Love Island Season 9 Review

Reviewing the best show to ever exist.

Love Island is the best reality TV romance show to ever exist. If you don’t know about Love Island there are 3 different locations, United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia. The United Kingdom one is the original Love Island and is clearly the best one and the only one I watch. The show has a very basic concept in which single men and women are isolated from the outside world in a villa where they hope to find a connection with each other. Throughout the show the producers keep adding new people to test the relationships which creates a lot of drama. After a certain period of time the islanders gather around the fire pit and pick the person they hope to couple up with and the person not picked is kicked out of the villa and the cycle continues until only 4 couples remain and the public votes on their favorite couple to win the show and receive 50,000 pounds. Recently Love Island UK season 9 came out a couple months ago and I will be ranking my favorite girls and boys and choosing which couple I want to win. Since some people only stayed in the villa for a couple of days before being voted off and did not get much screen time, I will only be ranking the people who have been in the villa a week or more. 


The Girls: 

1. Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown 

Zara was my favorite girl in the villa and I wished she had stayed longer. She was causing drama, calling out the boys, and also humbled Olivia. I feel like this season has become very insufferable because everyone is talking behind each other’s backs over such minor things and I feel like if Zara was still in the villa, she would be able to sort things out. I also feel like whenever a boy does something bad to a girl in Love Island the girl always forgives the guy way too quickly in order to not cause drama but I appreciate how Zara did not care about that and humbled Tom after he played multiple girls. I feel like if Zara was still in the villa she would probably win the 50k just because everyone loved her so much, sort of like an Amber situation in season 5. 


2. Sanam Harrinanan

I love Sanam and I really hope that she and Kai win Love Island. I like how Sanam just minds her own business in the villa and does not involve herself in the drama and focuses on herself and Kai. The drama in the past few episodes has been so annoying and insufferable so I appreciate how whenever Kai and Sanam get screen time they give me a break from all the drama because they are just minding their own business. I feel like many of the islanders need to get a lesson from them on how to not be delusional. I also love her and Kai together because he is a teacher and she is a social worker so I think they make a very good match. 


3. Tanyel Revan 

I like Tanyel for the same reason that I like Zara in that she is a girls girl and speaks her mind in the villa. I also wished that she stayed longer in the villa because she is way more likable than most of the remaining islanders. If she stayed in the villa longer I feel like her and Zara would have made it super far. Yet alas, I was expecting her to leave because she was having trouble making connections.


4. Lana Jenkins

There is not much to say about Lana, I like her but I am not in love with her. I commend her for sticking with Ron even after he kept changing his mind everyday on which girl he wants. I feel like she and Ron are in a good place right now and even though her and Ron are kind of boring, they are way better than some of the other people in this villa. I have also started to like her more recently because she has been standing up for herself and Ron more which I like. 


5. Tanya Manhenga 

I have conflicting opinions about Tanya. I loved her at the beginning of the show and wanted her and Shaq to win. Then Casa happened and she really messed up and was very disrespectful to both Shaq and Martin. I also hated how she was very manipulative toward Shaq and was blaming her disloyalty on Shaq and making him feel bad when he had no reason to be. I also hate on Love Island when the boys say that they need to kiss another girl in order to “test their relationship” which is annoying because it’s just a dumb excuse to be disloyal. So, I did not like when Tanya used that same logic with Shaq. Despite the rough patch during and after Casa, I feel like she has returned back to a better place with Shaq and they are cute again so I like her now. I would place her above Lana, but what she did in Casa annoyed me so she is below her. As I said, I feel like she is better now and learned her lesson and the hate she gets now is very dumb because she is literally not doing anything and is just chilling with Shaq whenever she gets screen time. It was a bumpy road but at least she kept things interesting. 


6. Jessie Wynter

I loved Jessie at the beginning of the show but after movie night she has really started to annoy me. I liked her alot because she and Will seemed really cute together and she proved everyone wrong that she was a game player during Casa Amor when she stayed loyal. I also loved how she comforted Layla and told her she was beautiful and did nothing wrong when Will was with her during Casa. But, ever since movie night I feel like she has been in everyone’s business and has been starting drama for no reason and it has been annoying me. Although, she did have a slight comeback when she called out Olivia for being rude. But overall, I have conflicted opinions on Jessie. 


7. Ellie Spence

I don’t really have many opinions on Ellie, she did not have that much screen time and she was just there. I did not love her or hate her so she is just in the middle. 


8. Claudia Fogatry

I also have a love-hate relationship with Claudia. I like how she stood up for Jessie when Olivia was being mean, but also I thought she was a little too delusional. Like when Casey said that he thinks he and Rosie have a better connection and ended things with her and they both mutually agreed to just be friends, and then got at Casey when he and Rosie kissed each other after they broke things off. Not to mention, they were talking for literally a week and she was acting like they were together for a year. She had her annoying moments but overall she was fine. 


9. Samie Elishi 

I used to really like Samie, but these past few episodes she has been so annoying and has been acting so much like Olivia. Why is she causing drama over the dumbest things ever and stirring the pot when there is no reason to do so. I also hate how after she caused drama about Lana and Ron she was talking about how people should mind their own business, very hypocritical if you ask me. I hope her and Tom get voted out next, but they probably won’t because all the soccer fans are voting for Tom. 


10. Rosie Seabrook 

I was indifferent about Rosie because when she came into the villa she was in a love triangle with her, Casey, and Claudia so she did not get a chance to show her personality. But, these past few episodes after Claudia left she has been so annoying. Why is she getting mad at Ron for giving her advice and saying that Ron was calling Casey a game player when he never said that. Ron was simply trying to give Rosie advice because she was complaining about how Casey never pulls her for chats. I feel like the drama was staged because there was no reason for that to be as big of drama as it was. That really annoyed me so she is the second to last favorite girl in the villa. 


