Students Protest of ‘New’ Exam Policy Resolved


Although last year’s seniors benefitted from a final exam policy that allowed exemption for those students who had an 85 or above in the course and no unexcused absences, circumstances were set to change. This practice was administered throughout the Charleston County School District. However, this “pilot policy” was not renewed for this year and they reverted back to the previous policy that required a 93 or above in courses in order to except exams.Comparatively, the exam policies for the neighboring district of Dorchester County specifies that an 85 or above is acceptable for exemption and Berkeley County maintains that any senior who is not failing a course is excused from the final exam. Fuming students channeled their anger into creating a petition entitled “Bring Back the Pilot Exam Policy” which currently has 683 signatures ( With this petition, the¬†students made their voices¬†heard. After a meeting last Thursday (January 7), the District re-determined the final decision on this issue.

Some students expressed their discontent about these new circumstances:

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This petition called the policy back into question, and the final vote decided to continue the previous policy, at least for this year, that exemption may occur with an 85 or above. Charleston County seniors achieved the impossible, changing the minds of Charleston County School District.