Emily in Paris Season 3: the Best and Worst Outfits!


As many of you know, Emily in Paris Season 3 was released on Netflix on December 21st, 2022. I do not think I am alone when I say that the Christmas break was the perfect time to dive into the new season. After the release of Emily in Paris Season 1, the show received quite a bit of backlash for its emphasis on French stereotypes and its cringe dialogue. On the other hand, some watchers (such as myself) cannot get enough of Emily Cooper and “le Chef Hot.” Whether you love it or hate it, Emily in Paris contains some undeniably bold outfits ranging from couture to downright “ringarde.” Having watched all 10 episodes of pure entertainment, I think I am qualified to point out both the best and worst ensembles in the show. 

The Best

I love everything about this look. While I almost always adore Mindy’s outfits, this yellow blazer set paired with a White Balmain is definitely one of my favorites.

Mindy is killing it in this Red Cult Gaia dress paired with matching accessories. I love Mindy’s style and I think she really pulls off a monochromatic look. Though it was a little over the top when Mindy arrived late to the wedding dinner and climbed out of the helicopter wearing this but oh well!

I feel that Camille’s outfits in Season 3 were not doing her justice overall. This tweed Schiaparelli blazer with gold hardware is definitely an exception. Camille slays here.

I really love Emily’s Louis Vuitton Leather Mini Skirt. I think it looks great paired with this red crop top and over-the-knee boots. Bon chose, Emily!

Another Emily win. In episode 8, Emily wears this velvet Balmain blazer and all I can say is j’adore! Her hair is a discussion for another time.

I love this sequin dress Emily wears while watching Mindy perform.  She looks both fun and elegant. Congratulations Emily. Bonus points because she’s with Alfie. 

This Pierre Cadault zebra print top was one of the best fashion moments in the new season. Je t’aime Pierre!

I am a big fan of this floral purple look with the coat to match! Overall, Emily dresses much more tastefully for events than she does for the office…

Queen Silvie looks amazing here. While she typically sticks to black, her signature color, there is something so elegant about this white dress with the orange belt on top.

The Worst

I am so sorry Mindy, but this Souraya Gown is not it. I find that the sheer mesh is overdone and the swirl design is giving Ursula from the Little Mermaid. 

How I hate this. No words. This was the same episode where Emily steals Jullien’s marketing pitch-very fitting.

The stripes, the polka dots, the belt, the jacket. This is so bad. Je suis triste. 

There you have it – a few of the best and worst looks we saw in Season 3. Overall, I think there has been a vast improvement in Emily’s personal style compared to seasons 2 and 3. Is anything missing? Comment down below.