Class of 2023 Senior Wills

Adios AMHS


As the Class of 2023 prepares to leave Magnet, its students hereby leave the following…


I, Katherine Nguyen, of dazzling mind and immaculate body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following: To Charlotte Hartford I leave my will to go to dance after school (beware there is not a lot of it). To whomever is chosen, I leave the title Editor and Chief of the Talon Newspaper. Wear it well. To Kabir, I leave the knowledge that you are the most named underclassmen in these wills. I’d say don’t let it get to your head, but I know it won’t. I leave absolutely nothing to Daniel Huang. Most importantly, to my brother, Thomas Nguyen I leave everything. And to Academic Magnet’s staff, student body, and faculty I leave my little brother, good luck with him – you’re going to need it. 


I, Mary Blake Hand, being of inquisitive mind and chronically ill body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following…To Addie Utsey, Wren Allen, and Cliffie Manuel, the AMHS  girls tennis team. Y’all will be the best seniors. I am trusting that Chloe and Sophia will give y’all the senior night you three deserve. To Sophia Easterbrook, I leave Jonathan Kirk. I hope you will go to a dance with him one day. To Sutton Meyer, I leave Metto, my driving skills, and unlimited college visits with the hopes that you will carry on the family Tarheel legacy. To Lukey Sutherland, I leave my location at all times. Please follow me to a parking lot on Daniel Island again. That was fun. To Suzanna Carlsten, I leave my best wishes for planning the prom next year and I am excited to see what you do. To Addie Utsey, Suzanna Carlsten, Betsy Bailey, Chloe Trowman, and Olivia Smith I leave the Works. To Harrison Crites, Jackson Ethredge, and anyone else I may have offended, I leave my apologies for your less than flattering celebrity look-alikes and I hope you can forgive me.


I, Justin Womble, being of semi-functional mind and slowly deteriorating body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following… To Colin George, the responsibility of Gordon in all of his promise and glory. To Ranitha Kumarasinghe, my treasured high polymer eraser. To Hunter Kuhnell, my impeccable driving and Spotify wrapped. To Quinn Swanton, Peyton Johnson, Calvin Volkman, Everett Landrith, and Reece Early, I leave the Waffle House League. To Campbell Stoklosa, Clements Ferry Road. To Zuriel Nyamutsaka, the adult large track warm-ups. To William Sander, the 4×4 team. To Brayden Bunt, I leave six inches of my height. And lastly to all of the incoming XC freshmen, good luck lmao.


I, Emily “Val” Bagwell, of a sporadic mind and body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Skylar Miller, I leave the hilariously original sobriquet “Skidmark,” among similar but less appropriate titles. Wear them with pride and know that these names symbolize my love for you, how proud I am of you, and what I know you will accomplish in the future!!! To Kenzie Jacobsen, I leave the rest of my K-Pop merchandise as I know you will appreciate them more than my dusty shelves while I am away at college. To Peyton Schultz, I leave the very best of creative visions if you so choose to continue photography (imo, you should!! You have excellent attention to detail and take amazing photos!!) And lastly, to all of the underclassmen who participated in my research project, I leave you my endless gratitude and support for whatever your brilliant minds decide to pursue.


I, Elin Herndon, being of burnt out mind and tired body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Shivani Bala and Eliza Miller I leave my stunting abilities to the remaining of our stunt group. To Scarlett Borrelli and Evie Chowdhury I leave all of my tumbling abilities. To Nora Richards and Sofia Catindig I leave my back spot strength. To the rest of the amazing cheer team I leave all of the dancing abilities and spirit. To Sierra Robinson, Haley Weber, Kayla Adkins, and Sophia Gillum I leave an injury free season for track and amazing PRs. To Ashlyn Cromwell, Kayla, Haley, Ian Smith, Donovan Hamilton, and Xander d’Arcy I leave an amazing 4×100 team. To Haley, Annabella Cusatis, and Ethan McCleary I leave any high jump ability that I might have had. To Brayden Bunt I leave an amazing track career at AMHS and beyond. To Henry Jones and Matthew Semenoff I leave this apology for being late to school and the prayer that the Honda Pilot makes it over the Don Holt.


I, Emma Hsu, being of genius mind and gorgeous tan body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following… to Arasely Sosa-Villatoro, I leave the best senior year imaginable. Enjoy your final year, and a classroom full of Freshmen in French I. How will you survive without me asking you what’s going on every class? To Morgan Fletcher (Glitter), I leave a fantastic nickname and criminal halloween picture. To Michael Lee, I leave senior classes with less annoying and more present seat mates. Thank you for my Physics grade. To Laura Daily, I leave my undying gratitude for single handedly carrying MSA tutoring. I owe you. Please talk up your work on your college applications. To my mentees, I wish you a high school career of independence, just as you had this year (oops)! Hope you have a 10/10 sophomore year. To Mr. Cosgrove, I leave Andrew Hsu and to Elliot Romero, I leave Ella Chapman.


I, Kate Gieg, being of wandering mind and agile body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Cliffie Manuel, I leave passive aggressive comments from Stevie and faster running. To Evie Waldorf, I leave #5 and controlled anger. To Street Wilson, I leave a proper name plaque and Stevie’s smile. To all of you, I leave an iced peach green tea lemonade with classic syrup. To Holly Manning, I leave a guaranteed captain’s spot and motivation to beat Hanahan. To Abby Brauchle, the willpower to be a top 700 rebounder. To Lauren Faust, I leave driving juniors to their parking spots. To the right sides, I leave the battle to be second in hitting lines (Shannon is first). To Betsy Bailey, an Irish jig. To Ava Smoak, I leave an attraction to gingers. To Suzanna Carlsten, saving spots on the bench with Hydroflasks. To Emerson Medlin, I leave the strength to beat James Island. To the girls’ basketball and volleyball teams, I leave the best of luck and a fantastic season.


Upon my death I, Jacob Miner, leave Warren Cohn a can of garbanzo beans and good drops from fishing in terraria master mode. I leave Max Tippey a bunch of school beans that he hopefully will not drop again, and I leave John McQueen the piston cup.


I, Emily Byrne, of stressed out mind and gleaming body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Zoe Hutson, I leave my heart and a Chipotle burrito. To Gabby Do, I leave singing “Just Can’t Get Enough” by the Black Eyed Peas on the soccer bench. To Ava Smoak, I leave being a reliable last-minute Uber driver to anyone in need. To Wren Allen, I leave goofing off and getting yelled at during soccer practice from the one year I played. To Sam Solari, I leave cheering Tommy on in baseball and sideline chats with your mom. To Harrison Crites, Wyatt Mahoney, Jackson Etheredge, Jack Tierney, and Teddy Lorusso, I leave you Joe Dragich.


I, Oliver Ball, being of relatively sound mind and body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Abigail Youmans the title of Bloodhawk and all rights to Hummus Club along with the club poster. To Erin Baylock I leave my terrible art skills. To Aiden Ball the rights of my last name. To Amara Buelk and Ava Cauthen my Harry Potter wall day artifacts. To Eva Bryan and Kaylee Cathcart I bestow two bags of pretzels. To Keren Collins I leave my love of Harry Styles and a cup of coffee to continue my caffeine addiction. To Jay Jay I leave a picture of the mascot Alan Muthard. To the Dirty Birds I grant each their own black and white lanyards.


I, Cooper Mitchell, being of relieved mind and soon to be fraternal body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following… To Jackson Ethredge, I leave the grassy Danny Jones spot that has been passed on to me from Oliver Abar. To James King, I leave the memories of the O-Line and having to try very hard in practice against Julian. To Wyatt Mahoney, I leave a spot on attack next year and an abundance of goals. To Harrison Crites, I leave endless geek moments in aerospace with Chris or missed kicks on the football field. To Ford Martin, I leave you with better driving skills. To Thomas Hershey, I leave behind a skeleton of a once great lacrosse team that you will now have to renew with your unmatched d-mid skills. To Logan Burns, I leave you a defensive end spot where you will generate many sacks and post game sessions. To Keaton Murray, I leave gummies and Coach White constantly yelling at you. To Max Peters, I leave the best drip on the team. To Ian Smith, I leave many kittens of all shapes and sizes. To Keveon Ford, I leave a bounce back season with at least 2000 yards rushing. To Campbell Stoklosa, I leave you with the potential to carry this team the way your brother once did and to save Magnet Football. To Teddy Laruso, I leave you with the keys to the offense as the next 3 years you will have to carry. And last but most definitely not least, to Eli Mitchell, I leave my experiences and some advice for you to enjoy your time at Magnet as it goes quick, and you will take it for granted, but in the end, it will turn out to be some of the greatest years of your life.


I, Mateu Bordas, of small mind and sleeper build body, do hereby announce my will and leave the following. To the bus gang, Fritz, Nikos, Garrison, Mateus, and Sarah, I leave the Roderick legacy of keeping all bus rides, car rides, and any other vehicle journey y’all take fun and stupid. Also i leave them the ability to switch seats in any ride without the driver seeing, cuz these idiots get caught every time. To Blake Bird, I leave a better guitar pick, because yours are flimsy bro. I also leave Blake the rights to all jean jackets in the school cuz god and everyone knows i couldn’t pull those off 💀 and he wears them a lot. I predict this guy’s gonna be doing something with AI in the future. To Mateo Guerrero and anyone else at the school aspiring to make music, I leave creativity for your music and for writing lyrics. You can choose to use this in any future songs you write no matter the genre. To Rose and Hank of the sophomore class, as well as any other school couples, I leave a recommendation. DO NOT be doin anything y’all shouldn’t be around here, and if you do, don’t get caught. I’ve had my fair share of talks with the guidance counselors and Ms. Pinckney, and trust me they aren’t fun. I hope y’all make it all the way through high school together, cuz there’s nothing like support from someone you’re in a relationship with at a hard school like this. To all the current and future students of Academic Magnet High School I leave the ability to maintain a sense of humor throughout your high school career. Hopefully y’all can keep it under control (I’ve slipped up a couple times ngl). I also leave to these students a piece of advice: relax a bit. School is an important part of life, but that doesn’t mean it has to take over your life. You don’t need to stay up to 3AM to get things done or study if you get them done before, and even if you do procrastinate try not to let it screw up your day to day activities. This is a hard school, and this is coming from a guy with ok grades, but its not impossible and it’s not worth crying over if you’re the type to cry over your grades. Have fun in high school, cuz you’ll never be back here again. ✊🏽


I, Joe Dragich, being of geek mind and procrastinative body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Jackson Etheredge, I leave the leader of the lacrosse team and the post game creme brulee cake dessert, a slice of it is so much better after a win, McRae would agree. To Harrison Crites, I leave a whisper in the ear that “my car is paid off,” and the kinematics that go along with it, spurs down. To Wyatt Mahoney, I leave a Browns losing season and an improvement at the sport of lacrosse, you’ll get more playing time next year. To Jack Tierney, I leave a spot at attack. To Teddy Lorusso, I leave the right wing on man up and a season next year that includes more than one goal. To Quinn Okeefe, I leave the open goalie position. To Nate Markin, I leave a pair of TRUE gloves that will let you snipe top chef. To Isaac Chery, I leave a restrung head and a 100% success rate on ground balls. To Eli Mitchell and Ellison Ryan, I leave a sense of humor on the sidelines. To Wilson Burns and Jackson Etheredge, I leave gummy snacks for the bus rides next season. To the entire lacrosse team, I leave a prayer. Skip some practices and annoy Cosgrove. To Coach Cosgrove, I leave my gratitude for an interesting lax season and various class trips to your office for Dunkin Donuts coffee and Chick Fil A. To Reece Early, Katie Sheffield, Zoe Hutson and Aliza Zhang, I leave a free pass to use our phones whenever we want in art class. Reece… championships and Philly don’t go well together. To all of you and anyone I forgot to mention, I leave a thank you for an amazing four years.


