Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


What’s in store for 2024?

Fashion predictions and thoughts we have for the new year.

As we roll into the new year, new fashion trends follow. Here are our predictions for what could be in store for 2024…


  1. Coquette 🎀💖

Ooh, let the light in ~ 

Let’s start off with our personal favorite…coquette!! Coquette-style clothing takes inspiration from the Victorian era with soft, pastel colors and lots of lace. Something about the style is just so delicate and girly. Coquette screams, “I’m just a girl.” She’s a girl’s girl if she’s coquette.


It’s taken over TikTok as various users can be seen to simply slap pink bows on anything in sight and post it to the sound of Lana Del Rey’s “Let The Light In.” From Raising Cane’s chicken tenders to McDonald’s fries and ranch dressing bottles, the pink bow phenomenon has completely taken over the social media platform.


If interested in coquette style clothing, we recommend visiting Urban Outfitters and PacSun. For beginners transitioning into the coquette style, Brandy Melville has some perfect coquette basics to incorporate into your wardrobe. Honestly, what more is there to say. If you haven’t seen this trend, then you must be living under a rock.


2. Animal Print 🐾

When we asked some students around Magnet what trends they expect to see this year, many people responded with “Animal print.” This appears to be true as we have been seeing a rise in animal print, especially cheetah/leopard print, recently. I am not a big fan of animal print pants, tops, or bags, but I do enjoy seeing a nice animal print fur from time to time, but only if it’s faux fur, of course. Sustainable and eco-friendly! There’s something really elegant and also eye-catching about such jackets. However, one of the respondents specified Dalmatian print when asked. I’m really hoping no one pulls a Cruella de Vil in order to achieve this. Further, though she is not pictured in this article, our resident “french fashionista,” Dr. Altman, can often be seen rocking some sort of animal print in her daily chic outfits, so make sure to pass by her classroom downstairs if you ever feel like you need some animal print fashion inspiration!

3. Dressed-Up Sweats 🏃‍♀️

As we attend an academically rigorous school, it’s no surprise that we’ve noticed a rise in people wearing sweats/leggings but dressing them up slightly. Turning athletic wear into everyday wear with stylish jackets, “nicer” (by that, we mean slightly fancier) tops, and accessories (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.) Honestly, it’s so hard to dress up when you have two or more assessments a day, and you see the same people every day anyway. However, props to those who get up in the morning and don’t throw on the closest pair of sweats before heading out the door. But if you do, no shame in that, as dressed-up sweats is a personal favorite of mine most days of the week.

4. Short Hair and Red Hair ❤️‍🔥

Veering slightly off course, we felt the need to include this rising hairstyle trend. Hair is fashion related, right? Anyway, towards the end of 2023, we noticed a rise in people dying their hair varying shades of red. (A trend Milla is a personal fan of and has considered joining.) Not only has there been a rise in hair color, but there has also been an increase in the short haircut style, with many Raptors getting big chops before and during this past winter break, despite the increasingly cold weather.



Two seniors Kaylee Cathcart (left) and Kayleigh Ball (right) can be seen strutting down the halls in their short and fiery 2024 looks.






5. Pops of Color 💚

Recently, we have seen a rise in brighter colors being incorporated into outfits. For example, a hot pink shirt with more muted shoes and bottoms. This rise in color usage adds a fun “pop!” to your wardrobe. We’ve even seen some of these brighter colors making their way onto red carpets for various award shows. Oddly enough, neon green has been one of the more prominent bright colors on the carpets so far… Whether it be your water bottle, top, or leggings, these pops of colors have been seen to be roaming the halls, and it doesn’t seem like they plan to leave anytime soon.


Here is senior class president, Suzanna Carlsten, rocking a pop of yellow and a blue Stanley cup.







6. Grandpa Chic 👨‍🦳

Cardigans, quarter-zips, sweater vests, dad jeans, retro-inspired shoes, and many others are all items that can be seen to represent “Grandpa Chic.” Some popular brands that can be seen to define this aesthetic are Patagonia, New Balance, and Polo Ralph Lauren. Just think of golf dad chunky shoes and oversized vintage sweaters. Most clothing items from this category are usually thrifted, found in your grandparent’s attic, or overpriced.

7. Preppy 🏫 👔

“It’s soooo preppy in here!” I feel like aspects of grandpa chic can definitely be applied to our preppy category. However, I feel that there is a more feminine aspect to this style. Think Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl mixed with Grandpa chic. What do you get? Women in business!


8. The New Purse

Stanley Cups have risen in popularity this past year, and they have no plans on stopping anytime soon. With the way people have started bringing their Stanley’s everywhere, from work to school to the gym, we’ve deemed it the “new purse,” or it could simply just be an emotional support water bottle for many. There is a guarantee of seeing at least one person out and about in public carrying their handy dandy Stanley. The day isn’t complete until you spot one, especially with a lot of people having gotten one this past Christmas.


This may be a far-fetched prediction or rather more of a hope, but we wish to see Stanley users switch it up and add snack bowls to their cups. People already walk around with their Stanley’s like it’s a purse, with some even having their keys attached to their cups. Why not just go ahead and add a snack compartment? This idea takes inspiration from the mid-2010’s Snackeez cup, the perfect on-the-go travel container that can simultaneously hold both a snack and juice. #NOTSPONSORED

Link attached to buy a Snackeez. 👈 Here!


With how much of a whirlwind 2023 was, nobody really knows what can be expected for 2024. These were just our predictions based on what we’ve seen trending at the end of 2023 and what the runways have already presented.

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