Make a Stand Against Animal Abuse

Many of you have heard of the new movie A Dog’s Purpose, which is scheduled to release on January 27th. It follows a dog who continues to be reincarnated until it returns to its original owner. Sounds like a must-see movie for all animal lovers, right?

On Thursday, January 18th, TMZ released a video that shows the side of filming that viewers are never meant to see. It shows a crew member forcing a German Shepherd into moving water that is designed to look like a river. In the movie, the dog swims in this river. But this behind the scenes video shows that this dog was shoved into the water while scrambling to climb out of the water. But this crew member holds onto the dog by the neck and resists the dog’s struggles to escape.

It is apparent that this dog is scared for his life and does not want to go in the water. This abusive behavior is not worth a great scene in a movie and should not be tolerated. As someone who has a German Shepherd in her own family, this video shook me to the core. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is calling for a boycott of the movie in response to the shocking video. Even though I wanted to see the movie after seeing the trailer, I refuse to go and watch this movie with the knowledge of what occurred behind the scenes.