I, Laura Robertson, being of astute mind and nimble body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following… To Chloe Trowman, I leave our morning Starbucks reviews, Connor Sawall, and Lil Baby. May you stay blasting “Not a Rapper” and Mr. Shiesty at 8 am. To Sophia Easterbrook, I leave our shared Lulu scuba jacket. To both of y’all, I leave the title as the best freshman. To Addie Utsey, I leave a handful of goldfish, a copy of the “One Thing at a Time” album, and PTSD from that one day in math class. I am forever scarred. To Wren Allen, I leave our hallway interactions and the honor as the best dressed on the tennis team. To Lukey Sutherland, I leave the job as the next Remy the Raptor, a normal name, and Mary Blake Hand. To Cliffie Manuel, I leave the number 4 singles position and the amhsgtennis platform. To Ava Smoak, I leave McRae Wallace. To Wyatt Mahoney, I leave a strong friendship with Boris Pekar, a starting position on the lax team, $25 Pacsun gift card and Addie Utsey, hopefully y’all can now focus in my absence. To Thomas Martin, Connor Sawall, and Isaac Cherry, I leave my happiest memories of Ms. Liang’s class, I will never forget yall. To Dean McCullough, I leave my Crunch membership. To Max Peters, I leave snapchat rizz. And to Betsy Bailey, a lifetime supply of snacks and the fond memory of that one lockdown drill. To the entire girls tennis team, I leave my heart and spirit.


I, Jagger Smoak, being of restless mind and sore body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following… To Sam Solari, sole ownership of the strikeout club, a successful trip to Hooters, the high pitched “Yessir!” and senior privileges including no field cleaning duties for Deer Park and yelling at the other juniors/underclassmen. To Thomas Martin, the steeziest slides into home plate, record for fastest player on the team, never ending barrels, all the wrist tape and eye black you could ever need, and a 45 oz. wood bat. To Connor Sawall, ABs next year, the official title of “The Closer,” sole ownership of the AUX (make me proud), ice, and a working car that doesn’t have blown out speakers. To Tyler Heckman, any undershirt that doesn’t say Cario or is navy blue. To Juvon Gilliard, some bigger cleats. To Beatty Cummings, a pair of spikes that are team colors and a broken in outfield glove. To Logan Burns, sole command over the hot corner. To Charlie Bhat, leading the team in batting average, the ability and permission to switch hit in games, and some real facial hair. To Nikos Paraschos, some real rizz and a good football team to support. To Max Peters, a full beard, the first base position, and some nukes. To the rest of the baseball team, some bug spray and to beat Bishop England.


I, Chandler Grace Ghegan, being of burnt-out mind and tired body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following… To Emerson Medlin I leave the ball bucket and the lasting legacy of childhood ballet. To Sophia LoCascio, I leave the AMHS Glax legacy. May you always fear the wrath of the twins when you step on the field. Also to Emerson and Sophia, I leave team captainship. I hope you will lead the team to many victories. To Street Wilson, I leave many more miscalculations to come and parking spot 132 for your new car. To Louisa Mulvey and Holly Manning, I leave a spot in my dorm room at UVA and getting pulled over by the SRO on the way to a game. To Sousa Waggoner and Chloe Trowman, I leave the “Raptor on 3” chant. May you always be louder than the other team. To Sophia Easterbrook, I leave the Walk for Water and being the only freshman on the tennis team. Finally, to Addie Utsey, Wren Allen, and Cliffie Manuel, I leave the conference room. Party hard raptors!


I, Lulu Massenet, being of sound mind, will the following things away. To Burton McCulley, I leave yelling out the stretches and the cross country instagram, as well as the privilege of calling coach Hoff “Gwennie”. To my buddies Isla Todd and Molly George I leave captaincy of team butterfly. To Grace I leave the gas station runs after sailing. Kabir, you get the world.


I, Hammond Unger, being of good mind and strong body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following… To Lawton Harper, I leave the tradition of annoying people by always calling them by their full name at sailing practice (and the knowledge that our muni hat rivalry will live on forever). To Thomas Hamilton (Hamas Thomalton), I leave the tradition of trolling people by changing the eight knots on the jib sheets to barrel knots. To Grace Ghast, I leave the tradition of gas station runs after sailing practice. To all the rising seniors on the sailing team (Caroline Uram, Alexa Conlon, Lawton Harper, Hamas Thomalton, Grace Ghast), I leave the fun of coming up with creative breakdowns (hopefully more creative than mine lol). To William McCarty and Garrett Davis, I leave the tradition of trying to gaslight people into thinking they were in the wrong when you foul them. It’s been a fun four years on the sailing team and I’m sad it’s over, but I know it’ll be in good hands when I leave. Thanks for making the team fun!


I, Moyu Yamaguchi, being of expressive mind and nocturnal body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Wren Allen, Addie Utsey, and Cliffie Manuel, Chloe Trowman, and Sophia Easterbrook, I leave the Girls Tennis Team. To Noa Wallen, Harry Ding, Kaylee Cathcart, Addie Utsey, and Maryn Tombs, I leave the National Honor Society and my position as Secretary. Hopefully you guys can create a foolproof participation and attendance checking plan next year. To Lawton Harper, I leave the crepe sales and the French National Honor Society. We probably still have a lot of Nutella left. Also to Harry Ding, I leave you the outreach project to the School of the Arts with Mu Alpha Theta. It’s a little bit awkward at first but you must remain firm. To Kabir Zaman, I leave the Academic Team. I can already see the announcement drafting: Congratulations to the Academic Team, led by Captain Kabir, who emerged as champions….To the Academic Team, I leave my unprecedented performance spike when it comes to math computation questions coupled with the devastation when you realize that the States tournament ejects all of such questions. Why do they even do that? I also leave a chance encounter with a certain Wando student. Maybe this time you guys can exchange contact information. To all the freshmen who participated in my research study, I leave my finished AP Research project and possibly a poster somewhere in the school. I wonder if anyone still remembers any of the Japanese words? To Eva Bryan, I leave many things. Firstly, my unstable mind. Secondly, whiplash from that one purple fair ride. Thirdly, a couple of multiple choice options to use when the conversation gets a little hard. Most importantly, I leave the Visual Arts Club and another collaborative project in the future. To Suguri Yamaguchi, I leave an immersive high school experience for the next three years, and all of my class notes. To the rest of Academic Magnet High School, I leave a brighter light at the end of the tunnel.


I, Courtney Hall, being of exhausted mind and body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Maryn Tombs, I leave the golf team as well as the responsibilities of team captain including finding enough people for the team. To Grace Griffin, I leave memories of Taylor Swift and ABBA car rides to practice and all of our wonderful golf drama. To Akiera Sanchez, I leave my love of golf for you to continue playing the sport. To Max Lussier, I leave you the best of luck in your journey of playing golf, I know you will be a great player. To whoever receives my amazing parking spot 138, I leave quick escapes out of the parking lot and never having to sit in traffic.


I, Ransome Hudson, being of efficient mind and strong body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following … To Teddy Lorusso, I leave many more lax goals. To Jackson Ethredge, I leave the One Piece and some bone-crushing hits in football. To Harrison Crites, I leave a D1 scholarship as kicker. To Dean McCullough and Campbell Stoklosa I leave an infinite amount of receiving touchdowns. To the rest of the football and lacrosse teams, I leave the Raptor Spirit and some upset wins down the road. Love you guys and thanks for these past 4, it’s been a blast


I, Noah Boudolf, being of weary mind and enduring body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following to those mentioned. To Colin George my most prized possessions, the PR Chain along with the Yellow Jersey. To Adam Kremer I leave the will to carry on for the next cross country season and the Thanos t-shirt to inspire you (please do not let this flop like it did for Garrett when Mark said it). To Lawton Harper, my old spikes (if you don’t stay on the team please give them to someone else). To Everett Landrith, my clean driving record. To Quinn Swanton, I leave my resources to be your agent in the future. To Calvin Volkman, I leave my healthy leg muscles (please do not get injured again). To Peyton Johnson, I leave my knowledge of sports cards so you can make some money. To Hunter Khunell, a pass to steal Calvin’s bag, but only once. To William Sandler, I leave my spikes. To Brayden Bunt I leave my tiny t shirts, wear them with pride. To the entire cross country team, my family, the inspiration of Coach Tim to finally win that elusive state championship, overcoming GMC and BE.


I, Pierson Tobin, being of empty mind and shredded body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following: to Cole Davis, I leave about 40 pounds, a rim grazer, and Coach Johnsens eternal love. To Eli Sherman and Noah Orza, I leave an impossible friendship. To James Prutting, I leave Gray Willits’ number (21). To James King, I leave my number (23). To Billy Baer, I leave my rizz and a seat on the bench. To Henry Plante, Henry Lannan, Justin Mathis, and Neil Hancock, I leave one brain cell you guys can share and a driver’s license.


I, Sarah Roop, being of stressed mind and exhausted body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Tsemaye Erenshey, I leave the laughter from our conversations about celebrities and TV shows, and the confusion on every environmental AP Classroom question. To Ava Maile, I leave my environmental notes and more hours of sleep. To Jason Gould, I leave the responsibility of leading the Music Outreach Club. Continue to spread joy through music. To Ms. Shifflette, I leave you free time in the mornings and study halls. I’m glad I got to know you from freshman to senior year. To Mr. Grimshaw, I leave you the biggest bag of Skittles and a microwave so you can melt them a little. To all of my teachers, thank you for your support every year, I wish you the best. To the rest of Magnet, I leave my mom, Mrs. Roop, (you don’t have to laugh at her jokes), and the motivation to get through the rest of high school. Good luck and enjoy your time here!


