Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


What is the Best Song of 2023?

Take a look around Magnet to find out!

This week we did hallway interviews to find out what 2023 songs people have been listening to. Here are the results!

Wyatt’s Mahoney chose “tunevert” by Lucki. It highlights an intriguing fusion of mumbled verses and a captivating beat. While some may dismiss mumbling in music as incoherent, Wyatt perceives it as an integral part of the song’s charm. The deliberate choice to sound “out of breath and tired” creates a unique sound that resonates with him. It’s a testament to how music transcends traditional expectations, allowing listeners to appreciate unconventional elements.

Ford Martin selected “Madman” by Eddie Flint. He says it “speaks volumes about the importance of supporting emerging artists with a meaningful message.”  In a world dominated by mainstream music, Ford values the authenticity and social relevance of a song. Supporting small artists who use their platform to convey meaningful messages is not only a personal preference but also a way to foster positive change through music.

Isaac’s affinity for “Spotless” by Zach Bryan highlights the power of a good melody and a connection to the artist. The emotional resonance he feels when listening to this song is a exemplification to the artist-fan relationship. The collaborative nature of the song adds an extra layer of appreciation, as it allows fans to witness their favorite artists pushing their creative boundaries together.

Mr. Cosgrove’s choice of “Hollywood Bowl” by Lana Del Rey suggests an appreciation for the storytelling aspect of music. Lana Del Rey is known for her evocative lyricism, and this song appears to resonate with Mr. Cosgrove on a deep level. It’s a reminder that music can serve as a form of narrative art, transporting listeners to different worlds and experiences.

Dean’s McCullough choice of “Fkmean” by Gunna showcases how music can be a source of inspiration and motivation. The song’s message of perseverance and determination resonates with Dean, inspiring him to give his best effort every day. This demonstrates the transformative power of music, as it can elevate one’s mood and mindset.

Landen Stow has an appreciation for “My Eyes” by Travis Scott. He says it emphasizes the significance of production quality and vulnerability in music. Travis Scott’s ability to create a sonically immersive experience through intricate production, especially during the beat switch, is a tribute to the artistry that goes into crafting a song. Landen’s recognition of the vulnerability expressed in the song also highlights how music can be a medium for artists to convey their most intimate thoughts and emotions.


Ava Smoak’s connection to “Deli” by Ice Spice underscores the empowering role that music can play in reflecting and strengthening self-confidence. The song’s powerful lyrics resonate with her, encapsulating the essence of female empowerment. Music has a unique ability to amplify personal emotions and experiences, and in this case, it empowers Ava to embrace her confidence.

Alexa Conlon’s choice of “Fear and Fridays” by Zach Bryan emphasizes the importance of depth and complexity in music. The combination of catchiness and meaningful lyrics demonstrates how a song can offer both entertainment and thought-provoking content. The inclusion of a poem that complements the song’s message adds an extra layer of intellectual engagement for Alexa, showing that music can be a multi-dimensional art form.

Harper Riley, whose choice of “Slime You Out” by Drake and SZA is influenced by the artists themselves. Drake and SZA are renowned figures in the music industry, and their collaboration piques Harper’s interest. The allure of hearing these talented artists come together is reason enough to appreciate the song. For Harper, music is about following the journey of favorite artists and discovering their evolving styles and collaborations.

Tripp Bates takes a different route, emphasizing the depth of the lyrics and the rhythm’s significance. He is drawn to “Spotless” by Zach Bryan and the Lumineers for its poignant lyrics and rhythmic excellence. For Tripp, music is a storytelling medium, and songs like “Spotless” that carry meaningful narratives resonate deeply. The interplay between lyrical content and musical composition allows Tripp to connect emotionally and intellectually with the song, making it a meaningful part of his musical collection.

James King, on the other hand, is all about catchiness. His song of choice, “Skeeye” by S*x* Red, is a indication of his appreciation for tunes that easily latch onto the listener’s mind. The melody and rhythm of the song, it seems, have an inherent quality that makes it impossible to forget. James values the ability of music to leave a lasting impression, and “Skeeye” fulfills this criterion with its infectious charm.

Bellamy Kline finds immense joy in listening to “Meltdown” by Travis Scott. To Bellamy, this song represents the epitome of a hype track. The lyrics effortlessly synchronize with the pulsating beats, creating an irresistible atmosphere of energy and excitement. For Bellamy, music is not just about sound; it’s an experience. “Meltdown” provides an auditory journey that aligns seamlessly with their desire for a thrilling, immersive musical encounter.

Zoe Hutson’s song recommendation, “I Need a Drink” by Morgan Wallen, speaks to her appreciation for the seamless fusion of rhythm and voice. The song’s melody and cadence complement Morgan Wallen’s distinctive voice, creating an auditory synergy that resonates with her musical sensibilities. It’s not just a song; it’s a harmonious marriage of sound that strikes a chord with Zoe. She regards Morgan Wallen’s album as one of the finest of the year. This sentiment highlights her discerning taste in music and suggests that the album as a whole offers a consistent and exceptional listening experience.

Jackson Ethridge’s song choice is  “Tourniquet” by Zach Bryan. It holds a special place in his heart for its versatility. This track serves as a constant companion in his daily routine, be it on the way to school or after football practice. Its enduring appeal makes it the perfect soundtrack for various moments in his life. The song’s ability to resonate with him across different situations highlights its timeless quality, offering comfort and inspiration whenever he needs it. For Jackson, “Tourniquet” by Zach Bryan is not just a song; it’s a reliable and cherished musical companion that enhances his everyday experiences.

Aayush says his song of choice for 2023 is My Eyes by Travis Scott. He is quoted saying “My Eyes by Travis Scott captivates with its electrifying beat drop, creating an instant rush of energy. What sets it apart, though, is Travis Scott’s exceptional storytelling prowess. Through his lyrics, he provides a glimpse into the labyrinthine corridors of his mind, offering a vivid narrative of his thoughts and experiences. The song becomes a window into the artist’s psyche, allowing listeners to connect on a deeper level. Travis’s ability to blend his storytelling with the pulsating rhythm makes “My Eyes” a mesmerizing and immersive musical journey. It’s a track that not only energizes the senses but also invites reflection, showcasing the multidimensional appeal of Travis Scott’s artistry.

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