Predicting the Premier League Season

An overview of the premier league plus a prediction for the end of the season


The English Premier League is considered by many, myself included, to be the most competitive soccer league in the world, where any team has the ability to beat any other team. This means that the quality of each team is at an extremely high level in the soccer world. This current season is starting to wind down with around 10 or so game weeks left. 


Table Overview


At the top of the table is Arsenal with 69 points and an 8-point lead over second-place Manchester City, however, it must be kept in mind that Arsenal has played one more game than Manchester. Arsenal’s unexpected jump from finishing 5th last season to now leading the race for the title is largely due to the young talents that Mikel Arteta has identified. Players such as Martin Odegaard, Bukayo Saka, Gabriel Martinelli, and William Saliba have contributed massively to Arsenal’s success despite all being under the age of 25. From second place to third there is a steep drop-off of 11 points that finds Manchester United at a total of 50 points. After a rocky start to their season it appears that, with some quality transfers and expert decision-making from manager Erik Ten Hag, United has turned their season around. Manchester United is followed closely by Tottenham and Newcastle who each have 49 and 47 points respectively. Brighton and Brentford, who have had excellent seasons by their standards, are tied with Liverpool at 42 points, followed by Fulham at 38. Finally, wrapping up the top 10 is Chelsea, who have had a terrible season and find themselves struggling in 10th place. From here the second half of the table is incredibly close with a point differential of only 4 between 12th place Crystal Palace (27 points) and last place Southampton (23 points). The teams that finish in the bottom three places, known as the relegation zone, will be removed from the Premier League in the following season. This means that all of the teams between 12th and 20th place are fighting to stay out of the relegation zone.








Since it would be too much to predict the entire table I am simply going to give my predictions for the top 6 and bottom three teams only. As an Arsenal fan myself, I have to stay true to my club and believe that we are going to win the title, so I am going to place Arsenal to finish first. In second place I am going to put Manchester City followed by Manchester United. I think that United will continue to have a good season but it will not be enough to reach City. In fourth place, I have Newcastle which is a bit of a rogue pick considering that they have dropped form recently, but I want to see them in the champions league so I am placing them fourth anyways. In fifth place, I am going with Brighton, who have surprised many people this season, and I have enjoyed watching them play this season. In sixth place, I am going with Tottenham. Being an Arsenal fan and having seen the poor style of soccer being played by Tottenham this season, I do not have faith that Tottenham will finish in the top 4 this year. Finally, in no particular order I predict that the three teams to get relegated from the Premier League this season will be Bournemouth, Southampton, and Nottingham Forest.

This rounds out my predictions for the upcoming Premier League season. I am excited to see how the season finishes this year (hopefully with Arsenal on top) and which teams get champions league and relegation.