Spotify Wrapped 2022

A summary of Academic Magnet’s most listened music

Each year, Spotify users eagerly await the release of Spotify Wrapped, a summary of users’ musical intake over the year. This year, it was released on Wednesday, November 30. As a slew of brightly colored screenshots flooded social media, both self-deprecation and pride were put on display. This article will be a compilation and analysis of your fellow students’ music tastes. Read further for AMHS’s 2022 Spotify Wrapped.

Top Artist

This year, the AMHS Top Artist was none other than Taylor Swift. Many users were static to be graced with top spots in her fanbase, especially with the recent release of Midnights. Next up is Drake. With recent releases of Certified Lover Boy and Honestly, Nevermind, Drake has risen again, reminding many users of his musical prowess in 2016. The third most listened-to artist was Kanye West. With a  passionately loyal fanbase, I was not surprised by this ranking. However, I would like to make it known that The Talon and I do not and would never condone any of Kanye’s recent acts, particularly his most recent antisemitic statements. Moving on to number four, Kendrick Lamar takes this spot. Lamar has always been a favorite of students of AMHS, and with his recent album Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers, I have heard many students rave about his works. Rounding out the top five is a wild card: David Bowie. While he is a favorite artist of mine, I was surprised to see that Bowie graced so many students this year. While he has not released any new music since his death in 2016, classic albums like The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars and Hunky Dory still are enjoyed by millions.

Top Song

When I began to write this article, I expected to have at least one song be able to be the AMHS Top Song. However, each student presented me with a unique Top Song. But, I cannot leave the AMHS Spotify Wrapped devoid of a Top Song, so I have chosen the Magnet hype song, “Everytime We Touch” by Cascada. A staple of Magnet culture, it is more than fitting to have it as our AMHS Top Song.

Top Genre

Each music genre tends to speak for itself. “Rap” is music with rapping, “rock” is typically accompanied by guitars, drums, and harsh sounds, and “pop” simply stands for “popular.” While the latter definition would lead you to believe that pop music would be the most popular genre among AMHS students, you would be most mistaken. The number one most listened-to music genre in 2022 was… rap! While you may not be surprised by this if you observed which artists are in the top 5, I was still shocked. Nevertheless, it is always good to mix things up a bit when it comes to music. Coming in second place was none other than pop music. This genre did not get too outshone by rap, with many students having this genre ranked as their number one. Coming in third, with a long history behind it, was rock. While many students seemed to be listening to newer rock songs and artists, many still seemed to be enjoying older artists, such as Bowie, U2, and The Cranberries. In fourth place, a genre that is either beloved or believed to be pretentious, is indie pop. While sometimes the definition of “indie” (meaning not affiliated with any large record company) can be a little stretched in terms of the artist themselves, the music can leave the listeners lighthearted, or feeling as if they’ve been thrown into the trenches. Last, but not least, is hip-hop, a genre that has been around since the 70s, and has only grown from there. This genre can encompass many popular sub-genres, such as R&B, trap, and Chicano rap, which many users also enjoyed.

Total Time Listened

In 2022, the AMHS Raptors listened to their Spotifys for 3,768,511 minutes! That is over seven years of listening time! Whether it’s studying, traveling to school, or listening in class, our Raptors clearly love to get lost in their favorite songs. 

As the buzz dies down about one of everyone’s favorite non-holiday holidays, remember to keep listening to what makes you happy! If it’s your favorite movie score, the newest Taylor Swift album, or “Relaxing Whale Sounds to Fall Asleep To,” if it keeps you moving through the grueling school days and long hours of homework at night, it’s good music! Thank you to all who provided their 2022 music stats, each top song submitted has been placed into the AMHS Top Songs playlist! While you’re there, make sure to give The Talon account a follow, you never know when new playlists may arrive.