The Glossier Guide

“It’s a clean girl aesthetic.” – Sophia Taber


As the holiday season approaches with haste, the rush to find the perfect gift is on. Glossier, a makeup company based in LA, focuses on clean and natural makeup.  The brand has a variety of products ranging from eyeliners to skincare and is a great value brand. The brand operates mainly online, but has stores in major cities across the United States, including New York, Washington D.C., and Atlanta. I was introduced to Glossier in sophomore year, by Sadie Bowlin, and some of my products are still not empty after two years (and I use them mostly every day.) They also have a lot of sets that combine multitudes of products for a lower price. For someone who is not well versed in complex makeup, their products are beneficial for easy use. In this article, I will break down my favorite products from the brand and a comprehensive list of Glossier’s products by cost for the holiday season. 


Favorite Products:

Cloud paint:

Cloud paint is 100% my favorite product from Glossier. Coming in eight different colors, ranging from deep pinks to peach, this liquid blush is a major bang for your buck ($20.) I bought this blush in my first round of Glossier purchasing two years ago, use it mostly everyday, and it still hasn’t run out. The color blends out seamlessly and adds a perfect pop of color to your face. My favorite colors are Storm and Beam. 10/10 would recommend.

I love cloud paint.

— Kennedy Mackie


Perfecting Skin Tint:

This liquid concealer is perfect for a natural makeup look. It’s another product that has somehow stood the test of time and continues to perform at a high level. I love this product because it enhances your skin texture and is successful at covering up blemishes, but keeps a natural look. At $26 each, the Perfecting Skin Tint is a great addition to your makeup routine. 



Next up in my list of favorite products is the tried and true highlighter stick, Haloscope. Coming in three different shades, this highlighter adds the right amount of glow to your face. The stick applicator allows for easy use and is perfect when you’re in a rush. I use this product everyday and it’s definitely worth its $22 price tag. 


Solar Paint:

Another staple of my daily routine is Glossier’s cream bronzer, said to cause “instant summer skin.” This bronzer utilizes a stick applicator and is another product that allows for easy and quick use, perfect for busy mornings. At $22, the Solar Paint comes in 4 shades and acts as a type of contour with an easy blend.


Generation G and Ultralip:

If you ever need a go-to lipstick, the Ultralips and Generation Gs provide it all. Coming in multitudes of different shades, both lipsticks have different qualities that set them apart. Ultralip comes in a pink outer layer and boasts
moisturization and deep color, described on the site as “the cashmere sweatpants of lipstick.” Generation G, one of Glossier’s first products, has a white outer layer and is described as a buildable lipstick. Generation G is more matte than Ultralip’s glossy finish and both lipsticks cost $18. 


Balm DotCom:

Balm DotCom is another one of Glossier’s most recognizable products. Along with their cute packaging, these lip balms come in 11 different flavors ranging from Swiss Miss to Lavender to Mango. My favorite flavors that I’ve tried so far have been Wild Fig and Rose. Some balms have color tints, such as Cherry and Berry, and other balms, like Coconut and Mint, have a clear finish. These balms are very moisturizing and the packaging is what most would probably describe as aesthetic. Each balm costs $12 and a set online sells 3 for $30.



On a skincare level, the Futuredew is a holographic serum that adds a glowy finish to the end of your skincare routine. This is another long lasting product and builds nicely on top of Glossier’s other serums. I would recommend this product for a shortcut to a dewy/glowy look if you’re not wishing to wear makeup. However, this product can be used with makeup. Kennedy Mackie uses her Futuredew as a base for her makeup by combining it with primer. Described to make your skin brighter over time, at $26, this product is a great investment.


Serum Pack:

The serum pack was one product I’ve had my eyes on for a long time and I can confirm they’re as good as people claim. Coming in a pack of 3, with Super Glow, Super Bounce, and Super Pure, the serum pack enhances your daily skincare routine.
Super Glow works to make your skin appear glowy and smooth. Super Bounce is a serum that hydrates your skin efficiently and Super Pure works to combat blemishes and texture flaws in the skin. After using these products for a few months, I can confidently say they’ve been successful in all of their stated purposes. Currently on sale for $67, these serums are another great investment. 