I, Sadie Bowlin, being of angelic mind and barbie body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To my sweet angel Ava Maile, I leave everything: the absolute best senior year possible, all of my lost art in Ms. Callicott’s room (should it ever be found), endless girl talk, every micron pen and metal industrial drawing pencil in the building, and my unending love and support. To you and Kallie Klugman I also leave behind my themed party motif, in honor of your milestone high school experience. To Zuriel Nyamutsaka, I leave my approval and support of your knitwear. To Nick Cluver, I leave you the task of keeping our campus chic. Continue spreading the love for camp Ryan Murphy shows, Lana Del Rey, and general good taste. To Embre Slack and Aislynn Piihl, I have no authority to leave you anything but my best wishes. And to Señora Colon, my utmost gratitude. <3


I, Nyx Reese, being of extremely tired mind and anxiety ridden body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Grace Gast, the ability to somehow always be in the hallway. To Campbell Lesher, conversations across the room in Colón’s class. To Ava Irwin, the responsibility to check up on Dr. Zerbst, she gets lonely. To Kaylee Cathcart, the ability to memorize every single song in Taylor Swift’s discography. To Montrello Singleton, the ability to just Know things. To Eva Bryan, my parking spot, treat Bubbles well pls. And to next year’s yearbook class, good luck.


I, JB O’Neal, being of sporadic mind and exhausted body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following… To Cesa Ramirez, I leave the leftover pizza at the team hotel. May no slice go without at least one singular bite. To Ben Brock, Lukey Sutherland, and Nick Pawlucy, I leave you the role of returning seniors. Take on this responsibility and don’t go easy on the underclassmen. To James Bennetti, I leave the backline. Hold it down and keep Nick alive. To Charlie Zaifert, I leave a kids Claritin tablet, grape flavored. To Randy Villariza, I leave the task of driving future underclassmen to tryouts. And finally, to Nikos Paraschos, I bequeath the title of geek.


I, Kofi Ayiku, being absent of mind and energized of body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following… To Benjamin Brock I leave an outside voice and many days of “brisk” weather. To Jack Keiffer, a right foot. Use it well. To Henry Jones, unlimited rizz. To James Benetti, center back cleats, and to all of the soccer team, a state championship. To Kimmy Do, a good phone camera, and many great soccer games watching our “celebrity star athletes”. To Isaac Chery, a Zidane first touch, and a Man United Europa League win. To Lindsey Griffin, general knowledge skills and a 5 on every AP exam. And last but definitely not least, to Zoe Hutson I leave elite soccer skills, real drip, and friends (because you’ll be so sad and lonely when we all graduate). Also to all the people I might’ve missed in this will, I leave a fist bump, and to the Magnet population I leave all As and admission to your dream college. See y’all around somewhere. Courage🫱🏻‍🫲🏿🫡


I, Jacob Burke, being of unparalleled mind and humble body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Benjamin Brock, the honorary position of Junior done dirty by Coach Hamil. To Jack Keiffer, the left wing and a right foot in replacement for the wet noodle you currently have. Hopefully practice won’t be as boring for you. To Randolph Villariza, two boxes of tissues. To Aiden Ruggiero, a freshman to clean the bench up in our place next year. To Julian Gillum, every light skin celebrity possible. To Kimmy Do, boys who will actually talk to you and my friendship with Khoi. To Chase Novak, the crispest dap up possible. To Elliot Romero, luck on all your AP exams and a clean AP for your wrist. To Blake Boyd, I leave nothing. To Lindsey Griffin, a better way to spend $80. To Holly Manning, a hobby other than yoga. To Zoe Hutson, a better taste in blonde haired boys, whatever clothing of mine Lily doesn’t take, a dry tote bag, and all of our jokes about your sister. And to the rest of the soccer team who I didn’t mention, good luck and win some hardware. Bring home another trophy. To the rest of Academic Magnet I leave an easy rest of your time here at magnet. Good luck with your college adventures.


I, Ella Sanders, being of critical mind and delicate body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following…

To Bellamy Kline, I leave unlimited Starbucks stars, the official title of “Best Flyer,” a “hi” to Professor Plum, and my wish that you have a delightful senior year. To Xander D’Arcy and Donovan Hamilton I leave the track team. To Xander, I also leave the physics behind running super fast with your hair down and that one time I watched you launch Tommy’s shoe into a tree. To Brinley Clendaniel, Ella Moore, Julia Gulledge, Emerson Medlin, Keren Collins, Sutton Bates, and whoever else is leading FCA next year, I leave y’all FCA and, of course, the church clap. Use it often and use it well. To Shivani Bala, I leave protection from admin persecution and the safekeeping of T. and J. K.. To Grayson Goodier and Sarah Bordyn, I leave my best wishes for the rest of your Spanish careers. To Satine Storer, I leave the 100 meter hurdles, long jump, boys at track meets with broken phones, looking after Annabella Cusatis, and a healthy dose of SAS (sorry, I couldn’t help myself). To Keny Vargas, I leave forgiveness for abandoning me in long jump (I miss you!), and if you ever decide to start back, I leave 17 ft long jumps and perfect markings. To Brady Smith, I leave the correct spelling of your name, Ian Smith. To Carter Dryden, I leave impeccable taste, the Raptor Review input that you never hit me up for, and the Bee. To Lila Garret, I leave the hope that people appropriately differentiate between you and Louisa, memories of you telling me stories of flipped golf carts, and your impressive workouts. To Ethan McCleary, I leave the pool in the middle of the bus loop. To Sierra Robinson, I leave long legs, speedy 100s, and cheating on bus loop laps. To Kate Selvitelli, I leave hurdles, the Orange Grove legacy, your killer outfits, and my wish that you have a wonderful high school experience. To Amaris Wint I leave a synth, our shared Mobile, Alabama roots, and an enjoyable rest of high school. To Thomas Hamilton, I leave the correct spelling and pronunciation of your name, Tómas, and a car wash to get that mud off your truck. And finally, to anyone left at Magnet who is not beholden to the predominant orthodoxy of teachers and students, I leave you good luck and the strength to withstand class discussions.


I, Tina Liu, being of weak-willed mind and aching back, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Eva Bryan, I leave my assertive club announcement voice and my shared custody of the art club. If you end up taking anatomy next year, I’ll leave you my 7th edition lab manual for a dollar. Also, I’ll leave you my parking spot number 69 since you asked for it, I guess. To Laura Dailey, I leave the beach sweeps and clothing drives with Mother Earth Society. I hope you’re able to fight senioritis and rejuvenate the club next year, but don’t stress kiddo. To the Academic team kids, I leave the post-match, waiting-for-everyone’s-parents-to-arrive time and I also really hope you guys learn how to drive. To Noa Wallen, my third favorite junior, I leave the pain and suffering of navigating the Seaperch bureaucracy for one more year, if you even want to do it that is. To the rest of the Seaperch kids, I leave the last-minute competition prep and actually writing the technical report. Maybe you guys will win something at internationals one day. . .


I, Nora Cheng, being of mushy mind and bamboozled body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Noa Wallen, Elaine Chen, and Bea Vaught, I leave the joys of planning Asian Awareness events (and finding excuses to buy snacks from H&L). To Jason Gould and whoever else ends up leading, I leave the wonders and stresses of Music Outreach club. To Gabby Sun, Emma Fang, and the other youth group people, I leave best wishes for your next years at Magnet. To Noa Wallen, I shift the weight of SeaPerch to your shoulders if you decide to continue this thrilling journey. To the SeaPerch team, I leave the exhilaration of completing your team videos and technical reports less than 24 hours before the due date. And of course the curse of the broken motors.


I, Caleb Anderson, being of geek mind and chill body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following: To Kabir Z. I leave the ability to pull off jeans like a middle aged father. To Warren Cohn I leave the responsibility of the swim team, may you do as little work as possible while forcing others to do the most. To Harrison Crites, I leave my bathroom schedule, may our bladders and visits to the bathroom be forever synced. To Parker Hamilton, I leave annoying all of your teachers, someone else has gotta do it now. And finally to Sawyer Quetermous I leave my lunch table. Only cuz you asked. I hope a bird poops on it everyday. And finally, to Mr Jent, I leave a sense of peace knowing I won’t walk into your classroom every other day. Caleb out.


I, Annie Cagle, being of anxious mind and tired body do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Sophia Locascio, I leave an energy drink that will make you crash your car, the song “I Hope,” a boyfriend who talks to you in the hall, and a nomination for a SCHSL award. To Street Wilson, I leave my pink lacrosse pinnie, a disrespectful attitude, a win against porter gaud, and the honor of being my favorite little leprechaun. To Sousa Waggoner, I leave a gift card to Walmart(you know what for), a stop to get food on the way home, and Timmy. To all 3 of you, I leave hope, patience, and a spot in my dorm room whenever you want to visit. To Ava Smoak, I leave a picture of you hanging on the wall in the Southern and the difficult task of getting our families together for lunch. To Jillian Vollmer and Julia Reed, I leave a 10 on an FRQ and freedom from environmental science, congrats! To Holly Manning, I leave my spot in the back of the bus, but a seatbelt may be needed. HAGS!


I, Leo Li, being of easily distracted mind and frazzled body, do hereby announce my senior will. To Sawyer Quertermous I leave great power and responsibility. Use it well. To Warren Cohn, I leave the duty of running drylands, and Carolyn’s car which is mine to give. To Kimmy Do and Anya Podolsky I leave my entire brain to be studied in future psych classes. To Max Tippey, I leave bonelab. To Chase Dillon and Gannon Rose I leave one pound of water weight to be shared between you. To Adam Kremer, I leave my Suzuki violin book one. 


I, Willa Jones, being of crowded mind and diseased body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following: To Wilson Swenson, the joys of driving down Coleman Boulevard two times a day. May the lights be ever in your favor. To Kabir Zaman, all the power you could ever desire. I would follow your leadership down the darkest path and on the most treacherous roads. To Ava Smoak, I leave the Young Democrats Instagram page, hopefully you’ll have more content to document next year. To Caroline Uram, I leave Johnny Fewell. To Harry Ding, I leave my watch. To Grace Griffin, Addie Utsey, and Lane Yarbrough I leave the responsibility of the Mount Pleasant Youth Council. And finally, to Maris Jones, I leave a most wonderful shadow. Good luck wading in my wake.


I, Lilly Skinner, of semi-sane mind and theoretically able body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following…To next year’s AP research students, I leave the hope that your project will be better than mine. To whoever has spot 67 in the parking lot next year, I leave you an ability to sprint and a belief you’ll make it out. To Juniors trying to get an early out next year, I hope you had better luck than we did. To future Swifties, I leave my ability to get Eras Tours Tickets. To AP Gov students, I leave CNN 10 and hopefully the return of Carl Azus. To next year’s Talon writers, I leave a SNO Site that hopefully crashes less. And finally, to next year’s seniors: Good Luck Charlie!


