What to Wear for Semi

A guide for those struggling to find their perfect semi fit


As second quarter comes to a close and the new year begins the most important night of your life approaches. Semi-formal. The theme is winter wonderland, the date is February 11th, and your outfit is????? How can one dress possibly live up to the hype and fulfill the occasion? If you’re struggling to answer this question then this article is for you. Here are nine dresses that are great options or inspiration for semi-formal. 

First up we have a great option if you want to go the colorful route for semi. This hot pink dress from Lulus is a cute, fun number that is currently on sale for only 39 dollars. It is pretty simple in embellishments but the fun color definitely makes it pop. 

Going the more minimalistic route we have this white mini dress from Princess Polly. This dress is more simple then some of the other ones on this list but the small tie-up details on the top make it interesting. This dress is on the pricey side at 64 dollars but can definitely be worn for many occasions after semi. 

Who says you can’t wear patterns for semi? This mesh halter dress from lulus is one of my favorites from this list and is currently on sale for only 20 dollars. While I know some people are against florals for school dances, I think dress makes the pattern work and is a great option for those who want to wear something fun that’s not just one color. 

Now we can’t make a list of dress options without including at least one LBD. The little black dress is a staple in semi outfits and for a good reason. This black halter dress is perfect for someone who wants to wear black but doesn’t just want a spaghetti strap dress. It is currently 62 dollars on Princess Polly. Also look at the back!

So far, all of the dresses on this list have been one-pieces, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear a two-piece to semi. This fringe two-piece is a great option if you want to wear something different but something cute and very semi. It’s on the pricier side at 78 dollars, but that is what you pay for a more intricate dress. 

Keeping up the theme of fringe, we have this pink sequin dress. I think this dress would give great movement and be a super fun wear for the night. At 56 dollars, it’s on the higher end for mini-dresses, but I can definitely see someone wearing this on other occasions.

I am now realizing there’s a lot of pink on this list, but maybe I just tend to gravitate towards that color. Either way, I think these dresses serve as great options and inspirations. Up next, we have another pink dress. This one is on the simpler side mostly made out of satin with some lacy detailing on the top. I think this is a dress that can be easily dressed up or dressed down with the right accessories. There’s definitely a lot of possibilities for this dress and for 55 dollars plus shipping, it’s yours.

This next dress is definitely a bit extra a bit extra but who say’s that not what you’re going for. With its rhinestone and feather embellishments its guaranteed to make a statement at semi. And even better, it’s on sale for 29.99 dollars. 

Finishing strong with yet another pink dress (I did not know I put this many on the list) we have this adorable orange and pink patterned dress. Its a little tie-dye esc but not in a tacky way. I love the frills at the bottom and top and and the over all shape looks like it would be flattering on everyone. The dress is 62.00 dollars on Princess Polly and in my opinion a perfect choice for semi.

Even though this article gave you a lot of ideas of what to wear for semi, remember that it’s all about wearing what you want. If thats a ball gown or a pant suit you do that. Semi formal is supposed to something fun and not that stress full so wear something you feel good in and have a good time. And if some boys are wondering where their outfit inspo is, most of ya’ll wear the same thing anyway. You can buy tickets from the QR code on the posters in the hallways!