and chickens that provide food and milk.

What inspired you to start P.I.G. club?

Greta and I were looking to start a volunteer-based club and she had heard of this website called World Vision that donates animals to families in need.  We decided to use that as an outlet and start raising money for it through fundraising at AMHS.

What have you accomplished in P.I.G. Club?

We have bought two goats and four chickens for third world families. 

Do you have any upcoming fundraisers?

Yes, we have a Halloween bake sale coming up Tuesday, October 29th!

Do you intend to pursue P.I.G. Club after high school?

Yes, hopefully I  can create or be a part of a similar organization in college. 

Hannah, thank you for sharing your club secrets with The Talon, and your generosity with the world. Raptors, don’t forget to come and support P.I.G. Club Tuesday, October 29th at lunch—you can enjoy Halloween festivities while supporting a global charity foundation! If you wish to contact the club’s leaders, follow or direct message @amhspig on Instagram.