Fantasy Football Breakouts: Week 10

I would rather win the Super Bowl of my fantasy league than have them win in real life. I think I may have a  problem.


What is your record for not checking the fantasy cast on a Sunday? Mine is an hour, and that is because I was working. It’s addictive. When it’s gone I count the days until it comes back. There is always an edge to be gained, always a potential trade to better your team. It has ruined my loyalty as a Panthers fan, to the point where if they are playing at 1:00 I can’t not watch RedZone to watch the Panthers I so loyally watched just a few years ago. I still cheer for them, but I can’t lie, I would rather win the Super Bowl of my fantasy league than have them win in real life. I think I may have a  problem.

Alvin Kamara – RB – New Orleans Saints
The rookie continues to add to a very impressive first season in the league. Kamara’s value comes from his gift of duality, as both a change-of-pace back and an excellent pass catcher. While his companion in the backfield, Mark Ingram rushed for more yards, Kamara was able to make the most of his opportunities and finished the game with 68 rushing yards and 84 receiving yards, most significantly adding a receiving and a rushing touchdown to make his year total 5. He finished with a non-PPR 25 points and was able to help the Saints blow the Buccaneers out of the water, with a final score of 30-10. Kamara is easily a top 10-15 running back as of now, even despite his split carries with Ingram.

Jared Goff – QB – Los Angeles Rams
Once considered a possible bust, the former number one overall pick is performing at a high level, helping thrust the Rams to an unexpected 6-2 start. He annihilated the New York Giants defense, throwing for 311 yards and 4, yes 4, touchdowns. Two big plays, a 52 yard TD to Robert Woods and a 67 yard bomb to speedy wideout Sammy Watkins, boosted Goff’s stats, allowing him to finish with an impressive 28 fantasy points. Goff is proving consistently that he has the skill and mentality to be an elite quarterback. If Goff is somehow still on waivers in your league, pick him up immediately.

Alshon Jeffery – WR – Philadelphia Eagles
Originally, Alshon Jeffery’s matchup versus Denver’s secondary seemed bleak, however it seems as though Jeffery and MVP-candidate Carson Wentz are beginning to establish a very dynamic relationship in Philly. He ended the game with six receptions for 84 yards, and two very valuable touchdowns, combining for 20 non-PPR fantasy points. Due to his height and ability to extend far above the average defender, Jeffrey has the potential to continue tearing up defensive backs, especially in the redzone. With Wentz playing at an exceptionally high level, Jeffery turns into a valuable commodity, at a high WR2, possibly WR1, level. He should be started in all leagues barring any changes.

T.Y. Hilton – WR – Indianapolis Colts
This speedy receiver led the league in receiving yards last year, and he showed why on Sunday. He racks up deep receptions and yards after the catch. He picked up an untouched 80 yard touchdown on a freak play in which he seemed to have been tripped up on the opposing 20 yard-line, only to get up and sprint into the endzone. On further review, he had never been touched, the whistle never blew, and the defenders gave up. Hilton added to this score with another to score 29 non-PPR fantasy points on 2 TDs and 175 yards receiving. The performance was his second 20+ point outing, but he has struggled to produce with consistency paired with backup QB Jacoby Brissett. There’s no shortage of talent for Hilton but quarterback play will likely limit him going forward.

Tyrod Taylor – QB – Buffalo Bills
Tyrod is never going to light up a defense for 400 yards passing, but he can get the job done in the air and add to it with yards on the ground. He had a nice fantasy performance of Thursday Night Football, throwing for his season high 285 yards and a touchdown, as well as scrambling for an additional 35 and touchdown. This gave him his first 20+ point game this season with 26 against the Jets in a loss. Taylor has done well as of late, and is likely worth rostering in deeper leagues. However, it is safe to say this type of game will not be a common occurrence, but he can be counted on for a solid outing in most weeks.