I, Ava Peterson, being of unsound mind and body, complete with a plethora of problems and undiagnosed ADHD, do hereby declare my senior will. To Grace Gast- I leave all of the hallway hugs she could ever desire, along with the frisbee team. I will miss you greatly. To Bowen Gao- I leave both the frisbee team and the wish to stop sending so many emails. To Sean O’Brien I leave my undying hatred and the memory that I did in fact beat you in chess one singular time. To Mr. Garris, I leave Kevin. May his legacy continue throughout all generations. To AMHS as a whole – I leave around 400 tiny ducks scattered throughout the school and my deep hatred.


I, Shane Hoffman, being of a concerned mind and tall body, announce my senior will and I leave these things… To Nate Markin, volleyball. Keep the culture of the team the same as before. Keep the instagram page running. To James King, my lacrosse gloves. If you quit, I will be sad. To Jackson Ethredge, the lacrosse defense. Please keep taking players’ heads off. Oh and just keep the cup shorts at this point. And finally to Thomas Hershey, apparently my parking spot.


I, Vishwa Veeraswamy, being of hot take mind and sprinting into school at 8:29 body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Elliot Romero, I leave you the Student Body Presidency. I don’t completely understand why, but I have confidence that you’ll succeed, and I’m glad to know that the school is in your hands. To Harry Ding, I leave the duty of watching over Elliot. To Beatty Cummings and Thomas Martin, I leave you the captainship of the Baseball team. It’s been my absolute pleasure to play with y’all for three years, and there are no people more capable of leading that team to greatness. To Harrison Crites and Connor Sawall, I leave you the College Football Club. CFB is my proudest accomplishment at AMHS, and I genuinely believe that the two of you can carry on my legacy. As Ms. Pinckney once described it: “The greatest club in AMHS history.” To Beatty Cummings, Dave Maiden, Chuck Claus, and Connor Dubay, I leave y’all the automatic brake system in my Subaru, and an inability to be late to school. To Sam Solari and Jose Revuelta, I leave you Icee Wednesday. To Zuriel Nyamatsuka, I leave fire handshakes and a wish for hallway gumball machines. It has been a highlight of my year to get to know you. To Abby Youmans, I leave the rights to AMHS Plugged, it was one heck of a show. To Nicholas Edwards, I leave the guitar pick and capo I borrowed but never returned. To Ava Smoak, I leave an appreciation for slippers at school. To John McQueen, Scarlett Rutter, Kabir Zaman, and Jessie Ross, I leave an empty bowl. After all, it is much better than a bowl full of soup. To Nikos Paraschos, I leave Moes Thursday. To Kabir Zaman, I leave you the International Politics Club. To Lukey Sutherland, I leave you a jar of nuts. And finally to the entire raptor family, I leave to you a love for this school. Our energy is unlike anything here, but I’ve seen it diminish in the recent past. I hope to see y’all bring back the spirit in the coming years.


I, Katie Jones, being of hysteric mind and tired body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following…

To Mackenzie Dennis, I leave my extremely hectic hype huddle. Keep the last remnants of my joy as well, and give plenty of hugs in the halls on my behalf. To Emilia Hall, I bestow my Hamilton music and hope that you bring it to at least one game next season. I also leave you and Mackenzie the aux cord to get hyped before games. To Evie Chowdhury, I leave you the seats in my car to remember our crazy adventures. I also leave my phone for you, Sophia Cantidig, Izzy Robinson, and Eliza Miller to respond to my snapchats. To Madison Jolly, I leave the last of my brain cells and hope they are useful for your next years. To Jordan Johnson I leave the title of Momma K, please retire it for me. To Nora Richards and Rory Sood, I give yall my super funny jokes. To the AMHS Cheer Team I leave plenty of tired mornings after games, but with enough fun to last a lifetime during your time there. I also leave endless Chick Fil A runs. May your fries before games always be hot and keep you fulfilled while I am gone. To Alexis and Lulu, I leave my gratitude for helping me in AP Stats, as well as all of our joyous walks around the school during that class. To Katy Baldwin, I leave you to be the only Katie/y in AP Statistics. To Rose Dillon I leave my common sense, the little I have, since no one else seems to have any. To the FCA leaders, Ella Moore, Emerson Medlin, Brinely Clendaniel, and Julia Gulledge I leave all the last-minute meeting schedules, games, and service projects that we may or may not have completed. To Sy Benich, don’t miss the FCA meetings because I can’t fill in for your place anymore. Keep them on track (please be a leader they need guys I’ll give you and Sutton a singular cheez-it). To Sutton Bates I leave the gingerbread house I forced ya’ll to make, which I mostly made but whatever. I know that you, Sy, and Connor enjoyed the gingerbread house don’t lie to yourselves or me (can yall just be leaders please). To Connor Sawall I’ll give you my sentiments about Clemson football; they are worse than Bama, Roll-Tide forever. Most importantly, to Ava Irwin, my partner in crime, I leave all our fun school night sleepovers (even though your mom thinks we’re lame for sleeping at 10 pm). I leave our inside jokes that no one else would understand, and our awful coping skills with Magnet’s stresses. I also leave many Dunkin, Circle-k, and Chick-Fil-A runs before school and hope that there is a train that you can blame your tardiness on. I will also give you my decent sleep schedule, please take it. Most importantly, I leave our bench by Mr. McCormick’s room. Please keep all the freshmen away from it. You can also have my parking spot, but I would rather have yours if I’m honest. Also to Sean O’Brien, I do NOT leave you Ava. Absolutely not.


I, Marianna Folz, being of delusional mind and sleep-deprived body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Rachel Agudelo, I leave you a lifetime supply of loose leaf paper- it’s time you finally have your own. To Sam Solari I leave my google calendar skills. Please use them to avoid forgetting every single time you have a test (you’ll need it with all those AP’s). To the future tenant of parking spot 73, I leave many quick and easy exits from the parking lot. Feel free to paint over my terrible design- but promise to make it cool. To all of the future AMHS Yearbook staff, I leave the panic of meeting deadlines and the wonderful feeling of relief when it’s all over. To Ava Smoak: thank you for always saving the yearbook sports team with your amazing copywriting. I leave you many years of success in your future English class endeavors. To Ang Paredes, in exchange for carrying all elements of graphic design and making the yearbook actually bearable to look at, I leave you an infinite supply of snacks in the senior lounge. To Ms. Bortz, thank you for all of my time management skills- the stress of yearbook deadlines served me well. To the next group of raptors to eat lunch at the corner benches of the courtyard by the tree, I leave you many days of joyous conversation. And finally, to the future classes of Academic Magnet, I leave a wonderful four years and the best of luck- you’ll need it.


I, Dylan Geddis, being of mystical mind and snatched body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Lily Sturm I leave my parking spot, many Starbucks birthday cake cake-pops, and as little traffic on Savannah Highway as humanly possible. I also leave my Spotify playlists for all of your car rides alone next year, and timely arrivals, you will be greatly missed. To Cole Fritz, I leave a Venti Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappe. To Kate Stahle-Smith, I leave you a Big Mac, endless 0.5 flics, and shameless gossip about the class of ’26. Stay true to who you are and what you believe, I hope some of my wisdom will be remembered from our 45-minute car rides. Also, Sousa Waggoner please get a new joke to make fun of Kate with, it gets old. To Emerson Medlin, I leave a pack of dark grey Puma socks, don’t let anyone borrow them as I have shown you, you will not get them back anytime soon. To Louisa Mulvey, I leave you success in all Spanish classes you enroll in and patience with next year’s girl’s lacrosse team. A daunting task. To the girl’s lacrosse team, I leave sprint jogs, a win against Phillip Simmons, and a tolerance for questionable coaching. To the girl’s tennis team, I leave unlimited games of TTF, and unwanted pestering from the boy’s football team. May both teams continue Magnet’s success, to an extent, and Go Raptors! To Mr. Cosgrove, I leave chocolate chip cookies, unkept promises of Chick-Fil-A, and a master key. Thank you for your unwilling support of all the students here at Magnet, I’m sure I’ll see you at Minero. To Mr. Grimshaw, Magnet’s beloved guitar teacher, I leave patience dealing with underclassmen, the correct way to wrap an aux cord, a radical class of Guitar 2 students, and my utmost gratitude. You have made my senior year memorable in the best way possible. Finally, to all current and future magnet students, I leave one piece of advice: your actions, decisions, how you treat others, and even how you treat yourself is crucial, as those decisions will affect your future and no one else’s. Good luck!


I, Bea Wilson, being of unstable mind and exhausted body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Aliza Zhang, I leave you every type of cheese you can put on a pizza, two years’ worth of daily affirmations, and a year of driving Chase. To Whitney Limbert, I leave thousands of sarcastic comments. To Chase Broadway, all of my dashboard rubber ducks. To Rutledge Sander and Pooja Bhalla, impeccable radish growing skills. To Mr. McCormick, 240 hours of my life in your classroom. To Lawton Harper, I leave all of the Scooby Doo movies I own and the responsibility of finally painting over Timothy’s Shrek spot next year.


I, Lily Coulter, being of insane mind and executive body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Lauren Faust, Ava Smoak, Emerson Medlin, Betsy Bailey, Suzanna Carlsten, Alaina Jarrett, Vivian Lam, Alexa Conlon, Marina Barnes, Carolina Carrara, and Shannon Phelan I leave the volleyball team, Coach Hanna S, and lots of love. To Emerson Medlin I leave the floor captain and a cure for leg cramps. To Suzanna Carlsten I leave the honorable position of senior class prez. To Betsy Bailey I leave Irish dancing, an outside lunch table, and Ashley Hall sweatshirts. To Ava Smoak I leave fighting with Avery Voelkel and melted deodorant. To Beatty Cummings, Davis Maiden, Connor Dubay, and Charlie Claus I leave Vishwa and his car. To Zuriel Nyamatsuka I leave a buffet cupcake and many crochet hats. And finally to all of my teachers I leave so much love and appreciation.