Glossier You:

The final product that Glossier has excelled at is their highly regarded perfume, Glossier You. The perfume now comes in a spray bottle, a roller ball, and a solid version. I absolutely recommend the spray bottle. It features a pink gradient design and bright red cap and is very eye-catching. The formula blends into your skin and reacts with your pH to create a scent unique to you. The solid version and roller ball provide an on-the-go option, however I haven’t tried these yet. All of my friends who have tried Glossier You love it. At $64, as I’ve said many times before, this is a stellar investment.


Special mention – Glossier hoodies:

Although not a makeup or skincare product, I couldn’t rave about Glossier without mentioning their hoodies. The hoodies come in a signature pink color, but limited edition hoodies have come in light purple and forest green. The Glossier hoodie has also reached notoriety through Timothee Chalamet, if you recall the infamous airport photo.I recommend these hoodies oversized and they are super comfortable. They feature a Glossier logo on the front and a cute smiley face on the back. The hoodie costs $55 and I wear it often. Must buy if you have a sweatshirt collection or anything of that sort. 


Comprehensive gift guide 

  • Makeup Must-haves:

Lidstar: liquid shiny eyeshadow in 8 colors ($18)

Lash Slick Mascara, now in black and brown.

Pro Tip: Liquid black eyeliner ($18)

Lash slick: Mascara ($18)

Solar Paint: Cream bronzer ($20)

Perfecting Skin Tint: Liquid face concealer ($26)

Stretch Concealer: Buildable concealer in 12 shades ($20)

Haloscope: Stick highlighter in 3 shades ($22)

Monochromes: Eyeshadow palette in 10 shade combinations ($22)


  • Skincare staples:
Afterbaume moisturizer for cracked and dry skin, perfect for winter.

Milky Oil: makeup remover ($14)

Priming Moisturizer: Buildable hydrating face cream ($24)

Futuredew: Glowy serum ($26)

Solution: Exfoliating toner ($26)

After Baume: Skin recovery cream ($28)


  • Small Items:

Balm Dot Com: comes in 11 flavors ($12)

Lip Gloss: comes in 3 colors ($15)

Boy Brow: Brow gel that comes in 5 shades ($17)

Generation G: matte lipstick in 9 colors ($18)

Ultralip: moisturizing lipstick in 9 colors ($18)

Glossier hand cream, perfect for backpacks, purses, and cars.

Hand cream: On-the-go lotion ($18)

Cloud paint: buildable cheek color in 8 shades ($20)


  • Other gift ideas:

You Look Good Mirror: pocket mirror ($10)

Glossier You Solid: solid version of the Glossier You Perfume ($30)

The Beauty Bag: Makeup holder ($35)

Glossier sweatshirt: Crewneck sweatshirt ($40)

G Pal Sweatshirt: Holiday crewneck sweatshirt ($40)

Glossier Candle: Glossier You and Orange Blossom scented ($45)

Original Pink Hoodie: Oversized pink sweatshirt ($55)

Glossier candles come in red and pink.

Embroidered Lavender Hoodie: Oversized purple sweatshirt ($60)

Glossier You Perfume: Perfume that gives you a personalized scent ($64)


  • Gift sets:

Cloud Paint Duo: Choice of two cloud paint blushes ($33)

The Skincare Edit: Collection of popular products in mini sizes ($35)

Mask Duo: Green and moon mask set ($42, usually $48)

No. 1 Pencil Trio: Set of 3 eyeliners ($43, usually $48)

The Makeup Set: Cloud paint, Boy brow, and mascara ($44, usually $55)

The Skincare Edit includes a mini versions of the Milk Jelly Cleanser, Futuredew, Super Bounce serum, Original and Rose Balm Dotcom, Priming Moisturizer Rich, and a headband.

The Super Pack: set of 3 serums ($67, usually $87)