The Guide to an Egg-cellent Easter


Easter is here! The time of renewal and birth… or chocolate and Easter eggs. And for some unknown reason, bunnies? I will never understand why the Easter mascot is not a chicken, because last time I checked, bunnies do not produce eggs.

UPDATE: After doing some research, I found that the reasoning is unclear, but one theory suggests that a Pagan festival known as Eostre celebrates a goddess of fertility whose spirit animal is a rabbit. Although the animals have no correlation with the biblical meaning of Easter, Ryan Greenleaf reports that bunnies are very fertile, and eggs represent fertility, causing the correlation between bunnies and eggs for Easter.

Anyways, this article includes a thorough review of traditional and not-so-traditional egg-celent Easter activities that you should partake in if you don’t already, as well as a self-interpretive segment to determine your spirit-egg. Don’t egg-nore this article’s advice if you would like to you would like to have an egg-stra special Easter!


Starting off with a classic: Easter egg hunts. Even though this activity is more intended for children, fun has no age limit ūüėČ ¬†Whether you choose to organize the hunt or find the eggs, this festivity is a must. Planning the hunt? Be sure to include some cash and something more unique than jellybeans. If you do include jellybeans, don’t be cheap and at least make them Starburst! Finding the eggs? Run as fast as you can and search high and low for the golden egg.


Another fun activity that is bound to release your inner-creativity: dying Easter eggs. I participate in this artsy craft each year, but I’m not sure how common this is among others. Mix boiling water, vinegar, and food coloring in separate cups, then dunk a hard boiled egg into the solution. If you are feeling extra creative, use a white crayon to draw a pattern on the egg before dipping it in, or use a unique color pattern or dunking method to make it even more special. Still not up to your standards? Make it a competition! Bring this idea to your fam and make it a fun-filled competitive tradition for all. If you have never tried it, this Easter will be your first!


Something that we all cherish, whether the Easter bunny still delivers them to us or says we’re too old: Easter baskets! Opening an Easter basket is the best way to start your Easter morning. You never know what to expect- a chocolate bunny, egg-themed candy, a collection of stuffed animals, Peeps, or a stack of cash. You can even gift your friends with Easter baskets if you’re feeling extra generous!




Another one of my favorite ways to kick off Easter morning is with a classic Easter brunch. I think the ideal Easter brunch is in a nicely decorated outdoor setting with eggs, donuts, cinnamon rolls, waffles, fruit, and mimosas. Invite your closest friends and family members and celebrate the morning in a traditional and delicious way!


What would Easter be without eggs and cinnamon rolls?

— Kate Gieg


If you are religious, a great way to celebrate the true meaning behind Easter is by attending an Easter church service. Personally, I enjoy going to church after opening my Easter basket, then devouring brunch with loved ones afterwards.


The final Easter activity that I believe is essential to the holiday is preparing a grand Easter dinner with family. Whether you plan to do this in addition to brunch, or make the dinner more of a late lunch, this meal is a great way to bring everyone you love together to celebrate. Some foods that I recommend including in this meal are mac-and-cheese, deviled eggs, caesar (or another) salad, green beans, roasted carrots, sweet or mashed potatoes, and ham for those who eat meat. It is also super fun to make an arrangement of Easter desserts, especially if you incorporate Peeps, jellybeans, or candy eggs. Short on Easter candy? Decorate the dessert with a pastel color theme!


What egg are you?

Furthermore, I had several special requests to include what type of egg each person is similar to, because what would Easter be without knowing what egg you are? This section will be self interpretive, so feel free to grab a friend and have them analyze your egg compatibility for you or try it on your own!


Ostrich Egg

Are you bold with a big ego? Do you believe you are bigger than the rest of the birds in your flock? Would you rather bury your head in the sand than complete your homework and chores? Do you struggle with making long term decisions? Do you ignore your problems to avoid extra stress? You are an ostrich egg.


Quail Egg

The quail egg is the exact opposite of the ostrich egg. Are you very short compared to your peers? Are you extra social and bubbly around others? Do you enjoy hanging out in a big group of friends? Are you a vegetarian who loves seeds, berries, and leafy greens? Do you consider yourself to be easy going but occasionally an aggressive menace? Would you consider yourself to be fun, friendly, and full of personality? You must be a quail egg.


Kinder Egg

Are you stern on the outside but sweet on the inside? Would you say that you are full of surprises once others get to know you? Do people get very excited to see you? Or are they nervous until they discover your sweet and unique entities? You are a Kinder egg.


Decorative Fabergé Egg

Are you high maintenance? Do you believe that you are elegant, extravagant, and exquisite? Do you have expensive taste? Do you like to dress yourself with dainty, stylish, or bejeweled clothing? Do you love being in the spotlight with all eyes on you? Would you consider yourself to be eye-catching but still slightly egotistical? You must be a Fabergé egg.


Scrambled Egg

Is your life a mess? Do you often find yourself scrambling to complete your homework before the deadline or rushing to your car 5 minutes before your anticipated ETA? Would you say you are chaotic and tend to scramble up your priorities, but everything always turns out better than you expected? You have to be a scrambled egg.


Pickled Egg

Are you one-of-a-kind? Are you quirky and eccentric? Are you misunderstood or often looked down upon? Do people ever judge you wrongly before getting to know you really well? You are a pickled egg.