Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


The Works with Lauren and Elaina

Is hot yoga the latest craze?
The Works with Lauren and Elaina

We’ll start this article with our sincere honesty: before our first trip to The Works, we thought yoga would be a combination of easy, relaxing stretches and would not even be a real workout. Safe to say were we very very wrong…


The various types of classes The Works offers is one of our favorite things about them. From the chill and slow-paced Deep Stretch class to the fast-paced, weight training Mash Up Class, you can find a class for you. Offering a Mount Pleasant and Downtown location these studios are pretty central to most Academic Magnet students. 


We are consistent members of The Works and are here to give you a few helpful tips if you are nervous about attending class. First, you should bring a yoga mat, a mat towel, and a hand towel, especially if you are taking a heated class; BRING TOWELS, because you will sweat in the heated classes, a lot. You can also rent these items at the studios, however, if you plan on going frequently, it would be economically beneficial to invest in these few items. Second, wear some sort of sandal to class. You do not have to wear shoes in the studio unless you want to, but if you do not, wear easy-to-slip-on shoes because you are not going to want to put on tight shoes after you are all sweaty. Finally, do not be nervous. All of the instructors are super nice and helpful and will make you feel comfortable, even when you are very uncomfortable and unfamiliar with the practice. 


Hot Vinyasa Express (Assisted) 

A shortened 45-minute version of the Hot Vinyasa. This class is designed to make you flow, twist, sweat, and build a smart core-centered body, without all of the extra cardio. This class is heated 90 degrees plus seasonally as needed. Personally, this is my favorite class to attend and I will recommend it to anyone who will listen. It is an easy class for beginners but still offers a challenging workout and I guarantee you will always leave the studio in a good mood after taking this class. 11/10 would recommend.


Sculpt Vinyasa Express

Neither of us has tried the Sculpt Vinyasa in the many months we have been going to The Works, but we want to soon. This class is a repetitive blend of sculpt, flow, and core, without the cardio. This class also requires a resistance band, which is part of the reason we have never been to one of these classes. We do not own a resistance band and simply have never gotten around to purchasing one to attend this class. Hopefully, we can check out this class soon and purchase our resistance band at the studio before class. 


The Works and Works Express

The Works and Works Express classes are a blend of vinyasa yoga, meditation, plyometrics, cardio (a lot of it), and core exercises. This class doesn’t require any equipment besides your mat and blocks if you choose to use them but they are not required typically. This class is also heated to 90 degrees. This is also one of the harder classes because of the constant cardio and lower body work. 


Mash Up Express

The Mash-Up is one of the hardest classes in our expert opinion. The mix of 90-degree heat, weight training, cardio, plyometrics, and powerful vinyasa yoga gives you a well-rounded workout. However, you may struggle to walk to your car and drive home after class. Take this class at your own risk and modify the exercises when you need to because this class is very very hard. 


Sweat Express *MAT*

The Sweat Express Mat class is also one of the hardest classes, following the Mash-Up Express class. It is 45 minutes of all HIIT circuits, typically 50% cardio and 50% strength training. You will use weights for this class, however, you can always opt to skip out on them. Most instructors have you grab a light, medium, and heavyweight to use for specific exercises they call for during the class. The Sweat MAT and Mash Up are very similar in movements and circuits, however, sweat MAT is not heated while the Mash Up is heated to 90 degrees. 


Deep Stretch (Assisted) 

The Deep Stretch (Assisted) is the most relaxing experience you will ever experience, besides a massage or facial. This class is very slow-paced and intentional. During this class, you move slowly through the calm moments and work on meditation and breath work while holding the called pose. Occasionally I have even found myself drifting off while holding Child’s Pose or the Half-Pigeon… The Deep Stretch is designed to improve joint mobility, increase circulation, and release tight and sore muscles. The instructors usually have a specific message or little piece of wisdom to share with the class.


Sweat *Circuits*

This class is very similar to the Sweat Express Mat class, however, you work in circuits with a group of other people. In these classes, you typically have to wear shoes since you are moving around a lot. This class is not heated but full of high-intensity cardio and strength training with weights. 


And the newest addition to the class lineup: The Deep Vinyasa (a combination of the Hot Vinyasa and Deep Stretch)

This new class is offered on Sunday afternoons at the Mount Pleasant location only so far and is taught by one of our favorite instructors, Susanne. The class starts with a 45-minute Vinyasa flow, very similar to the Hot Vinyasa Express class, followed by a 30-minute deep stretch. This class is heated during the first 45 minutes of class and then held at room temperature for the Deep Stretch section because it is dangerous to do yin yoga in the heat. You are more likely to pull a muscle during yin yoga if the room is heated. In this class you get the best of both worlds in our opinion: you get a 45-minute workout followed by a 30-minute deep stretch, and the whole class is assisted so you have multiple opportunities to get hands-on assistance from the instructors. 


Invite us to classes on Class Pass (@lauren22114 and @elaina47978) we would love to come with you to your first class! Namaste Raptors, We hope to see you there!

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