Emma & Lily’s Opinions On Your Hot Takes: A Podcast

You asked and you shall receive

We asked – Y’all answered. These are the hot takes discussed:

Hot Takes Podcast

  1. Tomatoes are good
  2. Double texting is not that bad
  3. Sonic is nasty
  4. People hate DI because they are jealous
  5. Youngboy is not a bad rapper
  6. Sprinkles don’t add a lot to the equation
  7. Athleisure?
  8. Getting married too young is bad but getting married too old is also bad
  9. Facial hair in teenagers and in general
  10. Aviator Nation?
  11. Drake is the goat
  12. Ranch is the best condiment
  13. If the grades don’t touch, neither should you 
  14. Magnet basketball games > magnet football games 
  15. Pineapple on pizza?
  16. White cheddar Cheez-Its are overrated