I, Cat Clyburn, being of feeble mind and busted body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following: To Elliot Romero, my resentment and bitterness surrounding the Bonds Wilson Campus. To Beatty Cummings, the urge to say ‘bless you’ after someone coughs. I hope it grants you the multitude of judgment side-eyes that it has given me. To Morgan Fletcher, my darling beautiful junior, I give you my desire to know gossip about underclassmen I don’t know. To Caidyn Webb and Margaret Clum, my childhood memories of them being nice (ish) children. I never feel so judged as I do when I’m with y’all ❤️. To Charlie Cramer, the awkward half-smile I give to people I sorta know. And lastly to my favorite, most perfect, most intelligent, most talented, most beautiful junior of all, Kabir Zaman, I leave you with the momentary drive to complete my work I had at the beginning of this year. And to ALL underclassmen my final bequeathment is the desire to dress up for spirit week and decorate the wall


I, Dakota Hasty, being of shriveled mind and deteriorating body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Sam Solari, I leave the complicated art of procrastination, though I highly recommend that you do not use this to get through AP Seminar and Research. To Kayleigh Ball and Kallie Klugman, I leave a stress-free year of spending AP Research in the senior lounge. May you both pick easy topics and receive an abundance of survey responses. To the boys’ varsity soccer team, I leave a win against BE and a replacement photographer. I hope the Instagram continues to look as good as it does now. To Mr. Crye I leave all the dad jokes, insane amounts of caffeine, and a huge thank you for always believing in me as a student and person. To Ms. Akery, I leave my consistent need to overanalyze literature in order to prove a character is queer. To Ms. Vallejo, I leave all the students that will eventually come to you pulling their hair out from stress. You are the best reassurance I could have asked for in the last 4 years. To Ms. Schifflette, I leave all the crystal jewelry I own. Thank you for making me the essay writer that I am today and always being genuinely interested in your students’ lives. To incoming freshmen and all underclassmen, I leave the ability to not let Magnet destroy your love of learning. Burnout is a magnet student’s greatest enemy, so never, ever sacrifice your mental health for an A in that one AP class. Also, whether you end up being a National Merit Scholarship winner or not, be thankful for the education this school has provided you and do not take it for granted. I hope college will prove to be easy because of this school for everyone to come. DK out.


I, Irene Liu, being of musical mind and extraordinary body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Laura Dailey, Skylar Weiss, Maryn Tombs, Ella Moore, Lily Burnette, Isa Jickling, Jillian Vollmer, Josie Vollmer, and Julia Reed, I leave the future of the Girls Varsity Swim Team. To Wilson Burns, Warren Cohn, Sawyer Quetermous, Joey Schady, Harrison Shaw, and Jack Troy, I leave the team chant and dryland practices. To Aliza Zhang and Connor Li, I leave all the notes for my AP classes, good luck. To Laura Dailey, I leave my spirit to accompany you at Jackrabbit Filly and our spectacular stalking adventures. To Blake Yarborough, I leave my car so you can finally leave your house. To Jason Gould, I leave the Music Outreach Club and our duets to Adele. To Jack Troy, I leave my math and Spanish knowledge. To Julia Reed, I leave our jokes about your brother. To Zoe Hutson, I leave our 12 am backseat parties in Lily’s car. To Kimmy Do, I leave the strength to attend every Boys Varsity Soccer game. To Vivian Lam, I leave all the untried restaurants on our food list and freedom from the BC Calculus study sessions. To Jasmine Zheng, I leave our summer trips to Boston and NYC and our 13+ years of friendship. And to the rest of Academic Magnet, I wish you all the best as you finish out the school year.


I, Avery Voelkel, being of raging mind and damaged body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Chloe and Suzanna Carlston, I leave Taylor Swift car rides while being chronically late to school, and a place in my dorm room, you are always welcome. To Chloe, I also leave you Lukey, forever my fav duo. To Ava Smoak, I leave you a love for physics and constant name dropping during class. To Betsy Bailey, I leave you the title of “Senior B”, make me proud. To Lukey Sutherland, I leave you weird house drop-bys and the world’s worst driving, you honestly make me nauseous. To Charlie Zaifort and Abby Poole, I leave you constant laughs during practice, carry it on for me and Livia, no matter what Alister says. And to Charlie, I also leave you pats on the shoulder during conversations, I will miss it everyday. To Cliffie Manuel and Addie Hanna, I leave you the bench, forever my favorite place, continue on the gossip without me. And to Addie, I also leave you triangle lunch dates and hour long crumbl drives, I’ll be glad to not have to go to the depths of West Ashley to pick you up ever again. To Zoe Hutson, I leave you a spot in my dorm room, come stay with me when you get tired of Lily. To Lilly Murphy, I leave you benergy, never change. To Madeline Moye, I leave you stalking skills and Snapchat premium photo backgrounds, literally why do you have that. To Hannah Collins, I leave “what the freak” and that one question during Raptor Retreat, never forget… To Anna Cook, I leave you the snapchats of many boys to add to your roster, keep me updated. To my three freshmen, Madeline, Hannah, and Anna, I leave all of you the ASL of inappropriate songs and Trop Smooth before games, carry on the tradition, and thanks for breaking out of your shell. To Mattie Vermette, I leave you a giant tub of Hemp Lotion, share it with Doug please. To Sophia Benich, I leave you a spot in my car always. And to the girls soccer team, I leave you a (hopefully) more successful season than this one.


I, Kristen McLeod, being of done mind and tired body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following to. Charlie Zaifert, I leave table time and a spot as a spirit leader next year (only under the condition that you are able to make at least half the games). To Rachel Holden, I leave the leader of the back line next year, do not be easy on them. To Sophia Benich, I leave many goals and all the pregame snacks you may desire. Also, to Sophia Benich, I leave you the prized tradition of the Academic Magnet soccer team’s “silent Gucci.” As the previous owner told me, “This gives you the right to be the coolest. Use it wisely”. To Mattie Vermette, I leave soccer shots and all the anger that any soccer game may cause. I leave you my warmup line and the position to be the loudest on the field. To Lily Murphy, I leave you the hassle of bagel breakfast and all the early mornings that may bring you. To Zoe Hutson, I leave First Baptist boys with all the trauma that comes with them; good luck, you’ll need it. To the Academic Magnets girl’s Varsity soccer team, I leave yall many wins (please beat be and oca). I love all of yall and wish yall the best of luck! To Mrs. Yackey, I leave you all my lousy math grades and thank you for being the best teacher and human! And lastly, to Mr. Cosgrove, I leave you all my long ranting sessions and a plane ticket to wherever your heart desires.


I, Emily Pilla, of chronically fatigued mind and restless body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Burton McCulley, I leave you MY backyard if and when you need it (thanks again). To Lukey Sutherland, I leave you plans for all senior weekends and a cookout meetup. No more “what are the moves” texts shall be needed. To Ava Smoak, I leave you unlimited SD cards and a great appreciation for the amazon camera link. To Charlie Zaifert, I leave kisses to Thor and jello mix for your next party. I will miss seeing the orange jeep everywhere I go. To Aislynn Piihl and Embre Slack, I leave you the Laing legacy. Carry it highly. To Beatty Cummings, I leave you Madelyn Hall and the best birthday of the year. Be sure to visit Duke. To Holly Manning, I leave you the title of best Key Club Executive. To James Prutting, Wyatt Mahoney, Lukey Sutherland, Wilson Burns and Lucas Browder, I leave you a beach blanket for our next paranoia circle. To Nate Markin, I leave my crush on you. To Gabby Do, I leave you the back of my mom’s trunk and a ride to I’on. To Ian Williams, I leave you my house and parking spot 10. I assure you that you will be out of the parking lot at 3:30 PM. To Grace Griffin and Maryn Tombs, I leave you both a hole in one. To Wilson Burns, Cole Davis, Lukey Sutherland, and Ava Smoak, I leave you guys a hangout pt. 2 at Robin’s house. To Burton McCulley, Abby Poole, Charlie Zaifert, Piper Hudgins, Embre Slack, Aislynn Piihl, and Addie Hanna, I leave you all a UGA gameday weekend and a blow up mattress/futon to share in my dorm. Please come visit! To Mrs. Grayson, I leave you the greatest appreciation ever. May our 3B gatherings never die. To Mr. Cosgrove, I leave you an unfilled spot for your favorite student. May no one live up to Emily Pilla. I know I am the best. To all classes after me, I leave you my Matthew Gray Gubler cardboard cutout for the Senior Lounge. Now Benedict Cumberbatch can have some company. To the new Key Club Executives, best of luck next year! I will miss you so much AMHS!


I, Turner Orvin, being of relaxed mind and eternal body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following…To Ben Brock, an extra piece of the midfield. To the entire soccer team, the ability to beat Oceanside. To Harrison Crites, bathroom breaks. To Blake Yarborough and Cesa Ramirez, the future of the midfield.


I, Carolyn Selvidge, being of anxious mind and T-Rex body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Warren Cohn, I leave the ability to receive a driver’s license, my Cranberries CD collection, and any miscellaneous objects of mine remaining on school property. To Lily Burnette, I leave Warren Cohn, the Northbridge carpool, and the Killer Whale Time playlist. To Max Tippey, Steven Moody, and Jack Childers, I leave the NBT legacy and Magnet recruitment. To Laura Dailey and Maggie Largent, I leave my super secret hiding spots and a mega pack of BioFreeze. To Addie Hanna, I leave the will to keep going for one more year. To Charlotte Halford, I leave my dear sister, Muzzie Selvidge. Please make sure she stays sane. To all present and future AMHS students, I leave the Raptor spirit.


I, Molly Schweickhardt, being of Eraserhead baby body and squirrel-like mind, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following…To Natasha Keisler, I leave you the title of the biggest and only David Lynch fanatic at Academic Magnet. I hope you spread the David Lynch agenda throughout the school. With great power comes great responsibility. To Megan Massie, the final member of the Shwassie family, I leave you to carry on the Shwassie legacy at magnet. Good luck gals and bye felicia.


I, Ellyse Ramos, being of indecisive mind and chronically late body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Natasha Keisler, I leave my Letterboxd watchlist(which you have probably already watched all of). To Bea Vaught, I leave my obsession with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and MF Doom. To Laura Dailey, I leave the Mother Earth Society and some BBQ chips for you to try(and a failed garden). To the Baers, I leave Sarah’s style because it is infinitely better than yours. To my Physics table mates, I leave my nonexistent will to study for Physics quizzes.


