Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


What you need to prep for Fall Rally!

Do’s and Don’ts for Fall Rally at Carowinds Based On Experience



Any Academic Magnet student can attend, meaning non-members are welcome. Tell your friends!

Since Key Club’s Fall Rally at Carowinds is quickly approaching, here are some things you should bring and do to prepare for this event.


#1 First, the most important thing (besides filling out the forms, wearing a Key Club Shirt and paying the fee). Find a reliable and loyal seat partner, as this is the person you will likely spend the whole day with, from the bus rides to going around the park. In addition, if your friend is kind enough, they will remind you to get to school on time for bus departure (this is hard for some students) and could be used as a nice cushy pillow.

Side Note: If you are a non-member attending, don’t worry about getting a shirt beforehand because you’ll get a free one prior to boarding the bus. Here is a picture of this year’s Key Club shirts.




#2 Next, bring the bus necessities. These are an eye mask, blanket, snacks, and pillow, which once again can also be your reliable and loyal seat partner. Comfiness on the bus is ESSENTIAL. Comfy shoes, comfy pants (in case of an accident), and your cushy friend. The next “need” is schoolwork, books, and possibly earbuds. The school work will be in your bag and will never be pulled out, and the books won’t be read, but if you do get far enough to even pull them out, you might want to use earbuds to block out conversations that you will eventually be joining as there are too many to be had. Overall, you will pack books you won’t read and schoolwork you won’t do. We suggest you probably do your homework before the trip, as it is on a Sunday. The bus ride is always fun anyway, and you’ll get to spend a lot of quality time with your friends and Mr. McCormick.


#3 Following, you’ll now want to think about what to actually bring inside the park. The utmost importance here is MONEY, whether it be cash or a card, unless you want to be starving all day, which we DO NOT recommend. Next, you will want to consider bringing a bag to hold your money and phone while you are on rides, as people have had their phones fall out mid-ride (putting it into your waistband is not as secure as you think). Speaking of rides, you might want to throw in a few hair ties if you are a fan of the more thrilling rides and do not want your hair getting all messed up. While I guess this is not necessary, it would be a good idea to wear closed-toed comfy shoes as there is a lot of walking and waiting in lines around the park. Lastly, for those who would not mind carrying it around all day, we recommend bringing a water bottle since the prices in the park are pretty high for water.


#4 This now brings us to the dining situation. PAY ATTENTION TO DINING AND STORE HOURS. Based on our prior experience at Fall Rally last year, it is highly recommended to please pay attention to store hours to ensure you are able to buy and eat food throughout the day and are able to buy what you want. Because when you have to be on the bus in 10 minutes and the Starbucks line is 35 minutes long, you will regret not paying attention. However, if you are lucky, you’ll find that other students were able to get food last minute but found out you are not allowed to bring food onto the bus, and now everyone is rushing to scarf down the food.


Finally, some most important rides you have to hit before you leave. First and most important is the exhilarating Fury 325. This ride will take you 95 mph and 325 feet in the air. You will feel “regret for getting on, but as soon as it drops, it is like so exhilarating,” Milla Broadwater (12) says. Another important thing to know about Carowinds is that Fury 325 was named the “Best Steel Coaster” in the world (Don’t search, trust)!

Next is the Ricochet! Although it may seem childish and small, once you get on the ride, it is a different story. The ride will swing you and give you whiplash over the intensity of the turns. As an experienced Ricochet rider, all I can say is don’t underestimate any of the rides at Carowinds. The Vortex is the next must-ride roller coaster. If you do not enjoy going upside down, this ride is not for you. While this ride is short lived you will hit high speeds while experiencing aggressive turns and flips. If you love roller coasters, this ride will impress you. Last but not least is the Rock N’ Roller Coaster. This ride is loads of fun because of the music playing and the increasing speed of the spinning of the ride. While this ride will be enjoyable, there is something future riders should know …


🚨ATTENTION TO ANYONE RIDING THE ROCK N’ ROLLER COASTER 🚨 If you are smaller than your friend, I would suggest sitting on the outside of the ride. Sit on the inside at your own risk. There is a possibility of being smushed and being highly uncomfortable on the ride (trust me on this). Ride at your own risk! 


Leaving you all with one final must-know tip is … DO NOT A LOT EAT BEFORE YOU RIDE A RIDE. You do NOT want to hurl and be gross the rest of the day.

We hope to see you at Carowinds with us and remember if you have any questions ask Mr. McCormick!!



This could be you!



“I went because I’ve never been to Carowinds before and Key Club gave me the opportunity to go for cheaper and with my friends” – Milla Broadwater (12)


Please come to Carowinds for Key Club! You’ll have a lot of fun and if you’re an underclassman, consider joining the club as it’ll give you a lot of opportunities to serve the community and develop leadership.

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