11. Olivia Hawkins 

I really do not like Olivia Hawkins as the majority of people would agree. I hated how she was always gossiping about the girls after saying that she was a girls girl. I also hated that she got mad at Kai after Casa Amor because he coupled up with a new girl even though she literally coupled up with someone else as well. And then she would not leave Kai alone and wanted him to apologize to her despite her literally calling him a liar, a game-player, and untrustworthy. She was just so annoying and when she was finally called out by the girls in the end she would not hear them out and just walked away and would not apologize to anyone. I was cheering when the public voted her out and it was one of the best moments in the season. 



The Boys 

1. Kai Fagan

Kai is my favorite boy in the villa because he had a great comeback this season. I did not really care for him at the beginning of the season, I found him boring and also kind of annoying, but after Casa Amor when he got with Sanam he immediately became the most likable boy in the villa. Him and Sanam are so cute together and I also like when there is drama, he always just says how dumb it is and then minds his own business. I hope he and Sanam win Love Island because they are the only sane people left in the show. 


2. Martin Akinola 

I love Martin, he was so funny. I felt bad for him and the way Tanya treated him after Casa Amor and I liked when he called her out for it. Also, during movie night his facial expressions were so funny when all the couples were fighting with each other and he was just eating his popcorn and watching the entertainment. His goodbye speech was also really funny and I enjoyed him the short time he was in the villa. 


3. Shaq Muhammad 

Yes Shaq can be annoying and overreacts to very small things, but he is way better than many of the other guys in the villa. I also liked how he stood up to the guys when they did something wrong. I feel like in Love Island when a guy does something rude to a girl they stay quiet and don’t say anything to them, so I liked how he would stand up to Ron when he treated Lana badly. Yes it is the bare minimum, but his actions were very monumental in Love Island history which says a lot on how bad the men are usually in Love Island. Also, I felt bad for him when he and Tanya both said I love you and then went after Martin 2 days later. Overall I like him, except sometimes when he is super annoying. 


4. Ron Hall 

I hated Ron at the beginning because he was playing Lana, but after Casa Amor he was loyal so he is okay. He is still annoying, but he kind of just minds his own business for the most part. Although it seems like all the islanders hate him because they are always creating drama about him for no reason which makes me feel bad for him. I don’t really like him, but I hate the other islanders more so it makes him more likable when he has drama with the people I don’t like, such as Tom and Samie. Overall he is okay. 


5. Will Young 

I used to really like Will a lot, he was silly and a very likable person. Now he is just annoying. I think he is annoying because he is a part of the “three musketeers” who are him, Casey, and Tom, and since I hate Casey and Tom it makes Will more annoying. The way he talks and acts got kind of annoying after a while and I don’t know how Jessie has not gotten the ick from him yet. Also, when he basically cheated during Casa Amor I was so mad and disappointed in him and even though Jessie got over it, I am still mad at him for that. At the beginning he was by far the fan favorite and he and Jessie were projected to win but he really messed that up during Casa. Overall, what a downfall. 


6. Jordan Odofin 

There is not much to say about Jordan. He did not have much screen time and was just there really. So he is in the middle because he was there for a good amount of time but really did nothing. 


7. Spencer Wilks

Spencer was also just there, but I put him below Jordan because his posh British accent got really annoying to listen to after a while and I was over it. 


8. Aaron Waters

Aaron was another guy who was there for a while but got no screen time because he did literally nothing. I put him lower on the list because he talked back to Tanyel one time and I love Tanyel so that made me annoyed.


9. Maxwell Samuda 

Honestly Maxwell did not do much. I just put him lower because he is coupled up with Olivia and her snake ways rubbed off on him after a while and he started talking about everyone behind their backs. I liked him at first and wanted him to be free from Olivia, but after a while he just got equally annoying as her. Guilty by association. 


10. Casey O’Gorman 

Casey annoyed me not because of the Claudia situation, but because he is just an annoying person. Him and Tom need to be humbled and I don’t really have any reason on why he is annoying, it’s just I can tell he is an annoying person. 


11. Tom Clare

Oh my goodness I despise Tom. Ever since Tom walked into the villa I knew he would be my least favorite person there. I honestly dislike him more than Olivia. First, he played every single girl he has gotten with and then when Zara called him out on it he literally threw the biggest baby tantrum ever and it was so annoying. Second, I have never heard him speak in a full sentence. Whenever he chats with the girls the only thing he says is “yeah” and somehow he pulls the most girls. Thirdly, when he basically cheated on Sammie during Casa with a girl he met after 1 day which is horrible. And to make up for his mistake he wrote the world’s worst poem for her and somehow she ate that up. When he said the poem was the nicest thing he has ever done for a girl I actually screamed because that is so embarrassing and I feel bad for all his past girlfriends because he must have been a horrible boyfriend. I wish the British public would vote him out already, but of course all the soccer fans are voting for him because he plays soccer. Very annoying and he needs to get a reality check. 


My Order for Winners:

1. Kai and Sanam 

2. Tanya and Shaq

3. Ron and Lana

4. Jessie and Will


I highly recommend watching Love Island, it is so dumb but so entertaining. Season 9 is pretty insufferable because I don’t like the majority of people in the villa right now when usually I like most of the people by the end. If you want to get into Love Island UK, I highly recommend watching Season 5. It is my favorite season because it has an amazing cast of girls, great drama, and Tommy Fury. Hope you enjoy!

I think we can all agree that the best thing about this season was Maya Jama

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