Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


2024 AMHS Girls Soccer Spotlight

Magnet’s Most Decorated Sport

Tis the season for high school soccer! As the girl’s team gears up for the season they first must reflect on where they left off last year…The girl’s team ended their season last year with a tough loss against Bishop England in the third round of playoffs but although tears were shed, goals were being set for the 2024 season. With this spectacular group consisting of a heavy 25 players to secure the state championship, there is only good from here on out. 


Ellie Fennel

First up are the dynamic freshman duo, Logan Taylor and Ellie Fennel: both Surf Soccer Club members and both great additions to the team. Ellie is a silent but deadly threat on and off the field. She always cuts it up in an attacking mid position and has had an amazing debut on the team as she has already racked up a good amount of playing time! Logan is a spirited and strong player as no one gets past her when she is locking down the defense. She is also making quite the debut and consistently making her way onto the field! 

“I can’t wait for the upcoming season! Our team is full of talent and great energy. I’m excited for all the success to come!” -Ellie Fennel


Madeline Moye

Next up is the returning treacherous triplets… Madeline Moye, Hannah Collins, and Anna Cook. All three of these girls make their second-year debut on varsity and of course, are killing it. Madeline Moye is projected to TEAR it up on the field this year and continue with her big presence on the team as the Instagram handler and hard worker on the field. Hannah Collins is not one to miss as she can always be seen playing striker and bolting down a sideline toward the goal, she is not one to mess with. Finally, Anna Cook is a staple player in the midfield as she not only locks down to help the defense but she is always on the go alongside the offense looking to score. These three will sauce you up and take you out. 

“Comeback Season.” -Madeline Moye


Mattie Vermette

When it comes to hefty, the Junior class presence on the team is exactly that. We have, Mattie Vermette, Sophia Benich, Zoe Hutson, Katie Sheffield, Evie Waldorf, Hanna Ismail, Lindsey Griffin, Kimberly Do, Anya Poldolsky, Megan Massie, Ridgeley Kalil, and Eliza Thorn. Due to the overwhelming number of them, we will be quick but truthful in their praise. Mattie Vermette is one of our talented captains alongside Charlie Zaifert and she always finds a way to put a banger in the back of the net! Sophia Benich is a wonderful soul with a punch of power to keep the ball rolling with Magnet on the field. Zoe Hutson, a wonderful sister to alumni Lily Hutson, works to keep the Hutson legacy alive with her social nature and ball skills. Katie Sheffield has a wonderful presence on the team and is always there to step up to the plate when her magic is needed. Evie Waldorf, a tri-sport athlete, is an athletic beast and an awesome help to the team. Hanna Ismail is a third-year returner to varsity and one of the hardest workers you’ll ever meet. Lindsay Griffin, a special case and spectacular person as she stepped up to become our second goalkeeper when we only had one; she truly puts the work in for the team. Kimberly Do is a solid player who you may struggle to steal the ball from but most of all she is a bright spirit and holds a lovely presence on the team. Anya Poldolsky is another case of quiet but deadly as she does not always have the most to say but she makes up for it on the field. Megan Massie, one the strongest girls I know, will put anyone who tries to beat her to the ground but with a sweet smile. Ridgeley Kalil is another hard worker and unbeatable beast in the defense. Finally, Eliza Thorn; Eliza is quite the addition to the defensive line and is a hassle to get past with the ball.


Charlie Zaifert

Now, for the heart and soul of the team, the spectacular seniors! The seniors consist of Charlie Zaifert, Addie Hanna, Abigail Poole, Lilly Murphy, Rachel Holden, Chloe Carlsten, Cliffe Manuel, and Eliza Compton. Charlie Zaifert is a 4th-year varsity veteran and co-captain alongside Mattie Vermette. Charlie is a small but mighty player who will break ankles when needed, be a crucial player in the midfield, and most of all she is always there to pick up the team and lead… as Lilly always says 

“Lead Charlie Lead!!” -Lilly Murphy 

Addie Hanna

Addie Hanna is a knowledgeable and elite soccer player as she sees the game and knows the game. Addie is another small but mighty player and she can be seen booking down any sideline with the ball with the defenders in the dust.