I, Emma Morrison, being of mega-mind and spastic body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following: To Charlie Zaifert, I leave the ghost of Sadie, side-eye glances during halftime, lots of Kodak and Gunna, being a Giants fan always, a cat that won’t stay upstairs, an intense high-five, XYZ, and the ability to carry on our bible study tradition. Stay geek. To the ghost of Sadie, I leave Charlie, DK, a less powerful shot (so you don’t break anyone’s thumb), and remembering me when you go D1. To Piper Hudgins, I leave the title of being the better Hudgins sibling and the banana costume (maybe). To Burton McCulley, I leave a bus(c)h(e) in a bush (it wasn’t me swear). To Abby Poole, I leave you Charlie, please make sure she doesn’t trifle too much next year. To the junior girls, I leave red and blue jello. To Ava Smoak, I leave awkward photography photoshoots and prom spray tans from Lowcountry Bronze always. To Lilly Murphy, I leave a brand new paid-for glass table out of the goodness of my heart and rush videos, of course. To Abby Poole, Rachel Holden, and Lily Murphy, I leave the AMHS girls’ soccer backline. You now have to make up for my voice in the back. SCREAM. To Eliza Compton, I leave the goal. Your job is now to protect it with your LIFE, LIMBS, and/or HEAD. To Mattie Vermette, I leave an ego and remembering to take your AirPods out when you are driving (???). I also leave a trademark on this emoji: 🤷🏻‍♀️. To Hanna Ismail and Maddie Vermette, I leave the undeniable fate of the inescapable bible study tradition. It WILL happen. Better now than later. To Zoe Hutson, I leave the wildest and craziest two years of your life. Go get lit. Just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. To Sophia Benich, I leave a shot that bruises girls (literally I would know) and eye contact through Dr. Hay’s window. To Madeline Moye, I leave strands of colorful string that may or may not be fairy hair, and my pride and joy, the AMHS girl’s soccer Instagram account. To Anna Cook, I don’t leave you anything, but I ask that you leave me your hair routine and shampoo because Jesus Christ. To Hannah Collins, I leave your big sister Livia. To the AMHS girl’s soccer team, I leave lots of self-tanner, figuring out when to stand on your tip-toes during the national anthem, almond chocolate milk, and a futon to sleep on when you come to visit me in Athens. Love y’all cuties. To Lukey Sutherland, I leave the ability to parallel park in Ion and a game of rage cage. To Harrison Crites, I leave a kiss on the cheek. Thank you for all of your favors. To Beatty Cummings, I leave Madelyn Hall. To Mrs. Grayson, I leave a less annoying and loud freshmen study hall. To Mrs. Smith, I leave the AP seminar pizza party we never had. To Mr. Rush, I leave the title of “unc” to Dom. To Mr. Devenio, I leave students that always listen and don’t mess up labs, and also Play-Doh! To Dr. Cassidy, I thank you for my love for math, and I leave you all the blame for my calculus knowledge. To Mr. Cosgrove, I leave alumni participation once I leave.


I, Harrison Biddle, being of fed up mind and usually-not-at-school body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Betsy Bailey, Ava Smoak, and Noa Wallen, I leave Dr. Russell’s perpetual request “to be more dramatic.” To Harry Ding and Wilson Swenson, I leave the impulsiveness and confidence of Ms. Hudnell-Holmes. To Lukey Sutherland, a timer. To Kimberly Do, I leave the Constitution of the United States…and also my guilt. To Violet Patel and Lulu Wallace, I leave Coach Manning’s energy—hopefully you guys can save the rowing team.


I, Millie Claire Curtis, being of busy mind and a body that can’t keep up, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following… To Thomas Nguyen, I leave the Nguyen household and all of its shenanigans. You’re welcome for taking your sister with me. To Quinn, Mary Claire, Abram, Bowen, Emily, and more, I leave TBS and years of praises and peeves about Magnet. To everyone in my Bio class, I wish you all the best of luck and hope one day you’ll understand why I was chronically tardy all year. I am amazed by y’all’s enthusiasm for learning, and I hope you keep that up. Lastly, to Charlotte Halford, I leave the aforementioned daily tardiness, 9 am gossip sessions, microscopic breakdowns, exploration of the great outdoors, poor dance attendance, and the burden of keeping DCC sane. Don’t stress yourself out too much, and please visit me often. Deepest apologies if I have left anyone out, and best of luck to you all.


I, Sarah Baer, being of chaotic mind and anxious body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following… To Natasha Keisler, I leave every ounce of movie and music recommendations I have left in me. We needddd to go to the Terrace and Monster Music soon. I will forever be stealing your Letterboxd recommendations in my afterlife <3. To Laura Dailey, I leave the Mother Earth Society. Trust me, Tina’s ghost will follow you with valuable but sarcastic advice. Please keep doing amazing work with SDA!!! To Shivani Bala and Xander Darcy, I leave to you my ability to do all other work besides physics. Thank you for carrying me through that class, much appreciated. To Eliza Compton, I leave SheStrong and the very real struggle of recruitment. Make CJ proud!!! To my brothers, please carry on the Baer legacy (my impeccable legacy pls not Billy’s). I know you will not survive once I am gone but I am assured that you will continue to annoy Dr. Altman, skip school to surf, and pester Mr. Cosgrove for fake IDs. Also boys, you better not be mean to Winny. To Jack Tierney, I expect you to be the better Baer (as usual). Keep Billy in check and never allow him to wear those horrid shorts (you know which ones). To Mrs. Smith, just know that it was not my fault, always Leila’s.


I, Chase Roberts, being of primitive mind and an anabolic body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following…To Rutledge Sander and Abram Shuler, I leave leadership of the boys’ tennis team. To Charlie Claus, I leave the future of the program and the boys’ tennis instagram. To Thomas Nguyen, infinite zest on and off the court, along with the future of the program. To the rest of the boys’ tennis team, I leave the responsibility of beating Bishop England each and every year that you remain.


I, Leila Tabrizian, of questionable mind and barely present body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To my dear AP World partners, Laura Dailey, Ang Paredes Arizmendi, and Louisa Mulvey, I leave the very little strength I have left in me for your last AP Exams. To my dear Natasha Keisler, I leave a love of movies and loud bathroom conversations about latest watches. To the Baers, I leave your sister’s spirit because I genuinely believe you will not make it without her.


I Jackson Graham, being of subpar mind and body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To James King, I leave all those random questions you would ask me about AJ at practice. To Wyatt Mahoney, I leave a spin move. It’s gonna happen eventually bro you got it. To Nate Markin I leave Ford.


I, McRae Wallace, being of robust mind and relaxed body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Ford Martin, I leave a lifetime of horrible farmer’s tans, good fortune in senior assassin’s when the day may come, and a better Instagram following. Good luck. To Harrison Crites, I leave plenty of success on the football field, hours of watching freezer tarps, and surprise run ins at DJ. To Dean McCullough I leave behind the back catches and the ultimate debate. To Beatty Cummings and Lukey Sutherland, I leave rides in Vishwa’s car, his horrible music taste, and many near death experiences. I also leave Beatty Madelyn Hall and Lukey a dozen more kisses on the cheek, enjoy. To Wilson Burns, I leave the decision to come to Magnet and cook on the lacrosse field. To Jackson Etheridge, I leave many a car-visit and the ability to have a Red whenever you wish. To Connor Sawall, I leave good fortune in Fantasy, may your immense football knowledge pay off. To Issac Cherry, I leave offensive midfielder and Porter Gaud girls. To Wyatt Mahoney, I leave revenge on Boris and the Investing/Brokerage Club, enjoy its first ever meeting and the intense responsibility that comes with it. To Davis Maiden, I leave hanging out with Corbett and football games in your yard. I also leave you and Charlie Claus responsible for Connor DuBay, keep him straight.


I, Livia Carroll, being of sarcastic mind and tall body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following: To Abby Brauchle, I leave you an extra large white chicken chili, leanie, lil teccita, a spot in my dorm, the responsibility of always providing comedic relief during basketball season and anything else of mine you want. Bigs forever. To Ava Smoak and Betsy Bailey, I leave you with the knowledge that the food at East Bay Deli is not good, a trip to Scandonavia with Muzz, a hot little biscuit with some honey, and my endless thanks. My dorm is always open for y’all with the expectation that you will bring some clothes for me to wear. Much love for the both of you. To Cliffie Manuel, I leave you Coach M’s encouraging knee pats (you’ll need them next year), a salt packet for when you get hungry, as many pairs of socks, extra shorts, or extra sports bras that you may forget, and the responsibility of being on aux in the gym next season, keep the bench lit. To Addie Hanna, I leave the responsibility of finding someone or something to entertain yourself with on the bench if you ever find yourself there again. I’ll cherish our time there together. To you and Chloe Carlsten, I leave Kramer, Crystal, and most importantly Caleb. I leave y’all with the responsibility of getting your hands onto their Christmas card next year and sending it to me. I also leave y’all with a team sleepover with a brother and a snake, a water balloon fight, and an air mattress to bring when you visit (Cliffie can come too). To Street Wilson, I leave you being awarded player of the game for every game next season (you are playing next year), 5 am cycle, some new inspirational quotes for your phone’s background, and a thank you for the laughs. To Madeline Moye, I leave you the invite we never got to the wedding, Dillard’s, bloody toes, bench talks you’ll never experience again, a bedazzled apple watch cover, and anything else your cute little heart desires. To Hannah Collins, I leave … the question, the hopes that you score a goal, the ability to download snapchat, full possession of the word “freak”, and forever the title of my little sister. To Anna Cook, I leave the stairs of your bus, a never dry Snapchat, Sunchips, and hope you become a business major because you never seem to stop talking about it. I also leave you Hannah Collins and Madeline Moye the responsibility to uphold the tropical smoothie tradition, an invite to visit me next year, and all of my love. To Evie Walldorf, I leave you hour long Stevie calls, winter house changes, your miniature dog, and the responsibility to get rid of the knee pads by your senior year. I’m expecting to see regular posts on your haul story next year. To Holly Manning, I leave a winning season, the responsibility to watch BG over the summer, and endless yoga sessions, namaste. To Grace Reuben, I leave you the comeback lil teccita that never saw coming and I leave you, Sophia Easterbrook, and Emma Herrin the honor of running plays as number 5, big shoes to fill, don’t disappoint me bears. To Abby Poole and Charlie Zaifert, I leave your goofy selves and the strength to get through it one more time. #DYW. To Lilly Murphy, I leave the nickname Weezie, endless positivity, and a spot on Lily’s floor along with Zoe Hutson. To Lukey Sutherland, I leave you Emily Pilla. To the entire Girls Basketball Team, I leave you a play called horns, many more secret replacements of BG, and maybe a few more wins. Please don’t forget about lil teccita. To the Girls Soccer Team, I leave you all my thanks for getting me through the long long long seasons. That was not easy! To Mr. Rush and Mr. DeVenio, I leave my endless gratitude. To everyone else, I leave the ability to slow down and cherish the time you have at Magnet, it goes quickly.


I, Karina Raykova, being of paranoid mind and Bulgarian body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Lauren Faust, I leave the prestigious responsibility of being the only person at magnet who plays/played Rugby. No one else will know the memories of being a Wahine and the joy of playing with James Kinlaw. Please take care of Reese, Sasha, Marcia, and Keira for me❤️ To Holly Manning, I leave the summer weeks at Debbie Antonellis sports camp, and good luck with the hundreds of little kids:). To Lukey Sutherland I leave my dearest Emily Pilla and to Beatty Cummings I leave a Happy Birthday from Madelyn Hall. To Alden Evans I leave the most interesting, juicy car rides and my beloved parked spot(90). I hope the rest of your high school experience is as amazing as you are:). To Jace Gutting I leave my friend Sophia Taber and a pass to tell her to clean her car.


