Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Raptors Sipping on The Starbucks

Your Raptors Favorite Drinks

Across the student body there is a common consensus that getting coffee or food in the morning can make your school day a whole lot better. One of Magnet’s top places to stop is Starbucks, and over this week I have asked a large number of the student body what their order for Starbucks is.

 Interesting Orders:

Senior Harrison Crites enjoys a mocha cookie crumble frappuccino with espresso shots and a purple owl cake pop to fuel his youthful and energetic personality

Folgers 100% Colombian

Senior Ford Martin chooses to save money and make his coffee at home! This old soul uses Folgers 100% Colombian Coffee Grounds with french vanilla syrup as he likes his coffee to be authentic and delicious. He has not gone to Starbucks in four years and plans to keep it that way. He also stands by Circle K and Parker’s Kitchen as having great coffee.

Senior Lauren Faust has a delicious and unique order of a venti iced shaken espresso with four pumps of vanilla syrup, blonde espresso roast, vanilla sweet cream cold foam, and no classic syrup.

Strawberry Acai Refresher with Lemonade

Senior Annika Johnson likes a tasty Venti Strawberry Acai Refresher with Lemonade and a birthday cake pop. Annika describes Starbucks as a treat and loves to reward herself whenever she goes.

Senior Isaac Chery does not go to Starbucks often, but when he does he enjoys an old fashioned donut. Isaac enjoys the donut because of its perfection of glaze on every corner.

Senior Alexa Conlon in the fall enjoys a pumpkin chai latte with a cinnamon coffee cake. On a regular basis she enjoys an iced mocha latte.

Senior Thomas Martin has a wide variety of drinks he orders at Starbucks including a green tea frappuccino, strawberry acai lemonade refresher with extra ice, and an iced vanilla latte with vanilla cold foam and extra pumps of vanilla syrup

Classic Favorites:

Although these orders may not be as unique as some of the ones above, they do prove deliciously consistent for these Magnet students

Iced or Hot Caramel Macchiato or Latte-

For some reason a large majority of the people interviewed ordered this delicious beverage due to its salty and sweet taste as well as its ability to warm or cool the soul. Some people who order the caramel latte are Wyatt Mahoney, Charlie Zaifert, Piper Hudgins, and Carolina Carrara. Some people like Wyatt Mahoney enjoy adding a food item to their order like the lemon pound cake. Charlie enjoys the bacon egg bites as well as the pumpkin cream cheese muffin when it is in season. Piper enjoys a bacon egg and gouda sandwich (which is my personal favorite too).

Iced Vanilla Latte-

Another classic favorite is the iced vanilla latte, which to some may seem simple, but when customized with different add ons, it can be twice as flavorful. Sutton Meyer enjoys an iced vanilla latte with cold foam, but on the seasonal menu she customizes the cold foam to be pumpkin rather than vanilla. Suzanna Carlsten also enjoys a vanilla latte, but during the winter transforms her order into a sugar cookie latte at starbucks which puts a twist on the vanilla flavor. Chloe Carlsten enjoys an iced vanilla latte or a chai tea latte, which can be accompanied by a bacon gouda sandwich, when she is really hungry. Iris prefers to order her vanilla latte hot because it provides comfort during cold days.

The Famous Cold Brew/ Shaken Espresso-

The cold brew is a popular favorite because it is easy to customize to each student’s accommodations and tastes. Milla Broadwater gets a salted caramel cream cold brew with a cheese danish. Jason Gould gets a grande cold brew with two pumps of hazelnut syrup, a splash of 2% milk, and occasionally a chocolate croissant, depending on how much money he is willing to drop that day. Shivani Bala works at one of the local Starbucks, and she will tell you her go to order is a grande iced brown sugar oatmilk shaken espresso. Bellamy Kline also has an alternating order, but most commonly orders the brown sugar oat milk shaken espresso as well. Emerson Medlin also works at a coffee shop called Brown Fox, and enjoys their iced coffee as well (support local businesses). Emerson Wiseman also gets the brown sugar oat milk shaken espresso.

The Frappuccinos- 

Although the frappes contain a large amount of sugar, their taste can always leave people wanting more. The frappe is Starbucks’s take on a milkshake with different flavors such as caramel and java chip. Aiden enjoys a caramel crunch frappuccino as well as Xander Darcy.  Landen Stowe gets a grande mocha cookie crumble frappuccino. Connel Grubb has a large order and gets two venti frappuccinos and two cake pops which alternate between birthday cake and vanilla.

The Refreshers-

Bennet Bair enjoys ordering a mango dragon fruit refresher to keep him hydrated throughout the day. Lukey Sutherland also enjoys a strawberry acai lemonade but he doesn’t like when the dried strawberries get moist.


Staff Faves:

I could survive off of an IV filled with a Pumpkin Spice Latte

— Ms. Yackey

Cafe Americano

Ms. Hurt enjoys a hot cafe americano with hazelnut to get her morning set in the right direction.

Mr. Cosgrove enjoys a hazelnut iced coffee with almond milk and a cookie to keep his body fueled throughout the day.

Mr. Rusciolelli enjoys plain black coffee because of its strong taste, and long lasting effects. If you go into Mr. Rush’s room, you can almost always smell dark coffee brewing.

Ms. Yackey on the other hand loves to spice up her order, and by that I mean a pumpkin spice latte. According to Ms. Yackey, she would survive if her body was only connected to an IV filled with a PSL. When it is not in season she drinks a vanilla latte.


Other Beverages:

Lemon Lime Gatorade

Not everyone enjoys going to Starbucks, so here are some of Magnet’s other drink favorites

Coltrane Margosian is a water kind of guy but sometimes enjoys Yoo Hoo chocolate milks. Harrison Shaw does not like refreshers at Starbucks, but does enjoy regular pink lemonade. Cole Davis likes sports drinks such as lemon lime Gatorade or blue power Powerade. Lucas Browder gets his energy from dragon fruit Red Bulls. Lawton Harper, a hopeful Navy midshipman, gets fueled by Fairlife chocolate protein shakes. Sutton Bates likes to take his drink game to the next level and enjoys root beer floats. Connor Sawall loves shirley temples and will drink them at any time of the day.

The next time you go out anywhere, stop at Starbucks or your grocery store to try some of these Raptor’s favorite drinks.

Toodaloo, Jordan


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