Reviewing Student’s Playlists

Getting a look into Magnet student’s music tastes

As an avid music listener, I am always stalking people’s Spotifys, browsing through playlists. I thought it would be interesting to get a deeper dive into Magnet students’ playlists and let’s just say, there is definitely a variety of music taste here!


Sarah Baer(12)

“winter i love u”

This playlist has a good variety of songs, from Elliott Smith to Yves Tumor and Ravyn Lenae. I love a lot of the artists on the playlist, like beadaboobee, Mazzy Star, Mac Miller, and Orion Sun— too good. Honestly, my only complaint is that it’s a bit short(1h and 15mins), and I’m more of a long playlist type of gal(at least 2 hours). I also wouldn’t necessarily say the songs give me winter vibes, but they are good songs nonetheless. 

Favorite songs: Strawberry Privilege by Yves Tumor, Julia by Sza, and fairy song by beadaboobee


Radhika Pandey(12)


If you know Radhika, you know she’s a music gal. With her 42 playlists, there is never a lack of options. She sent me 🌜🍀🐞🎰🌛to review. With a lot of Solange, Stevie Wonder, and Thee Sacred Souls, this playlist does not miss. I heard a lot of familiar tunes(Binz by Solange, Baby Boy by Childhood Gambino, Skin by Dijon, etc.), but there were also some songs I hadn’t heard before, which I always like to see in a playlist- one example being Mango Meat by Mandrill. Another thing I liked about this playlist is that its a good length(almost 5 hours), and as I said I enjoy a good long playlist. Overall, I would say this playlist definitely has a specific vibe to it, which I like, I enjoy all the songs(I was not able to listen to the whole thing, but I liked what I heard). Good job Radhika!

Favorite songs: Super Stars by Yves Tumor (been on repeat lately), That’s No fun by Steve Lacy, and Will I See You Again? by Thee Sacred Souls


Bea Vaught

“2022 favs”

Bea listens to a lot of Hip Hop, and we have bonded over our love for MF Doom before. I honestly didn’t know most of the songs on her playlist, so I had to give quite a few a listen. As I was listening though, I did like a lot of the songs sonically. Even though I hadn’t heard of a lot of the songs, the playlist was definitely solid.

Favorite songs: Loose Change by the Alchemist, Earth Angel by Marcus D and Cise Star, and The Rivington by Free Nationals(feat. Conway, Westside Gunn, Joyce Wrice)



Noelle Andrews(12)


Noelle’s music taste certainly is varied. She listens to anything from MF Doom to Morgan Wallen. The playlist she submitted has good fall vibes. She has a lot of Mazzy Star, Lana del Rey, and Led Zeppelin. It has a good mix of songs and definitely has a calming/chill vibe. I’m not sure how I feel about one of the only Alex G songs she included being “Sarah”(there are so many others, Noelle). However, the playlist has a good variety of songs and I like it a lot overall. It’s also a pretty good length, even though I do enjoy even lengthier playlists.

Favorite songs: Blouse by Clairo, Tears Dry- Original Version by Amy Winehouse, and Sunday by the Cranberries


Josh McDowell(9)

“Exceedingly Fine Songs”

This playlist is not exactly my music taste and I had not listened to most of the songs on it. I enjoyed the various Taylor Swift songs, just as most people do, and the One Direction songs were definitely a throwback too. Owl City are not exactly my thing,  however, Taylor Swift does bump it up.

Favorite songs: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift and You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift



Grayson Gregg(12)

“Grayson’s rainy day”

I’m going to start off by saying this playlist was very long(42 hours), and I, unfortunately, did not have the time to listen to the majority of the songs. As I said before though, I love a good long playlist so I appreciate this aspect of it. This playlist had a lot of great songs that I enjoy listening to, such as You the One Fish in the Sea by Liv.e, Wanders of the Mind by Mac Miller and the Internet, God Is Fair, S*xy Nasty by Mac Miller and Kendrick, and more. I also appreciated the wide variety of artists, with a lot of my favs being included(Solange, Frank Ocean,  Ms. Lauryn Hill, Brent Faiyaz, Sza, and much more. I honestly do not have any negative comments about this playlist.

