2023 Fashion Trend Predictions

Last year featured y2k trends including the resurgence of low-rise jeans and mini bags. We saw a lot of bright colors and clean girl aesthetics, but this year will showcase a more grunge and messy aesthetic. As usual, trends always recycle, so this year we will be pulling from 2010s fashion trends. Popular designers such as Vivienne Westwood (rest in peace) will be especially popular due to her more punk take on fashion. Vogue states that “sexy grunge, maxi skirts, and Tom Ford’s Gucci” will be the trends defining 2023. In 2022, we moved away from fast fashion brands like Shien and pushed for long-term investments or more sustainable options such as thrifting. This is definitely something that will hopefully carry into next year. My style inspiration for this year will be Kate Moss and Jane Birkin, merging the messy grunge aesthetic with an elegant use of basics. I will be listing and reviewing some of my trend predictions below.

Boxing boots:

I LOVE these. I have been trying to find some since last August but unfortunately, they are pretty expensive ranging from ($120-$250). But I will not give up my deep dive into eBay and Depop! The silhouette of these shoes is really unique and can add a sporty edge to any outfit. The combination of tall silhouette shoes with shorter skirts and shorts will be something that we see a lot of next year. In general, I expect to see more athletic pieces paired with outfits to create a cool street style for 2023.



Everything Sheer:

I can see this going both ways, sheer can be styled in a creative but also tacky way. I hope we do not bring back the sheer crop tops with dragon prints from 2018. But I have seen this material styled really well. For example, I am obsessed with the Custo Barcelona midi skirts which feature a sheer layer over a complex design. It is a great layering material and can be a fashionable addition to any outfit.

Large Bags:

In 2022 and 2021 we saw the revival of mini purses including the Fedi baguette and Dior saddlebag, but this year we will see an increase in larger style bags which were popular in the 2010s. Bags such as the Polo ID bag by Ralf Lauren and the City bag have been increasing in popularity since the winter of last year. I personally am excited about this trend because it is a lot more practical than the y2k mini bags.

Long Denim Skirts:

I already have a couple of these and while they look amazing they are a deathtrap when climbing stairs. These are a great basic that can be paired with anything. This year I believe that we will be seeing a lot more designs and prints popping up on these skirts.

Ballet Core:

Ballet core had many in a chokehold last year, including me, with the iconic ballet flats and legwarmers. This year it is definitely here to stay, but with more of a grunge messy twist. Branching off from the traditional baby pink we will be seeing a rise in multicolor tights. Personally, I am looking forward to grey ones. There will also be metal hardware details incorporated into the classic ballet flats as can be seen with Mui Mui’s pieces. Additionally, mini uggs blew up last November, in part due to their alignment with the ballet aesthetic.


As stated before we will be seeing a lot more athletic pieces becoming popular in 2023. I have especially been into the 70s varsity jackets and jersey t-shirts. Usually, I am not a fan of athletic wear, but with a vintage twist, I believe that this could be a really exciting trend.

Handkerchief hems:

This style was especially popular in the early 2000s in skirts and dresses. This hem gives any item a fairy feel with comfortable, loose energy. The silhouette created by this design is amazing; I will definitely be looking for pieces mirroring this style.



Oversized Oxford Shirts:

Matilda D’jerf became one of 2022’s it girls for her amazing style and calming composure. Her brand D’jerf Avenue features many good quality basics with items in her famous berry print. Largely because of her, the oxford shirts have blown up to mirror the Copenhagen style. I really like this trend because again these shirts can be a great layering piece and can give a little formality to any outfit.

These are only a couple of trends, that I can foresee becoming popular this year. I am really excited to see what pops up on the spring runway. My style inspiration for this year will be anything Mirror Palais, Vivienne Westwood, and vintage Mui Mui. I encourage everyone to explore their fashion this year and try out new layering techniques and styles. I also hope that everyone will set a new years resolution to participate in more sustainable shopping practices such as thrifting and exchanging clothes with friends.