Club Spotlight: Magnet Kix

Liza interviews Trap Puckette, co-founder of new AMHS club Magnet Kix.


Magnet Kix is a newly emerging club headed by seniors Trap Puckette and Chris Littlejohn. It is a sub-portion of a larger nonprofit charity foundation, Charleston Kix. I personally interviewed one of the founders, Trap Puckette, to learn more about the club that is sweeping the raptor birdcage!

What is Magnet Kix?

A club that aims to involve AMHS with Charleston Kix, “A program revolving around soccer to help youth be successful on the field, in the classroom, and in the community!”. Essentially, the goal is to raise money for local middle schoolers with low socioeconomic backgrounds to play soccer and use the sport as a positive outlet.

What inspired you to start the club?

My work with my soccer coach CJ, the president of Charleston Kix, really inspired me to start the club. He has plenty of great success stories where kids were really changed by his nonprofit, and I think that it is important to help people in the local community.

Do you have any fundraisers planned?

Yes, the club will aim to do 1-2 fundraisers per quarter. The first one we are doing is coming up in a few weeks, and will be a bake sale just to get things started.

What do you hope to accomplish? 

The goal is to raise $500 this year, which is enough to sponsor one kid to play a season of club soccer.

Do you intend to pursue Magnet Kix after high school?

I definitely think that this is a good cause that I’d like to continue to help out with in the future. While I may not be able to be involved directly with Magnet Kix after I graduate, I will surely keep supporting Charleston Kix and try to find similar organizations in college.

Well Raptors, that’s all for this week’s club spotlight! Don’t forget to support Magnet Kix in their upcoming fundraisers; every dollar counts.