Magnet Movie Hot Takes

Magnet’s most controversial movie takes.

I’m sorry to share to anyone that was looking forward to reading on why I hate La La Land that I actually enjoy the movie and the featured image is completely clickbait. I am very sorry. Anyway, I enjoy hearing people’s movie hot takes and have decided to write down a collection of mine and other Magnet movie hot takes. Enjoy!


Gone Girl is not that good

I do not like Gone Girl at all. I watched it once and that was enough for my life. It was so cringy. It’s supposed to be this you go girl revenge movie, but it was just so annoying. The cool girl monologue is so cringy and so incredibly dumb. I also thought the movie was very redundant and I just got bored of it very quickly. But, I understand why people love this movie because it is quite goofy, but I personally do not like it at all. 


Call Me By Your Name is not that good

I personally do not like the movie Call Me By your Name. I consider it the straight person’s gay movie. Yes the cinematography is pretty, I mean it’s in Italy so how can you mess that up. And yes, Timothee Chalamet is a great actor. That’s really all it’s got to offer. I feel like all the romance scenes that could be sweet are overshadowed by the major age-gap between them and the fact that he was a predator. Also there are way better LGBTQ+ movies than Call Me By Your Name. Maurice, Happy Together, Portrait of a Lady on Fire, The Handmaiden, Brokeback Mountain, and Moonlight are all way better LGBTQ+ films than Call Me By Your Name. The Timothee Chalamet edit on Tik Tok to Play Date by Melanie Martinez was very funny so I will give it that. 


I do not like Midsommar

I understand why people love Midsommar, but I do not like it that much. It is a very well made movie with great acting, but everything else fell flat for me. I did not really care about the characters too much and it just felt very empty. I feel like many new horror movies are very well made with powerful messages but they emotionally fall flat. It was creepy and I think that the first part of the movie was very compelling and kept me interested but as it kept going I found myself getting more annoyed. I felt like it lacked a clear idea toward the end and also alot of the very explicit violence just amounted to nothing which also annoyed me. I am a big fan of horror movies but personally Midsommar is just not for me.


Perks of Being a Wallflower is not good

     Emerson Rampey passionately hates Perks Of Being a Wallflower because it’s “romanticization of mental illness” and also for the plot holes. She inquired “how does a socially anxious, ugly freshman get with a hot senior girl?” I agree that it is very questionable on how he gets with her. Sarah Baer also agrees that the movie plot is not very clear and the ending plot with the Aunt was very confusing. I am not a huge fan of the movie and have not seen it in a while so I can not really comment much more on it but if you disagree you can talk to Emerson and she will give a very passionate and thought out response to why she hates it. In conclusion, good take.

How does a socially anxious, ugly freshman get with a hot senior girl?

— Emerson Rampey


Marcel the Shell with Shoes On is bad 

This hot take was said by Sarah Baer and I heavily disagree with this statement. I was very taken aback when Sarah told me that this was her hot take because I thought it was impossible to think that this movie is bad. I love Marcel the Shell with Shoes On. It is so heartwarming and cute and is very emotional. I feel like Marcel the Shell falls under the Paddington category where no one can hate it because it’s such a heartwarming movie, yet I guess Sarah has proved me wrong. In conclusion, I do not understand how you can not like this movie and I’m sorry Sarah but this is a very bad take. 


Pride and Prejudice is bad 

This hot take was said by Ellyse Ramos and I also disagree with this. I must admit I can see why people do not like this movie. If you don’t like romance movies or period pieces it makes sense why you would find it boring. Personally, I love it and I think that the soundtrack is so good and the relationship between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth is very compelling and romantic. This was very brave of Ellyse to admit, especially in front of Pride and Prejudice super fan Carolyn Selvidge. Overall, I disagree with this take, but it is understandable why some people don’t enjoy it.  


The Menu is a bad movie 

I didn’t think that this was a hot take until fellow The Menu hater Kennedy Mackie brought it to my attention that some people really like this movie. I’m sorry but this movie is actually horrible and I wish I did not waste my time by watching it. The director of the movie literally copied the plot of Midsommar but made it 10 times worse. Kennedy Mackie shared her opinion that The Menu was, “weird, predictable, and boring” and I couldn’t agree more. I hated how the movie was trying to give an anti-pretentious message when it was one of the most pretentious movies I have ever seen. Although Anya Taylor-Joy and Ralph Fiennes are great actors, they were the only part of the movie that I liked. Overall I hated this movie and would never watch it again.

The Menu is weird, predictable, and boring

— Kennedy Mackie


Moonrise Kingdom is bad 

Oliver Ball shared his hot take that Moonrise Kingdom is not a good movie. This is another hot take that I heavily disagree with and I do not understand how someone can not like this movie. He said that he preferred The Grand Budapest Hotel over Moonrise Kingdom and I think that is delusion speaking. I’m sorry Ollie but this is a very bad take. He also said that he did not like the child actors in the movie. While I do agree that if child actors are really bad they can ruin a good movie, I think the child actors in Moonrise Kingdom were really good and charming. Moonrise Kingdom alongside The Royal Tenenbaums and Fantastic Mr. Fox are my favorite Wes Anderson movie so I could not disagree with this more. In conclusion this is a very bad take. 


All Disney Live Action Remake Movies are Bad 

     I heavily agree with this take by Katherine Nguyen. Why remake something when the first is already good? I understand that they just want to make easy money, but at the same time Disney is a large corporation with tons of creative people so I am sure they can come up with something a bit more creative than a Lion King remake. Also this is sort of unrelated but I hate biopics. There are so many biopics recently and they are all so annoying. The most recent biopic that is being made is a Bob Dylan biopic and he is not even dead yet. But anywho, I heavily dislike Disney live action remakes especially the Disney Princess ones, even the live action Beauty and the Beast is not that great. In conclusion, this is a good take.


People who relate too much to Lady Bird are horrible people who need to be self aware

This hot take was presented by Carolyn Selvidge and I agree to some extent. While I don’t think Lady Bird is a perfect person, I do think that she was just a normal teen for the most part and did nothing that bad. But I also think that people need to relax and that most people don’t relate to everything she does. I feel like when people say they relate to her they just relate to the fact that she is not a perfect teen girl who has anxiety and wants to move far away from home. Although, the people who say that they relate to her can be annoying and do need to be more self aware but I don’t think that it makes them horrible people. I have not seen this movie in a while so I could be missing something, but overall I agree with this take to a certain extent.


Thank you for reading this article and comment some of your favorite movie hot takes!