Different Ways to Spend Your Summer

“the annual problem for our generation Is finding a good way to spend it”


There are many ways to spend your summer vacation. Some spend it at academic events hoping that a certain summer camp or job will get them into the college of their dreams, others work so they can afford the life of their dreams, and some people create the summer of their dreams by doing whatever they want. I, however, spend most of it sitting on my couch trying to come up with what I should do. 


“Productive” ideas:

I would argue that recharging during the summer might be the most productive thing you can do, but here are the ideas that will make your school year a little easier.

  • Get a summer job- Make some money when you don’t have any school work to do (besides summer reading but lets be honest, you aren’t starting that until August)
    • Ideas: Lifeguarding, Nannying, working near the beach at a tourist restaurant, summer camp counselor, mowing lawns, petsitting 
  • Take that summer health class you’ve been meaning to get to 
    • I promise you this barely takes any time. I literally did my entire class between 12 and 3 am and got a 100. 
  • Get a summer internship
    • I’ve never done this one, but it can be a good idea to advance your resume. I reached out to my friend Willa who interned at CHS Waterworks this year, and she said that in order to find an internship, you should try to use connections. She actually reached out to someone in the career field she wanted whom she met on Academic Magnet’s career day who helped her out. Guidance and Career specialist Ms, Leopper can be good place to start at Magnet.
  • Volunteer
    • If you’re an underclassman, you can get all your hours done in one go. If you’re graduating, you can do this simply because you’re a good person. During the summer, it’s easy to volunteer at children’s camps or with beach clean-ups. Plus, if there’s another organization you are interested in, you finally have the time to work with them.

Here’s Charleston County’s website for “Career Exploration Opportunities” this summer: https://charlestonempowered.com/summer-opportunities/


Cheaper travel ideas:

  1. The classic day trip, Day trip locations from CHS can include Greenville, Charlotte, Columbia, Beaufort, Savannah, Myrtle Beach, and Hilton Head. You can go pet cows in Greenville, to the Whitewater River Center in Charlotte, to the zoo in Columbia, the beach in Beaufort, the riverwalk in Savannah, all of the amazing tourist traps in Myrtle beach, or get a tan in Hilton Head. 
  2. If you want a longer trip but on the cheap, see if any of your friends have free lodging anywhere. Last summer my friends and I stayed in Caroline’s Grandmother’s apartment in Myrtle Beach and had the time of our lives. We all carpooled there and cooked the majority of our meals to save money. 
  3. Camping is also a cheap option for lodging. There are tons of campsites nearby and camping is typically relatively cheap. You can pick free outdoor activities such as hiking, or maybe even kayaking depending on what amenities your campsite has available. 

Some local ideas:

  1. See live music at the Pour House or Firefly Distillery
  2. Go to the Farmer’s Market and get some fresh fruit and kettle corn
  3. Walk the Ravenel and hope the speeding cars provide a good breeze
  4. Bike the West Ashley Greenway
  5. Go to brunch at Maple Street Biscuit Company or Vicious Biscuit
  6. Have a picnic on one of our many beaches
  7. Hang out at the pool
  8. Sunbathe at the beach
  9. Do a throwback to early covid and have a themed dinner with your Friends/Family
  10. Go play with the Kittens at Charleston Animal Society
  11. Make a candle a candlefish
  12. Test whether or not you have what it takes to escape at Escape in 60
  13. Take Advantage of your friend with a boat
  14. Ride Go-karts and play arcade games at Frankie’s Fun Park or Charleston Funpark
  15. Learn to surf 
  16. See dolphins Paddle-boarding 
  17. Pretend to be a pretentious art examiner at Gibbe’s Museum of Art
  18. Test your Friend’s athleticism at Wild Blue Ropes
  19. Learn how uncoordinated you are at a dance class
  20. See if improv is truly as bad as they all say at Theatre 99
  21. Retail therapy on King Streett to get over your FOMO when your friends are posting on Insta
  22. Finally make it to Second Sunday on King Street (you get three tries)
  23. Visit the Charleston Market at Night on a Friday or Saturday evening to see the Market under twinkling lights
  24. Check out the concerts coming to the Capital One Stadium 
  25. Visit the Shem Creek Boardwalk