No Clownin’ Around- Creepy Clowns Terrorize SC

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Repeated reports of  clowns trying to lure kids into the woods have surfaced. Taking place in Greenville, SC, multiple accounts of clowns holding a various array of weapons (including machetes, knives, and clubs) have been featured on CNN. Donna Arnold, a resident of a Greenville apartment complex, stated,“I thought my child was seeing things, then the next day I had about 30 kids come up to me and say, ‘Did you see the clown in the woods?’ ”

After these were reported in early September, the number of clown sightings have skyrocketed. Reports have spread to Mount Pleasant, including a sighting in Belle Hall.  One resident posted on the Belle Hall Facebook group page that a middle school-aged kid was chased home around 11:30 while walking home from a friend’s house.  The Mt. Pleasant neighborhood is now disturbed by the threat of a deranged clown wandering around the once relaxed subdivision.  Members of the Facebook group have split in their take on the clown sighting; one half of the group is terrified and have decided to live in fear while the other half have opted to arm themselves and openly threatened the clown imposter, saying they will jump him or her if seen again.

Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have been plagued with clown sighting videos as well. Many of these videos are fake, but they still spread the fear of the clowns.

This clown scare comes at a time where costuming is the norm. So if you see any clowns during halloween, RUN! It’s not worth the risk. No matter how nice they seem, do not come in contact with any of them.  Also, it would be advised NOT to dress as a clown this year; you don’t want to be attacked.