Eagles Fly High in Superbowl 52

The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots with a score of 41-33


Eagle QB Nick Foles catches a touchdown pass in Superbowl 52

After a great NFL season, the championship parade will grace the cold streets of Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Eagles won their first Super Bowl in franchise history by defeating the New England Patriots in a shootout with a score of 41-33. This was a battle of two quarterbacks that commanded their respective offensives down the length of the field consistently throughout the game.

1,151-This Super Bowl had the most combined yards of any NFL game in NFL history, with both teams averaging over 7 yards per play.”

Superbowl MVP Nick Foles threw for 373 yards and 3 touchdowns and caught a touchdown pass on 4th and 1 from tight end Trey Burton. On the other hand, Thomas Brady, QB for the Patriots, threw for 505 yards and 3 touchdowns. Although Brady had more yards than Foles, he had 1 less touchdown and he looked his age of 40 years when he was not athletic enough to catch a pass for a huge first down. Therefore, Nick Foles is a more athletic, better-receiving quarterback who must still be respected in the passing game.


1,151-This Super Bowl had the most combined yards of any NFL game in NFL history, with both teams averaging over 7 yards per play.

1-The number of punts in the entire game, which the Eagles did early in the first half.

1- The number of catches by quarterbacks. Quarterbacks were 1 for two on combined receiving.

2- The Eagles were 2 for 2 on 4th down conversions, one of them for a touchdown and the other was when the Eagles were in their own territory.

54- the amount of 1st downs in Superbowl 52

The celebrations in Philadelphia were nothing short of expected as the city had the lampposts lubricated the day of the Superbowl so that drunk Eagles fan would not be able to climb them. This and a few other precautions did not deter the people of Philadelphia from celebrating. One fan was so happy and so excited throughout the game, that he forgot to eat. Thankfully for him, there was horse poop in the streets of Philadelphia, so he filled up and went home nice and full. Some other fans saw that the Eagles torched the Patriots defense, so they wanted to emulate their Eagles, and they set a car ablaze in the streets. Another group of fans brought down the canopy of the Carlton Hotel with fans doing backflips and jumping off of the canopy. Overall, the Philly fans showed the world that they love their team, and they let out 52 years of bottled up emotion for this one moment. We all know that if the Patriots had won, all of the Pats fans would have golf clapped and then gone to bed, as it seems that they are in Superbowls every year or so (3 of last 4).

This game was exciting to watch and it leaves us with tow major offseason issues for these teams. The Patriots have to prove the doubters wrong that their 18-year dynasty is at an end with an old quarterback and a grumpy, fed up head coach. The Eagles have a big decision to make on what they are going to do with Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles, who is still under contract for the next NFL season. I think that the Eagles should hold onto him, in case starting QB Carson Wentz is not fully healthy at the beginning of the season. Then, if Carson is good to go, the Eagles should trade Foles to a playoff caliber team that loses their starting quarterback, as many did this year. Next season is going to be exciting, but the long wait has begun.