Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


41 New Members to Which Honors Society?

Meet the New Spanish National Honors Society!

This past week Spanish National Honors Society inducted 41 new members along with 15 returning members! Every year Spanish 2, 3, 4, and 5 teachers nominate their students for the club because they have held a high A and are in Spanish 3 or above. These students have stood out to their teachers for the exemplary Spanish skills and are given the chance to join the society. Once you are inducted a student can be a member of the club for the rest of their years at Magnet! This year four of our returning members were voted onto the executive board. The president is Carolina Carrara (12), the vice president is Julia Gulledge (12), the treasurer is me, Holly Manning (12), and the Secretary is Ava Smoak (12).

The executives were in charge of setting up the induction ceremony in the Lecture Hall. We made pamphlets for each of the inductees, which included all of their names. As the inductees walked into the Lecture Hall we handed them candles which were used during the ceremony. Once the ceremony began Carolina and I read from the script giving instructions for when the inductees should turn on their candles to signal them joining the society, and when they should turn off their candles to show that they are officially a part of the club. Jordan Burrell (12), one of our new inductees, said that when she “flicked on the light [she] felt transformed.” We hope that everyone felt as touched with our ceremony as Jordan did! 

Now lets meet our inductees: 

  1. Helin Bilgis
  2. Lila Garrett
  3. Jordan Burrell
  4. Kayla Adkins
  5. Rachel Agudelo
  6. Elizabeth Camille Ross
  7. Keny Vargas Mateos
  8. Wyatt Mahoney
  9. Agustín Rivero
  10. Molly George
  11. Ranitha Kumarasinghe
  12. Erin Baylock
  13. Mia Trejo
  14. Kabir Zaman
  15. Brianna Ramírez
  16. Ella Moore
  17. Robert Heidenreich
  18. Emily Daniels
  19. Lindsay Gunn
  20. Sanna West
  21. Gordon Oliver
  22. Meredith Finley
  23. Peyton Schultz
  24. Chloe Trowman
  25. Rajane Mitchell
  26. Morgan Fletcher
  27. Henry Monteith
  28. Samuel Persinger
  29. Tiana Mallawaaratchy
  30. Cyril Benich
  31. Sutton Bates
  32. Jason Gould
  33. Evelyn Heath
  34. Ridgeley Kalil
  35. Megan Massie
  36. Chloe Carlsten
  37. Sousa Waggoner
  38. Guillermo Flores Bordallo
  39. José Revuelta
  40. Sebastian Najera
  41. John Lester

Now lets hear from some of our new members:

Both Sousa Waggoner (11) and Chloe Trowman (11) had only good things to say about the society. Chloe Trowman said that we “gotta love Spanish” and Sousa Waggoner said that she is “excited for the year because the club is filled with lots of great people!”

Chloe Carlsten (12) says “Spanish rules!!!” and she can not wait for Taco Tuesday!

Jason Gould  (12) “is excited for the upcoming year and can not wait to tutor underclassman in Spanish!”

Now that Spanish National Honor Society is fully created we have some exciting events coming up! We’re having our first group meeting Wednesday after break (11/29)! At the meeting we are going to tell the group about Taco Tuesday where our members can either volunteer to run the sale, make/buy food, or bring supplies for the sale. This year we also want to give back to the community, so we will be presenting some service ideas to the club, which could possibly include tutoring Magnet students!

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