Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Raptor Hype Songs

What songs get Raptors ready for games?

Some of the memorable parts of sports include team bonding, winning, and even making a highlight. One of the best parts of high school sports, though, is definitely the moments in the locker rooms before and after games. Having music blasting while you wait to go out and play in front of the school or playing a specific genre on Spotify while you ride on the bus to an away game is a great feeling and an essential part of sports. From IShowSpeed to Kanye to Taylor Swift, these are just a few songs that Raptors listen to to get them in the zone for games.

Freshman Hannah Teague likes to listen to “Whatever It Takes” by Imagine Dragons before her volleyball games. Harper says it hypes her up and gets her ready for whatever she might face in the game. She found the song on a playlist and also enjoys “Immortals” by Fall Out Boy and “Born For This” by The Score.

Sophomore Aayush Bansod (Left)

Tennis player Aayush Bansod likes to listen to “Knight Crawler feat. Juice Wrld” by Trippie Redd, saying that “the unique sound of the song gets me locked in and focused for either having a good day at practice or winning my match.” Aayush heard about the song after it was released with Trippie Redd’s album and loves the song.

Sophomore Charlie Bhat has a slightly different music taste, preferring to listen to “Texas” by BigXthaPlug before his baseball games. Saying that he heard about it from senior Connor Sawall and actor Matthew McConaughey, Charlie likes to listen to “Texas” because he says “BigXthaPlug is my father.”

Senior Isaac Chery enjoys jamming out to Drake before football and lacrosse games, especially when “Displomatic Immunity” queues in to his shuffle track. Isaac also likes to listen to the song before school, saying it is because “Drake is Goated.”

Junior Logan Burns says he prefers to listen to “Bad Blood” by the one and only Taylor Swift. While I’ve never seen Logan play pickleball or cricket he says he likes to listen to T Swift before matches and also when baseball season is in full swing. He insists that he listens to the song at least three times a day because of Swift’s “gorgeous and exquisite voice.”

Junior John Thommason is a competitive League of Legends player and likes to listen to “Trust Nobody” by DJ Snake. John says he heard about it through a Discord server that he moderates and heard about it from a “Discord kitten” who told him about the song. He likes the song and listens to it before every one of his ESports competitions and says it gets him “dialed in” before each match.

Senior Lucas Browder likes to listen to also prefers rap before games, saying his favorite song is “Hellcats SRTs” by Sexyy Redd.

Senior Lucas Browder

Lucas loves the artist and says he likes to listen to the song before his games as it “gets his head right.”

If you would like your favorite pregame song featured in another article, feel free to fill out this Google Form: Pregame/Walk Up Songs


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