We’ve Been Played: Reptilian Shapeshifters rule us all

Conspiracy Theories, Part Four

Weve Been Played: Reptilian Shapeshifters rule us all

Grace Beischel, Staff Writer

Reptilian Shapeshifters rule us all. Get over it.

Reptilian shapeshifters also known as Reptoids, dinosauroids, lizardfolk, lizardmen, Saurians alpha draconians, and Sauroids are an alien race that possess powers such as invisibility, shapeshifting, and telekinesis. Reptilian Shapeshifters are from the Alpha Draconi star system located in the Orion constellation. Reptilian shapeshifters have a very warlike personality which has led them to incorporate themselves into human society to achieve their goal. Their only goal is to enslave the human race and take over the Earth. It is believed they have successfully infiltrated titles such as The Pope, The President of the Unites States, much of the Royal Family and even Jesus Christ himself.  A Reptilian Shapeshifter in reptilian form is said to be about 7-9 feet tall, with green brown scaly skin, three long fingers with one opposable thumb topped with sharp talons, holes for ears and muscular arms and legs. Some sightings report long tails or wings. They always wear very little clothing with the exception of body armour. It is said that Reptilian Shapeshifters are the most dangerous type of alien visiting Earth. Reptilian Shapeshifters have no respect for the human race. They only want to enslave the human race to make them do physical tasks like mining when the time is right.

Reptilians have been executing their plan for Earth domination since the beginning of man. It is said the serpent that tempted Adam and Eve was in fact a Reptilian Shapeshifter in reptilian form. The Reptilians helped the Egyptians create the pyramids, the Mayans create the calendar, and humanity create religion by pretending to be Gods.

Reptilians as we know them today were first described in Robert E. Howard’s Weird Tales in 1929 as “serpent men” with the ability to take the form of a man. David Icke a British conspirator has written many books about Reptilians and he boasts support from people in 47 countries and has given speeches to crowds over 6,000. A poll in 2013 showed that 4% of Americans believe in Reptilians.

For more information read the book, The Biggest Secret and The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy, written by BBC sports reporter David Icke which contains secrets about the Royal Family being “reptiles with crowns.” Also there are many videos available on Youtube that show pictures and video clips of famous people shifting in and out of Reptilian shape.