Styling Writers of the Talon with Photoshop

These journalists were in desperate need of an outfit for a variety of events, this is how I styled them.


This week, I decided that I would share my keen eye for fashion with my fellow AMHS Talon journalists, and I went around advertising my services and asking each of my peers what events they need an outfit for. Unfortunately my ideas are all-too-often bounded by the material world, like money, so I decided to virtually present the best resulting looks by constructing each outfit on a picture of the person in the website

Tragically, I had to leave out some outfits and ideas from some dearly beloved staff writers, simply because this article has already taken over 15 hours to construct and I’m held back by the deadline. That being said, comment if you would like a Part 2 including these, and if there are any specific Talon staff members you would like to be styled!

Ella Chapman: Debutante Ball

Ella Chapman came to me in hysterics, exclaiming how she hadn’t yet found a dress for her upcoming debutante ball! It was being hosted in the Plaza Hotel, and considering her high status, I knew the stakes were high. She gave me full creative liberty, and I knew exactly what to do.

While I’ve never been to a debutante ball, I have watched Gilmore Girls so I felt I understood the general idea. I decided to style Ella in this timeless, ivory and lace gown, with a more modern square neckline to accentuate her youth. I paired this with a 24 karat gold necklace featuring a 100 karat Burmese sapphire pendant necklace. To illuminate her face, I chose oversized diamond ball earrings. Finally, in order to compliment the dress rather than take away from it, Ella is wearing fine lace gloves, adding to the soft, feminine look.

Boris Pekar: Formal Fishing

Boris was looking for an outfit for a fishing trip he’s attending, but with an elevated twist. The notes I took simply state “suit and tie fishing trip” so I decided not to overcomplicate things.

While I am a world renowned avant-garde fashion designer, I still appreciated the importance of practicality in this outfit. That’s why I chose to style Boris in chic, black waders and practical boots. He is also wearing an olive green fishing hat, which protects his head from the sun and draws your eye away from the camouflage jacket, as camouflage is meant not to be seen. I chose this jacket as an homage to the Ghillie suit, while also serving the practical purpose of helping him stay invisible to the eye of a fish (aiding his fishing prospects). Lastly, because this is a formal event, I paired the busy camouflage pattern in with a self-aware, preppy bow tie featuring a pattern of fishing lures. This helps elevate the outfit from “Bass Pro Shops” to “wealthy and successful businessman on a company fishing trip with an appreciation for high fashion.”

Laura Robertson: Scandalous Celeb

Laura Robertson, who made her debut as an actress this summer to critical acclaim, has recently come under controversy due to rumors circulating from fellow cast members on her latest movie. She came to me looking to be styled for the Oscars, and her movie’s nomination for Best Picture, specifically requesting for an outfit that would help quell the controversy. Having styled dozens of A-List celebrities in my career, I understand the importance of appearance at these events, and how this impacts media coverage. While the stakes were high, I knew exactly what to do.

Laura wore the original dress that Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, in order to emulate the classy elegance of this classic, beloved actress. Kim Kardashian recently wore a dress of Marilyn Monroe, and this drew lots of media coverage and online attention. I paired this chic, high necked gown with the pearl, diamond, and sapphire choker that Princess Diana wore in her iconic revenge dress. I hoped that drawing this comparison would remind the public of the dearly beloved princess, as well as evoke strong, confident energy.

Unfortunately, during the Oscars, an overzealous patron purposefully splashed a glass of red wine onto Laura (because of the drama)! The dress was somewhat salvageable, however she is being slandered online for “ruining” it, with many people saying “how dare she wear that.” Oh well! I still feel that I accomplished my original goal of shifting public attention away from the original scandal, unfortunately this calamity just replaced that.

Katherine Nguyen: Girls Night Out in Berlin Club Scene

Katherine Nguyen requested to be styled for a “Chic, business casual, girls-night-out in the clubs of Berlin.” This specificity is what I live for. It gives me a direction in which to channel my unending avant-garde ideas.