Favorite songs:  Icarus by Fana Hues, It Gets Better(With Time) by The Internet, Miami by Kali Uchis and BIA, Invincible by Omar Apollo and Daniel Caesar, and Answer by Tyler the Creator(there were a lot to choose from)


Beckett Bukowsky(9)

“Main #3”

This playlist has a pretty good variety of songs, from Radiohead to Nirvana to The Strokes.  There was a good amount of rock(the Smashing Pumpkins and Cage the Elephant, for example), but there were a lot of chill songs and indie songs as well. I wouldn’t necessarily say that this playlist has a specific vibe, but part of that is because it is pretty long(19 hours), which is always something I like. Honestly, my only complaint about the playlist is some songs were TikTok songs(Dark Red by Steve Lacy, 505 by the Arctic Monkeys, Me and Your Mama by Childish Gamino, etc.). However, it does make up for this by providing a good array of other songs too.

Favorite songs: Debaser by the Pixies, Nude by Radiohead, and Orpheus Under the Influence by The Buttertones

Dakota Hasty(12)


This playlist was a lot of rock, which is always enjoyable to listen to. It wasn’t exactly a lot of what I listen to, but there were a lot of familiar artists. There was a good amount of Arctic Monkeys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and The Black Keys. It was a pretty good length(3h 50min.), and had good classics too.

Favorite songs; About A Girl by Nirvana, and W.D.Y.W.F.M? by The Neighborhood




Max Twyman(10)

“<3 <3”

This playlist featured a lot of Chase Atlantic, Arctic Monkeys, and The Neighborhood. I do not really listen to a lot of Chase Atlantic, but I did have an Arctic Monkeys and The Neighborhood phase, so I can appreciate those songs.

Favorite songs: Snap out of It by the Arctic Monkeys and Afraid by the Neighborhood




Aayush Bansod(9)

“Lost in my thoughts”

This playlist definitely had a specific vibe, and featured a LOT of Kendrick Lamar, as well as Kanye West.

It was a pretty good length and I appreciated that it featured non-TikTok songs, even as a lot of the featured artists were pretty popular. I have to say, listening to Work Out by J. Cole gave me a feeling of happy nostalgia(this song will forever be a banger). This playlist was a good listen.

Favorite songs: January 28th by J. Cole, Japanese Denim by Daniel Caesar, and She by Tyler the Creator







Ava Trolley(11)

“hot, sweet, & salty bangers”

I hadn’t heard of a lot of these songs before this playlist, so I didn’t really know what to expect. The vibes of this playlist were definitely unique, and were not really my music taste but I really liked its cohesiveness.

Favorite songs: Your New Boyfriend by Wilbur Soot and Bubblegum B*tch by Marina






Ty Osmand(12)

“Chill rock”

This playlist has some really good listens. I mean, who doesn’t like a good Led Zeppelin or Alice in Chains song? The thing that bumps this playlist down a bit for me though is that it is really, really short. It is only

7 songs and 30 minutes. I’m a sucker for rock though.

Favorite Songs: Nutshell by Alice in Chains and Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin




Abby Poole(11)


This song has some good car bangers, and I like the length of it. I’m not into Jack Harlow’s music and there are a few songs of his at the beginning which make me like it less. However, it features a good variety of artists and a lot of my favorite rap songs. From the classic Drake songs

(Nice for What” and “Headlines” were my favorite that she included), and chiller, low-key songs by Mac Miller and Frank Ocean, I would say this is a solid car playlist.

Favorite songs: Biking by Frank Ocean, “Objects in the Mirror” by Mac Miller, and “E. Coli” by the Alchemist and Earl Sweatshirt





Sebastian Najera(11)

“Awkward Music”

This playlist definitely has a unique vibe. It’s not really my music taste, but I appreciated the Tim Buckley and my bloody valentine!

Favorite song: Annonymous Proposition by Tim Buckley







Overall, reviewing people’s playlists was definitely interesting. I only really know my friend’s and Spotify followers’ music taste, so it was cool seeing other people’s. I’m gonna use this conclusion to rep my own Spotify playlist- whaaaaa


Thank you if you submitted!