I, Sophia Taber, of sound mind and tired body do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Lauren Faust, I leave a cup of starbucks swamp water, a car accident with a white ram truck, a new pepper partner, ranch fries from comeback shack, a hate crime to the beckham freshmen at beach volleyball, lots of sunset pictures, the park west publix parking lot, a really satisfying peach pop it, and space on my dorm floor anytime. To Jace Gutting, I leave a completely silent car ride to school and an apology for almost killing you every morning. To Ava Smoak, I leave really long phone calls for no reason, lots and lots of raisins, an hour long shower at my house, the MVP volleyball bag full of clothes, and Lily and I give you shared ownership of volleyball instagram with Suzanna Carlston, once I find the password. To Betsy Bailey, I leave a free car wash, honey biscuits, and an irish jig (with shon). And to both Ava and Betsy, I leave space on the floor in my dorm anytime and the east bay deli on east bay street. Make sure to get a grilled cheese and a slice of cake. To Marina Barnes, I leave a good attitude and some cheetah print clothing. To Alaina Jarrett, I leave a football field suicide and my permission to hit a 9 even when *redacted* won’t let us. And finally to Emerson Medlin, I leave a perfect outside set and lots of water. Hydrate or diedrate.


I, Alan Zhang, being of superior mind and beautiful body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following to Cole Davis, a round under 100, another golf girlfriend, a challenge to a match, and a good word with Stack. To Wyatt Mahoney, I leave $50, dignity, and the ability to close out the job. To Wilison Burns, I also leave $50, get yourself something nice. To Aliza Zhang I leave my parking spot and a clean driving record. To Burton Mcculley I leave three movies to watch on the back porch while waiting for our friends. To Piper Hudgin I leave a new undestroyed house with a clean floor, and the will to throw another project Hudgins. To Harrison Crites, I leave a good reason for a bathroom break every five minutes, never change. To Henry Plante, Henry Lannan, and Justin Mathis, I leave a summer of golf, the ability to break fifty constantly, and a tour card. To Neil Hancock, I leave what I just said and a round at Charleston County Club. To Charlie Zaifert, I leave the coolest shoes and car award. To James Prutting, I leave the self awareness to not block… and a fun senior math class. To The Bird Cage, I leave you Wyatt Mahoney and Harrison Crites as spirit leaders, they will replace my vacant role perfectly. Finally, to Academic Magnet, I leave memories I’ll never forget, both good and bad.


I, Tate Brown, of cheeky mind and that body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following…To Jackson Ethridge, I leave a Daniel Jones signed jersey, use this place wisely. To James King, I leave the role of leading the offense. To Keaton Murray, I leave Coach White’s playbook and the keys to the castle. To Dean McCollough and Campbell Stoklosa, I leave a more run heavy scheme. To Keveon Ford, I leave an all-region spot with your name on it. To JP and Cole Davis, I leave some minutes and a trigger finger for all the contested jumpers you’d like. To Harry Crites, I leave an elf on the shelf, I know you love elfs. To Connor Sawall, I leave the title of best fantasy footballer in the school. To Connor Dubay, I take a slice of your cake (tastes like paradise), keep on baking. To Max Peters, I leave a trip to St. Petersburg, your dream vacation. To Bennetti, I leave my starting role at CB :/. To Ian Smith, I leave many kittens for you to foster. To Garrison Gray and Nikos Opossum, I leave a thriving TikTok account. To Sawyer Quertermous, I leave a wedding ring for whenever you’re ready, unless you have a plan b? (Sorry about this one, don’t worry about it wifey). To Joey Dirt, I leave a set of appointments at 1064 Gardner Road. To Logan Burns, I leave all the treasure in the world, endless rubies. To Shermo, I leave a D1 scholarship offer to Duke. To Eli Mitchell, I leave the Mitchell legacy. To the Baer Boys, I leave nothing. To Tyler Perez, I leave Crites’ starting spot. To Ian Williams, I leave geekness. To Zoe Hutson, I’ll be around, carry on the Hutson name.


I, Maya Thompson, of indecisive mind and tired body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Ava Smoak and Betsy Bailey, I leave you gas money, a car detailing, some floor space in my dorm if you ever need it, a shared closet, many trips to East Bay Deli, and a dramatic but life long friendship. Also to Ava Smoak, I leave you camera storage, my neighbors, and sitting in Betsy’s trunk :). To Cliffie Manuel, I leave you the responsibility of driving my sister to keep the generational carpool cycle alive. To Charlie Zaifert, I leave you “Raptors on 3”, the spirit of Sadie Hoertdoerfer, and many more parties. To Lilly Murphy, I leave you Po- take care of him and have fun listening to him rattling around in your car for many months. I also leave you a broken table (it wasn’t me). To Lauren Faust and Maryn Tombs, I leave you a date at the golf range and putting green. To Mattie Vermette, I leave you a helmet so that you stop concussing yourself and a back brace for when you carry the team for the next two years. To Zoe Hutson, I leave you some juicy bench gossip- I love to hear it. To Anna Cook, Hannah Collins, and Madeline Moye, I leave you eachother. Y’all are so cute I love you. Also to Anna Cook, I leave you a boyfriend on the golf team. To Aliza Zhang, I leave you our twinning cars and awkward hallway encounters. Finally, to Mr. Rush, I leave Team Rusciolelli and endless study hall visits.


I, Madelyn Hall, being too lazy to come up with something funny for this part, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following: To Piper Hudgins, I the title of the best Hudgins sibling, and a spirit leader title (as long as you attend almost every game and carry on my legacy!! Don’t let lame underclassmen ruin the fun). To Charlie Zaifert, I leave a budding romance with Piper Hudgins and a tattoo removal session. Additionally to Charlie Zaifert, as well as Chloe Carlsten, Abby Poole, and Addie Hanna, I leave you guys an extra seat in psych so I don’t always have to steal one. Also to Abby Poole, I leave your id that I stole out of Mr. Crye’s room last year. It served me well and I’m sorry that I lost it. To the rest of The Mob, I leave the floor of my dorm for whenever y’all come to visit and my gratitude for your lunch leftovers. To Julia Gulledge, I leave the godforsaken place known as Mathnasium, and my hopes that you will actually receive a substantial raise. To Officer Watson and Dr. Cassidy, I leave a hug. To Mr. Devenio, I leave the most lit lab table ever. To the juniors I leave an amazing senior year, and for the rest of the school I leave a CCSD bowl. I’ll miss y’all!


I, Elliott Yarborough, being of immense mind and tired body do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following.. to Henry Jones I leave the left-back position, continue my habit of pace abusing and using body feints to beat defenders. To Blake Yarborough I leave the future of the boys Magnet soccer team, it is up to you to continue the Yarborough legacy. If you are given the opportunity to take corner kicks and set pieces I strongly suggest you take it. And finally to Ben Brock and Lukey Sutherland I leave the task of leading the boys Magnet soccer team.


I, Kennedy Mackie, being of perfect mind and truant body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following… To Laura Dailey I leave gossip filled car rides, my parking spot 141, the slow lane, being a mother, my brother for carpool, and my heart and soul. I also leave you presidency of the MSA tutoring club even though that is not mine to give (@Emma Hsu). To Ava Maile I leave the color brown, a potato plant, our table in AP Art, and my senioritis. To Warren Cohn I leave Minecraft trivia, getting the team out of practice for sickness, and keeping the boys swim team under control. To Ella Moore and Skylar Weiss I leave my kids Mery and Marly for carpool, and leadership for the team. To the rest of the Varsity Swim Team I leave late night meets, and the strength to finally beat OCA at state. To Ms.Shifflette I leave more students who will know and love the amazing bookstore Powell’s.


I, Carter Griffin, being of some mind and body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Connor Sawall, I leave the college football club in good hands that I hope will help gator support live on, as well as any guitar skills I still retain. To Keaton Murray, Campbell Stocklosa, and Tyler Perez I leave the football skill positions and future success. To Jack Keiffer, I leave the position of substitute soccer captain, and a highlight tape of myself to show future generations. To Ben Brock, Lukey Sutherland, and maybe Wyatt Mahoney, I leave the soccer team as a whole in questionable hands. I also leave them Tate’s onesie in case James Benetti tries to skip again. To Aiden Ruggiero I would leave you something but you would just leave it on the field like you do everything. To Sacha Skaff I leave the best Great Wall orange chicken, to Sophia Benich I leave self control, and to both I leave game nights and my sister’s questionable decisions. Against my better judgment I leave my beautiful aerospace roblox account to Ranitha Kumarasinghe and to Jack Oakman I am transferring ownership of Under Da Sea LLC. To Cosgrove I leave long walks out in the parking lot and to Officer Watson I leave as many donuts as he can eat. Last but not least I leave Lindsey Griffin my parents, my car, and my car toothbrush.


I, Sophia Leclerc, being of inspired mind and eager body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following to one incoming freshman. To my sister, Valerie Leclerc, I leave you four years of fun and personal growth. You have the most creative, intellectual mind and you stand out amongst everyone; there is no one with your sense of curiosity and persistence towards your academics. You will inspire people and make impactful connections everywhere you go, and I’m excited for you to experience the opportunities the Academic Magnet has to offer. Seize the moment every chance you get! You are entirely the most intelligent person I know, and I look forward to seeing you thrive and further build your identity. And finally, I may be too busy with college and other activities to give you encouragement at times, so I leave you this message to also reiterate my unwavering confidence in you. There are plenty of things I’ll look forward to when visiting back home, but you’ll always be my favorite one.


