Jack Niesse, Staff Writer

As winter sports are in full swing, one sport gets swept under the mat, wrestling. Co-Captains Addison Haly and Campbell Long are a combined 15-6 on the year.  The captains help push the team to move in 3 ways: Forward, Forward, and Forward. Campbell Garrard being a great example of that being 6-2 on the season. With only 7  people on the team it allows for coach Ruiz to give very individualized instruction. The young 4 of Smalley, Beall, Lesesne, and Lemon are a combined 14-19.  With coach’s help they will continue to grow and get better ,as they all have at least two more years to master their skills and take people to “Stick City”.  With the season more than halfway complete the team holds the record of 2-5, but are hopeful of winning out. The team is always thinking one step ahead. The team lives by the saying,” Wrestling is a lifestyle, not a sport”.

If  you want to see a bunch of  sweaty guys rolling around on the floor in singlets then check out one of their matches listed below.


1/10     6pm     vs North Charleston  HOME

1/12      6pm     vs Ridge Christian  AWAY

1/17      6pm     vs Whale branch/Burke   AWAY

1/19      6pm     vs Stall   AWAY

1/24     6pm      vs Garrett/Hanahan  Home

1/27     5pm      tournament @North Charleston