School: 7 hours… or 8?


Eliot Leadem and Jack Niesse

When asked how long it takes to exit the AMHS campus, nearly 40% of participants replied “forever” or “too long”. 19.56 minutes. That’s how long it takes to leave the parking lot – according to 60 Academic Magnet High School students who participated in a survey.

As the school year starts back up, our care-free summer schedules are once again interrupted by school and its never ending assignments. Mondays relaxing at the beach become tiring seven hour school days, and students can’t help but stare longingly at the clock. When the 3:30 dismissal bell rings, mass relief spreads across the Academic Magnet campus. But the question: Is school really over yet? Juniors and Seniors venture to their cars from the school building, only to find the endless queue of cars also trying to  leave the Bonds-Wilson campus. The parking lot expands from the far reaches of the campus entrance to the Rose Marie Myers Theater end of the SOA campus. Students parked near the campus exit seem to have the advantage, as they don’t have to wait in the zig-zagging line extending across the entire parking lot. But after the long walk with piles of books in hand, the line is already stacked up. All cars, including parents, teachers, and students alike, use the ONE narrow exit that trickles the flow of traffic onto West Enterprise Street. In actuality, all students will have to wait in a line of cars for a varied amount of time, yet this can be combatted in a few simple methods.


How to Avoid the Traffic:

  1. Run. Right at the 3:30 bell, be ready to head immediately to your car. Though some other cars from SOA may already be leaving, this decision can deduct your driving time by up to 20 minutes.
  2. Wait it out. If you enter the parking lot only 5-10 minutes after the bell, the likelihood of a long line is VERY probable. Instead, try getting some work done or passing the time with friends.
  3. Play a sport. Sports are a great way to get exercise before a long night of homework, not to mention less than a minute to leave the parking lot.


Stats (average time to leave school grounds)

Drivers- 19.56 minutes

Pick-ups- 4.5 minutes

Bus- 23.4 minutes

(Survey conducted among 60 AMHS students)