Fit Checks Around Magnet

“It’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it.” Kofi Ayiku

At Magnet, one thing you can count on is fashion. As Laura Robertson puts it, “Academic Magnet is the most fashion forward high school in the Charleston district.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. One second you’re rushing to make it class on time after an unwelcome greeting with the morning train, the next you find yourself standing in the middle of the hallway, in awe of a perfectly planned-out outfit, from top to bottom. Whether you’re gazing upon worn denim jeans, buttoned sweaters, a matching shirt and shoes combination, or a good old sweatshirt, you know that this person has got it figured out. AMHS fashion has it all.

First up, we have Radhika. I don’t think a day has gone by that I have not seen Radhika sporting an expertly thrifted sweater or jacket since freshman year. This outfit was no exception. The orange in her shoes matching the orange in the jacket really made her outfit stand out. No wonder she won “Best Dressed.” Radhika’s red shirt is from her mom, her lace long-sleeve shirt is thrifted, her patched jacket is thrifted, her jeans are thrifted, and her shoes are Converse.

Radhika Pandey (12)

Next is Jack. Honorary member of our lunch table, Jack frequently makes visits to our seats with new clothing he is has his eye on. You can count on him for sporting a graphic shirt alongside an assortment of cargo pants, Nike shoes, and hats. This outfit is no exception. His shirt is Patagonia from Half Moon Outfitters, his cargo pants are from American Eagle, and his shoes are the Travis Scott Jordan 1’s. Short to say, he has color coordination under control.

Jack Childers (9)

Next, we have undoubtedly, the coolest sophomore friend group. When in search of fashionistas, this group caught my eye all the way across the cafeteria. Their taste in sweatshirts and shoes is something that definitely required them a feature. Kayla’s sweatshirt is from Pacsun, her leggings are from Aerie, and her shoes are Converse. Sofia’s sweatshirt is from her mom, her leggings are from Aerie, and her shoes are Adidas. Sierra’s sweatshirt is from GAP, her pants are from her best friend, and her shoes are Jordans. Ian’s wearing the “same black sweatshirt that he wears everyday” (according to his friends), khaki pants, and his shoes are Jordans from GOAT. Rajané’s sweatshirt is Nike and her Jordans are from GOAT.

Kayla Adkins (10), Sofia Gillum (10), Sierra Robinson (10), Ian Smith (10), and Rajané Mitchell (10)

Next, we have Miguel. Miguel is the image of fashion in the eyes of probably every person who has ever seen him. I think that everyone is always looking forward to seeing what he is wearing as his dressy-neutral-tone style is something that everyone adores. Miguel’s sweater is thrifted, his pants are thrifted, and his shoes are Converse. When choosing superlatives, there was no competition. Catch him in the yearbook for “Best Dressed!”

Miguel has the best outfits Magnet has ever seen.

— Emily Byrne

Miguel Mejia-Cobos (12)

You can always count on Ellyse for a cool outfit. Whether that be a thrifted shirt paired with a pair of jeans, paired with her iconic eyeliner, she always looks like a million bucks. Ellyse is wearing a shirt from Goodwill that she thrifted in Asheville, she thrifted her pants, and her shoes are Doc Martens.

Ellyse Ramos (12)

If you know anything about these Jacob and Irene, short to say, they’re both fashion obsessed. Jacob is constantly on the hunt for a new jersey (for whatever sports team he decides to like that week), a matching hat, and really anything brown, green, or black. Irene on the other hand has a taste for quality rather than quantity. She doesn’t go a day without some of her favorite accessories, even on a casual outfit. Jacob is wearing a Grateful Dead collared shirt that he thrifted, a Carhartt fleece, pants that he thrifted, and his shoes are Nike Blazers. Irene’s sweatshirt is from Urban Outfitters, her pants are from Aerie, and her shoes are New Balance.

Jacob Burke (12) and Irene Liu (12)

One thing about Joe is he must have one of the most unique assortments of t-shirts and shoes I have ever seen. You never know what graphic tee he will be wearing, but you should feel confident in knowing that it will always perfectly match his shoes. Joe’s shirt is Stüssy, his jeans are from American Eagle, and his shoes are Jordan 1’s from GOAT.

Joe Dragich (12)

Nayna always knows what she is doing. Every single day she is channeling a different aesthetic or style probably through an assortment of sweaters and jeans. Nayna’s tank top is from Walmart, her crocheted top is thrifted (which she said is probably from Amazon because the tag is sketchy), her jeans are from Urban Outfitters, and her shoes are Converse. She said that she bought everything on sale!

Nayna Ayaz (12)

Sarah is so fashion. You never know what she might be wearing. All you should know is that it will be amazing and unlike anything you have ever seen before. Sarah has created her own style and she is creative in a way that I can only hope to be as my fashion knowledge grows. I mean, are you kidding me? Look at her matching shoes and jacket. Sarah’s blouse is thrifted, her jacket is thrifted Juicy Couture, her skirt is thrifted, and her shoes are from eBay.

Sarah Baer (12)

Summoning Alan for this article was an accident… but The Talon does need to see what a classic Alan outfit looks like. I would expect nothing less than some kind of fishing shirt, his classic Air Max’s, and a positive attitude. Alan’s shirt is Yeti, his jacket is Vineyard Vines, his shorts are Chubbies, his shoes are Nike Air Max’s, and his water is Deer Park.

Alan Zhang (12)

Emma’s fashion sense is nothing short of cute and chic. I honestly can never get enough of cardigans, and I think that she could be the reason that they are coming back in style. The dark plaid pants to bring down the outfit from the brightness of her shirt, cardigan, and shoes. Gotta love it. Emma’s tank top is from Brandy Melville, her sweater is from Aritzia, her pants are from Brandy Melville, and her shoes are Converse.

Emma Hsu (12)

I love Robin’s style. A usual wearer of baggy pants and a comfy jacket. Robin can make comfy a trend. But not this time. You would think that her shirt deserves all of the attention, I mean it is nothing short of perfect. But, it just cannot compete with her necklace. Her accessorizing is unmatched and their outfit is no exception. Robin’s shirt is from the Grand Bazaar in Turkey, her pants are from BDG, her necklace is from Free People, and her shoes are Converse. What can’t she do when she has her white Converse on?

Robin Adams (12)

One recurring theme throughout these “fit checks” is definitely a knack for thrifting and some undeniable tastes in shoes. I will forever stand by the concept that a person’s style is a way to peer into their soul and that through this edition of fashion at AMHS, I hope that my dear readers see what I mean. As Robin Adams says “Fashion is awesome.”