AMHS Song Recommendations

I asked Magnet students for their song recommendations. Below there is an attached playlist of all the recommendations.!

Ellyse Ramos (12): Poly Blue by Jessica Pratt

I really like the song. Ellyse and I are always trading song recs and this is definitely one of my favorites of hers. Jessica Pratt’s voice is so unique; it is really rich and baritone which I really like. I immediately added this to my playlist.


Ugly Brunette by Horse Jumper of Love:

This one reminds me of my sophomore-year music taste- it is very chill and has some good instrumentals. There is also a good riff near the end of the song. I highly recommend it to anyone who listens to a lot of chill indie artists. 


Jars of It by Steve Lacy:

This album by steve lacy is so underrated so I highly recommend it. This song has a really good beat for anyone who is really into instrumentals. But if you are into more lyrics then I would try out some of his other songs from this album because this song is predominantly instrumental. 


Leila Tabrizian (12): Cheri Cheri Lady by Modern Talking 

This song is really really good!!! It is so upbeat which I really like. It is giving very 80s in the best way. This is definitely a good song if you are trying to motivate yourself to study, work out, etc. I highly highly recommend this. 


Lily Hudson(12): Weight by Redveil

This song has a really good beat and I really like the overlay of the background vocals on top of the lyrics. I have never listened to Redveil before but I would recommend it. It is a really good rap song; he is such a good rapper. The bass is also amazing. I have probably listened to this song at least 5 times already.



Molly Schweickhardt (12): Tell Me I’m Dreaming (Los Yesterdays), the dangling conversations

Wow, this song is really good. I love R&B and Soul music, so this was definitely a favorite on this list. This is just one of those songs that almost just sounds like the live version because the instrumentals sound so pure and not artificially produced


Xander Darcy (11): Where’d All the Time Go by Dr. Dog

Ok this song is a classic and for good reason. It feels nostalgic and reminds me of summer beach drives. If you haven’t listened to this song, you really should. Xander said it’s his favorite song and honestly I stand by that because sometimes songs are popular for good reason.


Nosebleed Seats by Vansire

I really like the album cover for this song. It kind of looks like it was shot in the Oculus in NYC. This song is pretty chill; I really like the soft instrumentals. If you are into Peach pit and other chill indie artists, this would definitely be your vibe. 




Tommy Sasser (11): 19.10 by Childish Gambino

Okkk I love Childish Gambino. This song is really good and I am so glad you recommended it because I hardly listen to this album (3.15.2020). I am definitely going to listen to the rest of the album. This song has such a catchy beat and it is really upbeat which I like. I will be adding this to my playlist 🙂


Shivani Bala (11): Low by SZA 

SZAAA the queen. This song is pretty good and reminds me of her old stuff. Shivani said that you must blast this in your car with the bass all the way up. I haven’t really listened to her newest album much because everyone says that it has “Disney vibes” but this rec has inspired me to give it another try. I also highly recommend “Julia” and “Sweet November”. 


Karoline Blanco Chavez: Colapso by Kevin Laarl

I was so excited when Karoline said that she was going to recommend Spanish music!!! This song is really good and gives late-night chill drive vibes. It also kind of has a sad ending so if you are looking for a good sad song that isn’t too sad, you should definitely give this a listen. 


Fia Puckett-Rinella (12):

I Always Knew by The Vaccines

If you ever need a good Rock suggestion go ask Fia!! I am absolutely obsessed with 90s rock so this song did not disappoint. This song has pretty simplistic/catchy lyrics which is always good and the buildup to the chorus is really good.


Statue in the Dark by Blue Material 

This song was surprisingly really groovy. I really like it; it was pretty funky but in a good way. Also, side note the album cover is pretty cool. The beat is so good and isn’t just like the usual bass. Fia also Recommended Dumbo Gets Mad (but she forgot to give me a song rec). 


Oliver Ball (12): Up Grandville by Peach Pit

I used to have an obsession with Peach Pit in sophomore year so this was such good nostalgia. This song was really good; I feel like it is one of those songs you can replay a thousand times and never get sick of. As usual, Peach Pit masters the best summertime chill instrumentals. This song also had some pretty deep but good meaning if you like listening to the lyrics.


Sam Pupke (12): Fear and Delight by the Correspondents

This song was definitely something that I have never listened to which was really cool. Apparently, the correspondents are described as electronic swing so if you are into that I definitely recommend it. I was pleasantly surprised like the beat of this song is really addicting. I feel like this song would definitely appear in a movie or musical.


Makenna Lankford (12): Outnumbered by Dermot Kennedy

This is a song that always pops up on the radio because it is a classic pop song. It is not usually a song I would gravitate toward but I know a lot of people really like it. 


Dr. Altman: Victoria’s Secret by Jax

Dr. Altman of course recommended a jazzercise song. If you want to join her I think she goes 3 times a week so I highly recommend talking to her. I can definitely picture Dr. Altman unleashing her inner Olympic athlete to this song. Someone needs to organize an AMHS jazzercise to this song!


My Recommendations:

Intro by Orion Sun

Gretel by Alex G

Bricks and Steel by Frank Ocean (unreleased so you have to find it on a fake Spotify account)

Red Moon by Big Thief

Where Do We Go by Solange

Any Way You Want Me by BROCKHAMPTON

Do You Like Me? by Daniel Caesar

The Dress by Dijon

Father’s Son by Celeste


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