Overwatch World Cup 2018

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Overwatch World Cup 2018

Soccer isn’t the only sport to have a world cup this year. The e-sport based on the popular video game Overwatch made by Blizzard Entertainment is hosting its 3rd World Cup. The tournament has already started and the teams from Finland and South Korea have already cleared their group stage. 24 teams will compete for 8 spots in the finals which will be played at Blizzcon in November. The e-sport has grown in popularity since the founding of the Overwatch League, which had its first season from January 10th until June 16th, with the playoffs and the finals in July. The sport has also become stricter about how players act and what they say, with players being fired for even using the depiction of Pepe the frog, which is loosely connected to the alt-right. Here are the remaining teams in this years world cup:

Group 1: South Korea (Finishers)

  • Team South Korea (hosts)
  • Team Finland

Group 2: United States

  • Team USA (hosts)
  • Team Austria
  • Team Brazil
  • Team Canada
  • Team Norway
  • Team Switzerland

Group 3: Thailand

  • Team Thailand (hosts)
  • Team Australia
  • Team China
  • Team Denmark
  • Team Spain
  • Team Sweden

Group 4: France

  • Team France (hosts)
  • Team Germany
  • Team Italy
  • Team Netherlands
  • Team Poland
  • Team United Kingdom
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