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Sohan Kotecha

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Prom. A night filled with dressing up, dancing, laughter, and pictures to be remembered for a lifetime. However, many students at Academic Magnet High School and other high school throughout the country decided to skip school on the Friday before Prom weekend. This allowed for a three-day weekend, which many teachers were against. A reported 66 students out of 144 were absent on Friday, April 21st. The remainder of the students completed work in class, while the rest simply missed anything that was done. A few students legitimately had a proper excuse to miss school, but many others were “sick”. These are the responses from AMHS seniors when asked why they did or did not show up to school on the day before prom:


Students who skipped:

Conor – I was throwing up Thursday night and Friday morning because of a stomach bug.

Conner – I was sick

Carter – I was ACTUALLY sick Thursday

Sohan – I was chilling by the pool playing pong and eating bacon. Not sick at all.

Nate – I had a couple doctors’ appointments I had to take care of. They can @ me if they have any questions.

Potter – I was sick.

Sophie – I was on a college visit

Grace – I had a sore throat and I was a little sick.

Maya – Prom bro.

Zoe – I didn’t want to be here.

Evan – I had the flu

Jacob Lipton – I was drinking skim milk all day. And to spite a teacher.

Ben – I didn’t want to come


Students who showed up:

Capers – I was here because I love learning!

Gabi – I was at school because it’s the LAW.

Hannah – I didn’t have a reason to not be here.

Katie – I HAD to be present for a certain class…

Lucia – My host family made me come to school.

Kara – I had a test

Beck – I had to come because of baseball.

Lexi – Mrs. Pinckney said I had to

Ryan – I felt like it was my duty as a student. I just wanted to attend school as much as I could for the last days of senior year. School is really fun!

Abby – I had missed so much school that week because of the flu so I had to come.

Grayson – I am a good student

Kevin – I wanted to come learn.


What do you feel about students missing school the day before prom?

Mrs. Pinckney – I thought y’all already had a senior skip day in January? I thought y’all would understand not to skip a day right before AP testing.

Mr. Phillips – Most of the students that missed the day before prom were seniors and what’s the harm? We keep you a year longer than you need to be so what’s one day?

Mrs. Lankford – I think it’s excessive and unnecessary and annoying. I think that if students were to have a skip day they should do it once successfully rather than multiple times ineffectively.

Mrs. Orr – It shouldn’t be done. School is still school and instruction is taking place. Y’all are not at that position in life to skip school just because y’all want to.

Mrs. Hoofstetter – I understand but I don’t see the point. This is an academic school not a party school. I would prefer if they didn’t do it.

Mrs. Desbrow – I don’t care. For every action there is a consequence. You can choose your action, but not the consequence. Many people who didn’t show up will complain when they don’t get into a good college or don’t do well on a test, and the ones who were present are the ones who are going to be successful in life. It’s all about work ethic. It’s understandable if you miss school or work for a valid reason, but not when you simply feel like it.



Will the legendary ‘Prom Skip’ be vanquished next year? Find out next year on!





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