Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


2023 Raptor Football Senior Night

The Birdcage says farewell to Seniors

The 28th of October brought a farewell to the Raptor football season and a salute to the departing seniors of the Football team. While the team did suffer another loss at the hands of Bishop England to end their chance at playoffs, some highlights occurred that made the game one to remember.

Final Score: 24-12


– Thomas Martin and Beatty Cummings’ trick play which resulted in a 55 yard pass and touchdown bringing the score to 24-12. A play many weeks in the making, the decision to have Thomas throw the ball for a deep pass to Beatty worked well as their baseball careers ensured a decent pass and clean catch.

– Keveon Ford reached 122 rushing yards for the entire game, an achievement not to be overlooked.

The Senior Night procession saw off the seniors of the class of 2024. The walk out to the arch at the 50 yard line, accompanied by family arm in arm, gave a deep atmosphere as the seniors knew it would be the last night they’d step onto the football field. It is a moment that is difficult to capture with words. Walking out with family by your side is both emotional and somewhat surreal as you’ve seen past seniors do the same over the years.

The final game (Peter Martin)

Jackson Ethredge has spent the past four years with the team mostly playing linebacker although having brief stints on the offensive side. Jackson has been a major player on the team with his great physicality and leadership ability, ensuring a lock as team captain this past year alongside Beatty Cummings, Thomas Martin, and James King. His abilities at linebacker have shown every time he goes on the field and his influence with the team will not be forgotten. Jackson plans to attend Clemson University in the Fall and major in Engineering. His favorite memory is when the team went 5-4 last year.

Connor Sawall is another veteran four year player who’s presence on the team will be missed for many years to come. His enthusiasm for the game has inspired any new player on the team and his time on the line both on offense and defense was impactful. He plans to attend Trident Technical College in the fall and major in Sports Communication. His favorite memory of football is when he and Logan Burns had fun in the locker room.

A three year veteran player, James King has been influential during his time on both offense and defense, especially at center, where he took over from Julian Ford after he graduated in 2022. James has given the team a great leadership role model and is not afraid to give the rest of the team orders when it is needed, which is important with his captain position. James has enjoyed his time with the team and only wishes it did not have to end. He plans to attend the University of South Carolina Honors College in the fall and major in Exercise Science. His favorite memory is when the team had a winning season last year.

Tucker Engelke has left a lasting spot on the team, replacing James at center this year and leaving a fresh face to fill his role on the line. Tucker’s bright personality has always brought a reminder to the team to remember that part of the game is to have fun and enjoy it while it lasts. His presence on the field will not be forgotten. Tucker hopes to go to Clemson University and enroll in the Honors College with a major in Civil Engineering.

Harrison Crites. A name that will not be forgotten. Not only does Harrison bring a great personality and sense of humor with him onto the field, he also brings a charity. Harrison’s work with Every Kick Counts the past two years saw him achieve his fundraising goal while also breaking a school record. During the second game of the season while playing Burke, Harrison kicked a 40 yard field goal, beating the old record of 38 yards. Harrison has accomplished much this year and will miss the team dearly. He hopes to attend the University of South Carolina with a major in Business. His favorite memory is when he kicked the record breaking field goal and senior night.

Beatty Cummings is a dominant force on the team. His towering height and imposing figure bring a great intimidation factor when it is time for the captains to meet on the field, while his friendly and enthusiastic personality bring a lot of excitement as well. Despite only playing for two years, Beatty has left a mark on the team as a defensive backer and he can now add receiver to the list after a great play against Bishop England. Beatty is still undecided on where he wants to attend college in the coming year but does plan to major in business wherever he chooses to go. Beatty’s favorite memory was when the long-awaited trick play with Thomas was finally brought into action.

Thomas Martin, also a two year player, became an immediately influential figure on the team when he stepped into the linebacker position after being second string last year. His strength and height give him great power at linebacker while also sporting quite an assortment of drip on the field. A captain for the past year, Thomas has been quite inspirational to the team and will not be forgotten. Similar to Jackson and Tucker, Thomas hopes to attend Clemson in the fall and major in Engineering. His favorite memory, similar to Beatty’s, is also when their trick play was successful and landed the team a touchdown against Bishop England.

Isaac Chery joined the team a little late but still found his way into the roster with a spot on the offense. His speed and agility, as well as his enjoyable personality, make him a great player and even better teammate. Anytime Isaac was called onto the field he made sure people knew he was there. Isaac hopes to attend USC in the fall with a major in either political science or economics. His favorite memory with the team is the BBQ post game dinner after the senior night game.

Farewell Seniors!

Ford Martin, similar to his twin Thomas, is also a two-year player. Starting on the defensive line last year as a tackle, it took Ford a couple of years to be convinced to join the team. His presence on the line was influential and he always did what he could to make an impact on the team. Despite a brief journey on IR with a sprained MCL, Ford was able to rejoin the defensive tackles in time to see the last four games. Ford hopes to attend either Clemson or USC with a major in business or possibly pre-law. His favorite memory from the season were the post game IHOP meals with the other seniors and the senior night walkout.

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