Best AMHS Themed Christmas Cookies + Quiz

Putting the AMHS in Christmas Cookies

We are in smack in the middle of the holiday season, meaning it is time to bust the Christmas cookies out. You are probably looking for ways to incorporate your love for school into the holiday season. To help you out, here are some of, objectively, the best AMHS themed Christmas cookies to enjoy this season.

1. Cafeteria Pizza Cookies
A heartwarming reminder of the many delicious cafeteria meals you’ve shared with friends over first semester, these cafeteria pizza cookies spur the recall of refreshing fellowship with cherished friends, and maybe memories of panic on the days when you choked down your cafeteria pizza so you could start studying for your fourth block quiz.

2. Chicken Wing Cookies
A spin-off on Raptor wings, eating chicken wing cookies will remind you of your Raptor family during this holiday season. Not in a creepy cannibal way, but rather in a remembrance way. With each bite, reflect on how grateful you are for your figurative Raptor wings and imagine the places they will take you this holiday season and beyond.

3. Homework Cookies
Admittedly a cookie more on the basic side, eating a homework cookie will remind you to reflect on the homework you didn’t do this semester. Blaming your dog for eating your homework is so cliché, but this cookie empowers you to take some initiative and tell your teacher that you don’t have your homework because you ate it on a holiday cookie.

Take this quiz to find out which AMHS Christmas cookie is right for you!


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