Abigail Poole

Abigail Poole is the definition of deceiving as she will absolutely sauce you up if you get near her but like a lady, she does it with class and composer #GAIL.

Lilly Murphy

Lilly Murphy is like a wall in the defensive line that resides at center back. She is always there to make a safe clear out of the back and track down any rat that, on the rare occasion, gets by her. Most of all, when it comes to personality, Lilly scores a 10/10 as she is always there to crack a joke or make a slightly sarcastic comment in an effort of motivation! 

“My goal is to stop yours!” -Lilly Murphy 

Rachel Holden

Rachel Holden, yet another and possibly the most extreme case of silent but deadly, is a crucial player on the team. Rachel is a staple in the back line alongside Lilly at center back and will give any striker quite the problem if they even attempt to get past her. Also, Rachel has recently committed to furthering her soccer career at Columbia College! So if you see her in the halls make sure to give her a warm congratulations.

Chloe Carlsten

Next up is Chloe Carlsten, Chloe is a huge threat to any defender when she has the ball sprinting down the sideline looking for the cross. She is fast, skilled, and better than you so be scared and don’t even try to catch her because she is faster than the Flash himself. Cliffe Manuel is another great player who can be found beasting it in the backline. Cliffe will always be the one to find her way out of any situation with a simple and smooth pass. As you can see, no picture of Cliffie is available. This is because she has yet to play a game with us this season due to her intense basketball career. 


Last but certainly not least, the GOAT herself Eliza Compton. Eliza began the season stronger than ever as she promptly took on her role as the starting goalkeeper for the team. A ball rarely gets past her so much so that she has earned herself the nickname Compton and the catchphrase “Straight outta Compton” for being so unstoppable.


Perhaps our most prized and successful member of our team is our mascot: Po. Po is the longest-standing member of our program, and his presence has been appreciated for more than a decade. Our magnificent metal chicken pictured below not only brings us luck but unites our team as he valiantly remains at the half line of the field at every practice and game. As the rule states: if you accidentally hit Po with a ball or knock him over in any way, you must SPRINT over to him, stand him up, and give him a kiss. This year, Lilly Murphy is his keeper and she excitedly carries him into practice every day. She has titled herself the chickens’s “mother” and was passed down this duty from Maya Tompson, who we miss so dearly. This year, Lilly has decorated and dressed out Po, decking him out in boas and necklaces. Today, Po can be seen with a valentine made by Coach Alister’s daughter, Arwen, around his neck. So wholesome. Come out to our games to see Po in action!! 

Results so far: 

Beat AC Flora 1-0 (Away)

Beat Cane Bay 4-1 (Home)

Beat West Ashley in PKs in the preseason tournament (Home)

Remaining Schedule:

Tuesday, February 27th @ Berkeley 

Wednesday, February 28th v Goose Creek (HOME)

Saturday, March 1st v Carolina Forest (HOME)

Tuesday, March 5th @ Oceanside Collegiate Academy

Thursday, March 7th @ Summerville 

March 9-11th: Crescent Cup Tournament 

Tuesday, March 12th @ Ashley Ridge 

Thursday, March 14th v Fort Dorchester (HOME)

Monday, March 18th v Patrick Henry Academy (HOME)

Tuesday, March 19th @ Timberland High School

Thursday, March 21st v Oceanside Collegiate Academy (HOME)

Tuesday, March 26th @ Bishop England 

Thursday, March 28th v West Ashley (HOME)

Monday, April 8th v Stratford (HOME)

Thursday, Apri l1th @ Porter Gaud 

Friday, April 12th v AC Reynolds (HOME)

Tuesday, April 16th v Bishop England (HOME)

Thursday, April 18th v Timberland (HOME)

Tuesday, April 23rd @ Pinewood Preparatory School 

Thursday, April 25th @ Lexington High School 

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