I styled Katherine in a matching leather blazer and mini skirt, to match the gritty clubbing scene of Berlin and bring in a business casual element. I highlighted the girls-night-out portion with hot pink feathers custom attached to the sleeves, as well as a dainty, feminine, silver handbag. This juxtaposes her blocky combat boots, creating an interesting dynamic. I added a pair of sunglasses to increase mystique and balance the overwhelmingly black outfit, but still something was missing. I deduced that dying the ends of her hair hot pink would do the trick and it did.

Mary Blake Hand: Taylor Swift Eras Tour

Mary Blake requested to be styled for the upcoming Taylor Swift Eras tour. I will admit, I had trouble with this prompt. It may be because it isn’t as outlandish as the other requests, and is a real dilemma many are facing. Nevertheless, I decided to style her in the aesthetic of the Red album, because I feel it has some of the most iconic imagery.

Mary Blake is wearing gold, sequin flares, which are admittedly more reminiscent of Fearless, but work well and help tie into the more complex imagery of the Eras tour. Tying into this, I styled her in a white, cropped Eras t-shirt. While this may seem unconventional for concert wear, I figured that something loose and comfortable would be most practical for lots of dancing. Finally, she is wearing a red newsboy cap, heart sunglasses, and red cowboy boots to represent the Red album and incorporate a fun, chic new layer to the outfit. I made sure to include a clear clutch bag so that she abides by concert security guidelines.

Turner Orvin: Hunting Trip

Turner Orvin asked to be styled for an upcoming hunting trip he has planned, which definitely left me with a lot of creative liberties. I’ve never been out in the field before, I outsource my rare animal pelts to small local hunters, so I don’t know what the normal attire is, but my goal is never to follow the norm anyways.

I styled Turner in a long tweed coat, serving both a practical purpose and fashionable as it pays homage to the history of hunting. I also chose a plaid sweater for under the coat in reflection of the historical American outdoorsman, and Timberlands for a self-aware yet practical element. The look is elevated with business casual plaid pants, in order for the look not to become too Appalachian and grandfatherly. I also chose to pair this look with a red hunting cap, reminiscent of Holden Caulfield’s in The Catcher in the Rye. Not only does this protect from the elements, it provides a pop of color and a deeper nuance to the look for those who recognize the possibility of literary allusion. Finally, I provided Turner with the companionship of a small Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, to help him track game.

Carolyn Selvidge: Time-Travelling Teen Choice Awards

Carolyn Selvidge asked me to style her for her upcoming, or past, attendance of the Teen Choice Awards, except it takes place during the 2000s. I don’t know how she plans to get there, but rest assured she’ll be dressed appropriately.

I styled Carolyn in a loose, hot pink, windbreaker material button down, which is tied and cropped around her waist. She has a chic black tank layered underneath. Continuing in the theme of layering, she has grey cargo pants and a loose, designer scarf tied chicly around her hips. She is also wearing platform flip flops, which give her the height of heels but the comfort of non-heeled shoes, and also the youthful energy of the Teen Choice Awards. Finally, she has a white bandana tied over her hair for that young, summery imagery. I felt her look still wasn’t complete, however, until the addition of pink gloss and bright blue eyeshadow to help her fully blend into this new (old?) time period.

Willa Jones: Horse Ride

Willa Jones asked me to style her for a horse ride, which I felt had two clear paths I could follow. I decided to style her in a chic, wealthy, equestrian sense because I am so avant-garde and so is Willa.

The main focus of this look is the soft pink jacket from Gorsuch (expensive), with brown pom-poms lining the edge. She is also wearing tan riding pants, which was needed for practicality reasons, but also don’t deter from the look. Finally, in order to finally complete the equestrian look, I styled her in knee-high Gucci boots. Of course, she will likely need to change into real riding boots, but sometimes high fashion is unavoidably impractical. This look is both preppy and classic, however it’s Neapolitan ice cream reminiscent color scheme and the small details highlight a certain element of sass.