Kara Schwacke’s Diamond in the Rough: Earl Navarro

Kara Schwacke's Diamond in the Rough: Earl Navarro

Kara Schwacke and Zoe Wright

This week on Kara Schwacke’s Diamond in the Rough: Earl Navarro. Many of you may not know this but Earl is an excellent tennis player. We got the inside scoop on how he got interested in the sport and how he got so good.
When did you first start playing tennis?
“Um, when I was like 5”
What inspired you to start playing?
“Um, my dad um he used to take my sisters and I to the courts and feed us balls and stuff so the whole family got into it”
What tips do you have for aspiring tennis players?
“I think uh at first it can be pretty discouraging because it’s difficult to get started but if you stay committed its gets more fun as your skills improve”
How much time on average do you dedicate to practicing?
“I practice about 20 hours a week”
Have you won any awards?
“I have won some tournaments, we won the 2A State Championship last year”
How does it factor into your personal life?
“I would say sometimes its definitely difficult to fit in the social things I want to and practice as much as I need to”
Where do you practice?
“LTP tennis in Mt. Pleasant”
Are there tennis tricks?
“One time I bounced a ball 112 times on the side of the frame”
Do you have a tennis grunt?
“Definitely, it sounds like guhhhh”