Class of ’23 Future College Mascots: Tier List


Although it will be sad to see our seniors leave the nest, it is interesting to see how far they will fly! With the help of our amazing decisions page (@amhsdecisions), I will be able to run through exactly where everyone is going, and determine who has the coolest mascots. Yes, of course this will have bias. Some may even say pure chaos. However, this is just an opinion and feel free to leave your rankings in the comments below!


1) Furman- Paladins

Paladins, while an unusual term, is an amazing mascot. A Paladin is known as a “legendary knight”. Furman makes the top of the list for its amazing mascot colors and theme, as well as the tough and valant history of a Paladin.

2) Coastal Carolina- Chanticleers

Similarly to the Paladins, the Chanticleers is an unique mascot. To my understanding, the term was created for this school and is described as “a tough and fierce rooster who rules the barnyard”. The unique nature and aesthetically pleasing color palette allows the Chanticleer to top the charts.

3) Southern Methodist University- Mustangs

Quick, tough, and intelligent are words that come to my mind when I think of a Mustang. This is just an overall cool mascot.

4) University of Georgia- Bulldogs

How can you not love that loveable face! Not only is this mascot highly transferable to real life (see Que!), it makes for an easy schoolwide chant and is iconic to Athens.

5) University of South Carolina- Gamecocks

I mean, come on. How can you not love this mascot? A wonderful color palette and goofy nickname make the Gamecocks one of the best in the business. Spurs up!!

6) University of Richmond- Spiders

Even if you don’t like creepy crawlies, you have to admit that this is a pretty cool mascot. You don’t see spiders as a mascot every day, which is why it ranks as #6

7) UT Austin- Longhorns

Speaking of iconic mascots, UT Austin is one of them. UT orange, hook ’em horns, and the real-life bull that attends sporting events makes the Longhorns one of the best mascots on this list.

8) Wofford College- Terriers

Beware of dog, am I right? Love the terriers, but it ranks at #8 simply because it lacks toughness.

9) UNC Chapel Hill- Tarheels

Little bit weird. Feet… However, Carolina Blue is too beautiful to be denied, so a #9 spot is deserved.

10) Clemson University- Tigers

Slightly boring. Overdone. We’ve seen it before!!! But, that loveable paw can’t be ranked too low considering it’s reputation in our wonderful state of South Carolina.

11) Fordham- Rams

Rams are tough animals and make for a unique mascot, but the colors of this symbol create a boring viewing experience. Not bad, but not amazing.

12) Winthrop- Eagles

Eagles are kind of a boring mascot, but with their choice of red and yellow Winthrop redeemed this mascot and made it cool. Good job Winthrop!

13) Florida Institute of Technology- Panthers

Panthers are a tough big cat that have a native prevalence in Florida. I like it!

14) Air Force Academy- Falcons

I have a bias for birds of prey and I enjoy the Air Force Academy’s choice of blue.

15) Ohio University- Bobcats

Not great but not bad. Somewhat boring, the color palette could be spiced up.

16) Johnson and Wales University- Wildcats

Ok wow, I’m sorry but this mascot is goofy.

17) University of California: Santa Barbara- Gauchos

Does anyone know what a Gaucho is? Both the name and the image leave people wondering what this mascot really is.

18) Wake Forest University- Deacons

This is a scary mascot. And what is a Deacon??

19) Baylor University- Bears

I like the colors, but it’s overdone.

20) Mercer University- Bears

Seen it before!

21) University of California: Berkley- Bears


22) College of Charleston- Cougars

I like the cougar, but big cats are getting boring.

23) Washington and Lee University- Generals

So boring. They don’t even have a fun character to symbolize their mascot!

24) University of Virginia- Cavalier

I don’t like the colors, I don’t like the mascot “cavalier”, and like the last on there is not a fun character! UVA dropped the ball

25) Duke University- Blue Devils

Making the devil blue completely ruins the evil nature that one thinks of with the word “devil”. Red = fire, flames, destruction, fear. Blue = sadness, weakness, loss.

26) Georgia Tech- Yellow Jackets

The colors are weird and the yellow jacket is just not tough.

27) University of Chicago- Maroons/Phoenix

This school hardly has a mascot. There’s nothing to say about it really. Students here probably are more focused on their education than sports games.

28) Georgetown University- Hoyas

I think the bulldog is cute and cool, however, what is a Hoya?! I do not understand why this school’s mascot is not a bulldog.

29) Florida State University- Seminoles

This is controversial, which is why I placed it last.

I hope this ranking list was not too painful to look through. If you think I have made any completely wrong decisions, feel free to correct me in the comments of this article. Also, if I left out any schools I am sorry, it was not intentional!