Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


What should be on your 2023 Holiday list

Christmas & Hanukkah picks 🎅🏻

With the holidays around the corner, many people are making lists with their most wanted goodies from Santa and his merry little elves. As someone who takes making Christmas lists very seriously (I make an animated canva presentation every year), I thought it would be fun to share some list inspiration for those who are not as materially motivated as I. Read below for my favorite items this year!

Apple Ecosystem: You can never go wrong with a new apple product! Complete your orchard with a new pick this season. If you don’t have a Macbook and Desktop already, these are a must. Be sure to ask for the Pro in space gray (it looks better than the regular gray.) If you already own these, I’d recommend adding an iPad to your christmas list. I may be biased as I grew up an iPad kid, but these are way more fun than using your phone. Truly no better way to spend a weeknight than settling down to play Call of Duty or Granny on an iPad after a long everything shower. If these are too expensive, try asking for a new Apple Watch or upgrade your Airpods. I have the Ultra 2 on my Christmas list this year although you can get a new one for less than $300. AirTags are another option for your list, a very handy attachment for your car keys or backpack. You don’t want to lose your loot as it gets sent from the North Pole.

The watch on my list this year

Sneakers and/or Uggs: No Christmas list is complete without a new pair of shoes, the two classic pairs being sneakers and Uggs. Dunks, Jordan 1 or 4s, or new running shoes make excellent picks. If you’ve been extra good this year, ask for a pair of designer shoes (I’m extremely partial to Off-White but not everyone shares my tastes.) As for Uggs, I like the boring tall ones best but I know a lot of people really like the Tasmans and platform mini ones. Another cute option if you already own Uggs are Mou boots, these give total elf-made vibes to me and have been on my want list for years.

Shark or Dyson: If you don’t have one already, a Dyson is a great addition to any list. Great for getting that blow out look but also known for causing less damage to your hair. As someone who dyes and straightens my hair regularly, I am pretty sure this thing is the reason my hair isn’t fried to a crisp anymore. If mediating damage isn’t a concern to you, ask for the Shark flexstyle. It’s almost half the price of the Dyson and will get you a sleeker look. 


Dyson Airwrap

Skincare: Embrace your inner preppy middle schooler and fill your list with skin-saving goods this year. No better present than going back to school in January with a clear face. I am shocked at how many people don’t use moisturizer so if you don’t wash your face & moisturize already then put these products on your list and thank me later. The next step from here is serums, do your own research on these but some basic well-loved ones are hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, both can be purchased at a variety of price points depending on how much Santa is willing to spend on your brand new face.  If your skincare already slays, ask for a new face mask made to address specific skin concerns. You could get one that exfoliates, replenishes moisture, gets rid of acne or clears clogged pores. I bought one for my little brother that is green & is supposed to correct facial redness so you really can get products for anything.

No better present than going back to school in January with a clear face.

Clothes: The holidays are always a great time to ask for those clothes you really want but are just too expensive to justify purchasing on your own. Lululemon and Free People are classics, but picks from sites such as Revolve, Net a Porter, TheRealReal or Goat are always a great option as well. Don’t forget to add swimsuits and workout clothes to your list as well! These may not be in use right now, but you’ll be glad to have them once the weather gets warmer.

Cups: If you don’t own one already, Stanley cups are a must for any Christmas list. If you don’t like the classic colorful 40 oz one, they make smaller versions you can purchase as well. If you already own a Stanley, ask for a straw topper. They will come in handy. Once during practice, a massive fly flew into my Stanley through the protruding straw and I had no idea until it was too late and the bug was already in my mouth. If you don’t want to take this nasty risk with Stanleys, more cute water options include Lululemon bottles, Frank Green or Owolo cups. I know some of my friends also swear by this one specific target water bottle so if that’s more your vibe then definitely check them out.

Stanleys 😍

Luxury: I feel like this article would not be complete if I didn’t include some designer picks. Designer jewelry is a great addition to any delusional list, picks from Cartier and Van Cleef always go over well with my parents. If you want to own a designer piece but don’t want to pay thousands, costume jewelry is your friend. Ask for a Return to Tiffany heart necklace or bracelet or fashion jewelry from houses such as Gucci or Hermes. Gucci has some cute silver rings in the several hundred dollar range and the classic Hermes bracelet is around $600. For the best, most unique pieces however, go to a vintage jewelry store and pick out something for your parents to get for you. I love going to Crogans and picking out a new piece for birthday/Christmas! To really test your parents love, try adding a Rolex or Patek to your list… 

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