I, Ella Chapman, of frantic mind & tired-of-being-here body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Caroline Uram, I leave all the sailing gear a girl can dream of, Glossier Sephora runs, utmost avoidance of parking lot altercations, an open door to my dorm room, and endless bus rides that hopefully don’t end up going in the wrong direction. To Ava Smoak, I bestow upon you my precious amhsdecisions page, I believe in you. I also leave you the patience to navigate Canva, parking spot 140, and much-too-early morning *successful* waffle house runs. To Abby Brauchle, I leave non-disastrous car rides, parallel parking lessons, pool days, a lack of suspicious dog owners, a senior year that outdoes your expectations, and a spot in my dorm whenever you want. You’ve been the best basketball little sister. To Holly Manning, I leave pristine awareness of your surroundings, don’t let any basketball hit you in the head; I also leave you a record-breaking senior basketball season. To Grace Reuben, I leave courtside conversations that distract us both from the game, the ability to run the basketball clock, visits to USC next year, and chocolate covered strawberries. To Caroline Foreman, I leave questionably-timed game reactions, a working buzzer, and a fantastic senior year. To Zuriel Nyamutsaka, I leave many presidential victories in your future, I never doubted you for a second. To Harry Ding, I leave a Chicago trip or two, specifically on Mondays. To Lukey Sutherland, I leave you perfectly-timed sarcasm, drives downtown during a monsoon that almost kills us both, and an aux that works when it needs to the most. To the rest of the executive council, I wish you all the best, after-semi cleanups, poorly-timed objections, and someone to always run penny wars, no matter the day of the week. To the girls’ basketball team, I leave you a team manager who actually pays attention to practice, a non-breakable BG, Beyoncé tour tickets, Cava runs, Sharktank visits with a lightshow to match, and my undying love and luck; I’ll miss you and I know you’ve got state this year. To Elizabeth Hample, I leave lots of glitter, victorious regattas, and Taylor Swift trivia. To Embre Slack & Aislynn Pihl, I leave you middle school memories, an entertaining softball season (to say the least), and the best time as team captains. To Dr. Zerbst, I leave you hours of world-history conversation & a student council who listens with the utmost attention. To Dr. Russell, I leave my undying gratitude for all of your patience. To Mr. Rush, I leave you a peaceful and quiet study hall, my gratitude for putting up with us for all of junior year, hellos in the hallway, baseball jokes, and students who will sing you happy birthday. To Mrs. Lankford, I leave a non-catastrophic 3B class, the newest version of Catchphrase (you always won in my heart), and many laughs; you’ve been the best English teacher. To Mrs. Hurt, I leave Great Gatsby movie days, a jumbo stuffed animal for your collection (a raptor, of course) and a Talon staff who turns in articles on time, I love you & I’ll miss you. To Mr. Jent & Dr. Altman, I leave interesting gossip, a lack of tardy 1st period students, Google translate being banned across Charleston County, and French students that keep you on your toes (and can successfully pronounce their French name… sorry about that.) To the rest of the student body, I leave unforgettable moments in the birdcage, original spirit week themes…, patience to get through junior year classes, the ability to make fun out of a dismal situation, the best of luck on your college decisions, and the best four years with the best people. XOXO, your historian.


I, Willa Wiley, being out of my mind and awesome body do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Rainn Dyce, I leave Greensleeves and My Way. May you never take the highway. To Lilly Sturm I leave you a guitar pick for every one I borrowed. Thanks for making a sophomore class more bearable. To the 4B Guitar 1 class, I leave hopes of maturity. To Burton McCulley, Cate Arrants, and Abby Trolley, I leave the 4×800 and the pink baton. May it carry you to victory. To the rest of the AMHS track team, I leave the extremely long track meets and amazing memories made along the way. To Kabir Zaman and Abram Shuler, I leave the legacy of the World Quest team. Don’t mess it up


I, Ty Osmond, being of mental mind and corporeal body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following to: Warren Cohn, awkward and unblinking eye contact. To Collin George, my laceless, flat-bottomed shoes for unlimited endurance during cross country. To Abby Youmans, I give Jimmy Pendrix (I know you will take good care of him and Grimmy for us all). To Lawton Harper and Caroline Uram (and the other to-be seniors), I gift the responsibility of coming up with the breakdown for practice (if it’s lame, I’ll know). To Mason Fisher I give my blessing as the varsity B fleet skipper, at least until Lawton graduates. To Garrett Davis and William McCarty, I give the ability to scream “PORT!!!” upon collision, resulting in no protests or loss of damage deposits. To Thomas Hamilton, I give you speed for your safe and legal driving to practice with Lawton. To Charlie Claus, I give you my boots for sailing practice so you don’t have to stub your toes with every tack (unfortunately, they smell awful and are definitely too big for your feet). To Jack Millet, I give my complete and total lack of awareness of due dates, test dates, and the rest. To Cambell Lesher, Jay Merman, and Abram Schuler, I gift you each one free MTG proxy for your deck without being accused of being a poser (also one of you should totally start an MTG club). To Rentz, I give one free “sweep pass” to gain plot armor during the next Smash Ultimate Tournament. And to Grace Gast, I give the responsibility of keeping the AMHS faculty from losing faith in the student body. Also, I gift Grace rent-free residence in the senior lounge, as opposed to the upstairs hallway bench by the main stairwell. It is honestly sad how many juniors I know and how many I decided to leave out of this list, but I know you guys will keep it real without me.


I, Noah Johnson, being of pensive mind and surprisingly semi-athletic body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Abby Youmans, (Ollie Ball (Bloodhawk) and) I (Hawkbod) leave the title of Bloodhawk (III), a sacred name passed down through the generations of Dirty Birds leaders (started by Mebron C). To Noa Wallen, I grant the title of “superior Noa(h).” This grant will temporarily expire if I ever return to campus. To the junior FCA leaders, I leave my beautiful tardiness and/or lack of participation that I would always bring to the table. To the Ultimate Frisbee team, I leave my constant goofy gestures and my super speed along with my lack of stamina (with great power..). Similarly, to the Dirty Birds, I leave my endless energy and silly actions along with my constant criticisms of Mr. Grimshaw’s drumming skills. And finally, to all of the Raptors (so corny), I leave my love, my thoughts, and my prayers. (Shoutout to Mr. Grimshaw for running *everything* musical at Magnet; shoutout to Mr. Garris for being such an incredibly and genuinely caring and helpful teacher) Love you guys! Thank you for such an incredible high school experience!!!


I, Graycen Lankford, being of sound mind and killer body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Emma Herrin, I leave the legacy and responsibility of being the last remaining Academic Magnet Scholar of our time. Try not to miss me too much next year when you take another class with Ms. Beuk. To Julia Gullege, I leave an implore not to take two years of physics and a heartfelt thank you for being there with me every step of the way as we tackled 3rd block every a-day. Meeting you was one of the highlights of my senior year. As was left to me by Molly Marino, USNA class of 2026, I leave Emerson Medlin my success with applying to service academies. You are strong and I know you can do it!! Lastly, to Jacob Ollinger, I leave a thousand thank you’s for listening to me complain for 90 minutes every b-day during Spanish, which was very much appreciated (good luck with college apps!!).


I, Lily Hutson, being of sarcastic mind and magnificent body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Lilly Murphy, I leave someone who likes riding roller coasters, “Billy,” 2 caramel apples, a pair of scissors, all rights to Key Club, and the name that we have been sharing since middle school and Coach Kevin, thanks for being my buddy forever, I know that you will make me proud. To Holly Manning, I leave $5.99, long bus rides, bathroom talks, and the phrase “the money is in the fridge.” To Eliza Compton I leave our family connection; may you and Zoe have the willpower to maintain it next year. To Charlie Zaifert, I leave tickle fights and cake pops. To Abby Poole, I leave you a calendar and my paper-thin shin guards, they aren’t much, but I’m sure that they will come in handy. I also leave you a thicker door (it wasn’t me I swear) and to both you and Charlie, I leave the title of best duo, never separate. To Cliffie Manuel I leave a packet of ketchup and to both you and Addie Hanna I leave “eat it up.” To Chloe Carlsten and Sophia Benich I leave APES. To Mattie Vermette I leave the top right corner, watermelon red bull, and the backseat of my car. And lastly to Zoe Hutson, I leave absolutely nothing. Love you.


I, Li-Li Thornley, being of excited mind and tired body do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following…To Akiera Sanchez, I leave our very frequent, “I don’t know” ‘s (whenever one of us asks what’s happening in class), all the books in the library (and a review of each), and Senora Colon’s dancing. To Alexa Conlon and Elaina Seymour, I leave upside down glasses and canned bread. To Caroline Spann, the magnificent five-minutes-in-the-air airplane that we definitely made and the knowledge of how to work the rubber band next time. To Brinley Clendaniel, Julia Guledge, and Ella Moore (and everyone else in FCA) I leave the leadership of FCA (which you all have been spearheading throughout the year anyway) and my gratitude for the wonderful send off. To John McQueen, (btw I’m the one who was running around frantically at S.Olympiad), thank you for your effort to help. To Lyla Enter, Elaine Chen, and Riley Beasenburg (I don’t know if you guys remember) that first day of school lunch. To Ava Thornley, I leave (hopefully) three more years of fun memories.


I, Boris Pekar, being of hectic mind and destructive body, do hereby announce my senior will and leave the following. To Nate Markin, I leave aux on the lacrosse bus rides (stay loyal to the Deadhead playlist), a paramedic hat, and my ankles. Additionally, along with Ava Smoak, I leave the responsibility of keeping AMHS Subaru Outback culture alive. To Jackson Ethredge and James King, I leave the LSM position and hot-take rankings at midfield. I also leave Jackson a first aid kit with stitches, may you someday return the favor. To Thomas Hershey, I leave a final slap on your helmet and the eyeblack Big Stick, to intimidate every D1 O-Mid you’ll be forced to guard next year. To the Martin twins I leave a vehicle that runs on anything but diesel. Additionally, I leave Ford an Instagram account that follows every model on the app. To Ava Smoak and Betsy Bailey I leave a two minute timer. To Lauren Faust I leave a T-shirt that says “Separate ways” across the front, a signed copy of a Can’t Buy A Thrill vinyl (keep Kings on repeat), and a little bit more validation. To Burton McCulley, I leave the SAT Prep Club. To Piper Hudgins I leave an antique wiener dog, and to Charlie Zaifert I leave her very own duck whistle and a poker set. May these gifts help resolve your kleptomania. To Carol Carrara, I leave my hockey friends and my Spanish grade. To Harrison Crites I leave a big joke book on how to make big funny jokes. To Wyatt Mahoney I leave a very sincere apology letter. To Wilson Burns I leave a W&L Generals hat and a squat rack, may you lead the team in scoring next year and strike up a smoak show. To Beatty Cummings I leave ownership of the Francis Marion National Park camping site, and memories of the joint camping trip that never ended up happening. I also leave a big gold medal for dealing with Vishwa’s attitude every baseball season. To Teddy Lorusso and Isaac Cherry, I leave my 30 ground balls on the wing. I also leave Isaac a ton of Hoodville merch, please continue to cherish that account. To Daniel Kagan, I leave ownership of Carolina Bay and the responsibility of my little brother in 3 years. To Daniel Varadi and James Prutting, I leave the West Ashley Planet Fitness for stupid gains (let’s go). To Jack Tirany and Ellison Ryan, I leave luck and the responsibility of yelling “FRESHMAN BALL HUNT.” Finally, to Academic Magnet High School, I leave a huge thank you for three amazing years.