Chick-fil-A Without the “Chick”!!???


On Monday, February 13, Chick-fil-A launched a new meatless version of their classic chicken sandwich. The new sandwich is made from cauliflower and the menu director of Chckfila states that they want the new sandwich to provide customers with “a way to incorporate more vegetables in their diet”. Chick-fil-A prides itself on its new vegetarian meat that is made only of vegetables. So customers won’t be wondering what exactly they’re eating. The cauliflower sandwich is currently in a trial phase and is ONLY available in  3 cities nationwide. We are one of the lucky cities that gets to try the sandwich so I knew I had to do a full review. The fact that you can only enjoy a cauliflower sandwich in Greensboro, Charleston, and Denver is crazy. I personally am no vegetarian but I love a good plant-based meat alternative like Basic Kitchen’s cauliflower wings and Kairo’s falafel. Since I eat the traditional Chick-fil-A sandwich, I feel qualified to see how the cauliflower version measures up to the original. 

Cauliflower sandwich on Valentine’s Day

Not Really Vegetarian??

Chick-fil-A’s new cauliflower sandwich has raised some controversy for it being meatless but not vegetarian. How is this possible? Chick-fil-A claims their sandwich is NOT vegetarian, but it is plant-forward. What is plant-forward? Who knows? Chickfila is unable to call the sandwich vegetarian because it is not prepared separately and could have potentially been exposed/contaminated by meat. The company also stated that “depending on your definition of vegetarian, the cauliflower sandwich is a great option if you do not eat meat.” My vegetarian friends are okay with the cauliflower sandwich and the potential risk of exposure to meat. 

The sandwich is NOT vegetarian, but it is plant-forward

— Chick-fil-A

How it Began 

The first experimental version of the cauliflower sandwich was created in October of 2018. Chickfila spent the past few years testing out all different plant-based meat alternatives from mushrooms to chickpeas, but they found that cauliflower definitely was the best. Currently, they are testing to see how the sandwich does on the market in the 3 different locations. The sandwich is only available for a limited time but is certainly a gateway into the world of plant-based fast food. 

Delightful Packaging

My Thoughts 

So when I first got the cauliflower sandwich I was delighted by the new green packaging. When I opened up the sandwich I was shocked at how similar it looked to the original. The Chickfila smell was spot on. I had my expectations pretty high and I would say the sandwich definitely meets them. On the contrary, I was anticipating the cauliflower sandwich to taste healthier but unfortunately due to the texture of the cauliflower, I found that it almost got more fried. This resulted in a crispier and heavier sandwich. Since the cauliflower does not take on as bold of a presence as chicken does, it felt like I was just eating bread and fried breading. With sauce, the experience was almost identical to eating a classic Chick-fil-A sandwich. I also asked a Chick-fil-A employee how many calories are in the cauliflower sandwich and he reported that it has the same amount. This means that the cauliflower sandwich is less of a healthier choice and more of an option for those who dont eat meat. Overall I liked the cauliflower sandwich but I do not think it will be replacing my normal order. So if you do not eat meat, I think this a great alternative.

Lily Coulter

Senior class president, Lily Coulter, has been vegetarian for 7 years now and has had to stick to getting only fries and a side salad at Chick-fil-A. She was so excited that her local Chickfila has a meatless option and was one of the first people to try it on the release day. Lily used to love eating Chickfila in her pre-vegetarian days and she says, “If I could eat meat again, it would definitely be Chickfila.” So Chickfila without the chick? That’s Lily Coulter city. She was thoroughly impressed by the smell, texture, and flavor. She could hardly believe that this was not a chicken sandwich. She is upset that the sandwich is under a test run and would make this her new go-to order if she could. Lily hopes that more fast-food restaurants begin to make plant-based options more widely available. On a road trip, Lily said she wanted to stop at Chick-fil-A to pick up a cauliflower sandwich, but was disappointed when she recalled that she could only get it in Charleston. The new cauliflower sandwich gets the presidential seal of approval.

If I could eat meat again, it would definitely be Chickfila

— Lily Coulter

The texture


Lily Hutson 

Another one of my vegetarian friends, Lily Hutson was excited to try the cauliflower sandwich. In her opinion, it was not worth the hype. She said she just felt underwhelmed by the new sandwich but it “definitely has the Chick-fil-A taste.” Lily stated, “would I go out of my way to get the cauliflower sandwich? No.” I think she is going to stick to getting fries or a milkshake when she goes to Chick-fil-A. 

The cauliflower sandwich definitely has the Chick-fil-A taste.

— Lily Hutson


Chickfila posted that the sandwich is only available for a limited time so y’all have to hurry and get it. With so many varying opinions on the new sandwich, it is definitely worth a try. It may become your new go-to Chick-fil-A order. Whether you love it or you hate it, we can all agree that the Chick-fil-A cauliflower sandwich is a unique idea and definitely a step in the right direction for vegetarians and “plant-forward individuals” alike.