Meet the Wrestling Team

The 2017 Boys Wrestling season is already underway, but it’s never too late to get to know the members of the team.


Historically, wrestling has always been a dangerous sport. It was originally held in the Olympic Games as a way to train soldiers for hand-to-hand combat. It represents one of the oldest forms of combat. The popularity of the sport remained during the Middle Ages and into the modern world. Wrestling moves and techniques have been incorporated into other sports such as martial arts.

There are three different forms of of wrestling: belt-and-jacket styles, catch-hold styles, and loose styles. Belt-and-jacket is when clothing is used for grip. Catch-hold is when the players are required to grip each other prior to the beginning of the match. Loose styles is when the wrestlers are separated prior to the match.

There are five basic criteria required for a player to win a wrestling match. Break stance, toppling, touch-fall, pin-fall, and submission. Break stance forces the other player to break position. Touch-fall makes the opponent go into a position he or she was not already in. A pin-fall consists of one player keeping the opponent in a position for a long period of time. Submission is when the opponent announces that he or she is defeated.

The 2017 Boys Wrestling season is already underway, but it’s never too late to get to know the members of the team. Having competed in three matches already, the boys are on their way to a great season.

His nickname is Protein Powder, he lost his last match but fought hard and gave it his all, he has sustained concussion and groin injuries, he loves wearing wrestling outfits… He’s BAXTER BARRETT.

His nickname is Little Shrimp, but he’s no shrimp in the 100-110 pound weight class, he’s lost all his matches but that’s not stopping him, his favorite move is the half nelson with the twist… He’s BRUCIE ROCCO.

His nickname is The Finisher. He sustained a pelvic fracture and thinks that the pre-game locker room hangouts are good bonding experiences. He bit someone once, but not in wrestling…He’s JOE ROGERS.

His nickname is Smalls and claims the wrestling team to be like a fraternity. His favorite move is the chinchilla…He’s JAKE SMALLEY.

His nickname is BO-BO and broke his leg the first year on the wrestling team by a senior named Creed. His favorite move is the half nelson…He’s BEAU DOSCHER.

His nickname is Johnny 2 Scoops and his last name is a fruit. His favorite move is the banana split. He beat a kid in double elimination…He’s JOHNNY LEMON.

This is your 2017-18 AMHS Wrestling Team. They hope to make it to the state championship this year, so we should all show up and support the team.

1. 2. 3. WRESTLE.