A Guide to Finding the Perfect Summer Job

Looking for an easy way to make some cash, check out this summer job guide.

this is a lifeguard

this is a lifeguard

Summer is traditionally a time for hanging out with friends and fun in the sun, but more and more teens are using the much-needed break from school to make a little extra cash. I personally have had a plethora of jobs and am an advocate for joining the work force during the hotter months. After all, summer jobs are a great way to gain work experience in field you’re interested in, they are a phenomenal resume builder, and they provide you with all kinds of life experience you can not get any other way.
Finding a job can indeed be overwhelming, but do not fear, I have put together a fool-proof guide to finding your perfect summer job.

If you love the outdoors:

Lifeguarding: Call me biased, but lifeguarding is the perfect summer job.

What could be better than getting to spend your days tanning in the sun, eating popsicles, and hanging out with your friends while relaxing at a pool? ”

  Oh, and you’re getting paid for it. Lifeguarding may seem overwhelming at first, but once you get the hang of it, there is truly nothing more rewarding than getting to save lives all while having a blast. If you are interested in this position I suggest signing up for a certification class and heading out to your local pool to see what kind of opportunities await you.

If you love animals:

Dog Walking: If you love playing with puppers and getting exercise, then dog walking is truly the perfect job for you. It’s easy and the only kind of experience you need is a strong love of dogs and a good pair of tennis shoes. If you are unsure how to make your start in this career, I recommend finding any dog owning neighbors you may have and begin by asking them if they need help taking care of their pets. Putting up flyers is another great way to break into the dog walking scene and a guaranteed way to turn your love of dogs into some coins.

If you are a foodie:

Hostessing/Waitressing: Although the hours are long, and some customer interactions make you loose all faith in humanity, working in a restaurant is a service experience that every person needs in order to become a better human being. If you are good at balancing dish ware, smiling, and are an outgoing person over all, working in a restaurant is the perfect job for you, plus in addition to an hourly wage, many establishments offer tips. If you are interested in this job, I suggest driving around and stopping in any eatery that you are interested in working at, odds are you can find a job.

hope this guide was helpful and inspired you to begin your job hunting journey. And if you end up in a job you hate don’t worry, you can always quit when school starts again in the fall.