AMHS Media of the Week

Your fellow magnet peer’s media of the week!(based off of podcast Emergency Intercom)



As an avid Emergency Intercom listener(Ellyse), I thought it would be fit to take inspiration from their end-of-episode media of the week- where they list the music, tv shows, movies, and podcasts they’ve been listening to within the past week. We thought it would be interesting to interview other Magnet students and teachers for their personal media of the week.


Starting off with our personal media of the week-

Ellyse Ramos(12):

Song: “broken cd” by beabadobee

I recently have been getting more into beabadobee, and her most recent album, Beatopia, I have to say is really good. She always has such unique sounds, and her track with PinkPantherss, “tinkerbell is overrated” is probably my favorite from that album. “broken cd” is the song I’ve been listening to in the past week though, and I interpret it as being unable to move past the struggles faced in youth/younger years. It is a pretty short song, lyrics-wise, but I really enjoy the instrumentals of the song and the shift from a sadder tone to upbeat, catchy tones contrasting the lyrics makes it a really good listen.

Tv show: High School

This tv show takes place in the 1990s, and follows a set of twins and their experience moving to a new high school. Both of them are huge rock fans, and I have to say the soundtrack of this tv show is really good. I mean I’m always a sucker for the Smashing Pumpkins and other

90s rock so I definitely enjoyed it. There are love interests introduced for both twins, and I would say the queer representation is really good as well. I haven’t heard much about this show, but I would definitely recommend it. Olivia Rouye, a YouTuber, plays one of the characters, and this is the first time I’ve seen her in anything but she does a really good job with her character. I haven’t actually finished the show (I’ve gotten about halfway through), because of how busy I have been recently, but I have enjoyed what I have watched so far.

Movie: X

Over the last weekend, Sarah Baer and I watched the recent horror movie X, as we had heard much of the hype centered around Pearl, X’s prequel. It should be noted that it was Leila’s recommendation. X is a horror movie that surrounds a team of adults and teenagers who plan to film a movie and needed a place to film. The director decides to rent out a house in a rural farm area, owned by an old lady and his wife. Needless to say, the movie gets pretty scary, and there are a fair amount of jump scares and gruesome scenes in it (keep in mind I’m not good with horror though). It is definitely one of the scariest movies I’ve seen in my life- but hey, it does what it’s supposed to do and the acting is amazing. Mia Goth and Jenna Ortega particularly stick out to me as talented actresses in this movie. I would definitely have to recommend it, especially as my own Halloween costume was Mia Goth’s character, Maxine. I plan to watch Pearl soon, X’s prequel, and I really hope it lives up to the hype.


Sarah Baer(12):

Music: “Sea, Swallow Me” (Cocteau Twins, Harold Budd), “You’re No Good” (Linda Ronstadt), “Into Dust” (Mazzy Star)

I will literally love and listen to anything the Cocteau Twins release. Recently, I have been listening to “Sea,Swallow Me” which is really calming and ethereal. The singing and sound are very unique with high-pitched opera-like melodies. With a more retro vibe, I have been listening to “You’re No Good” by Linda Ronstadt which just brings me back to my childhood. I love listening to softer rock especially as we are entering fall. Lastly, I have been listening to Into “Dust” by Mazzy Star; this song is also very calming with its slow tune and singing. I highly recommend this as a late-night road trip song. I just created a new playlist this week so I will link it below. 

Spotify Playlist:

Movie: X

Ellyse already touched on this movie, but I highly recommend it. We will most likely be watching Pearl this weekend! 

TV Show: The White Lotus

I just recently started The White Lotus; I know I am veryyy late to watching this show. So far, I have only watched the first episode, but it seems promising. First off, the cast is amazing! The cast is stacked, starring the iconic Jennifer Coolidge, from Legally Blonde, Sydney Sweeney, Alexandra Daddario, and many more. The show takes place at a resort in Hawaii and provides social commentary on wealth differences and the treatment of people. It received 5 Emmy awards which should encourage all film critics to watch it (it is Molly approved). 


Noelle Andrews (12)

Music- “Mak’er” Led Zeppelin

“Cody Freestyle”- Steve Lacy

“Everything She Wants”- Wham

Movie- American Beauty

Tv show- Big Mouth: Season 6

Podcast- Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain


Natasha Keisler (11)


Carrie: “It’s so good; it is Halloween time, you have to watch it.”

Memento:  “I’ve been watching Memento, that’s a really good one”

Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks– “I love David Lynch, he’s really cool. I have been watching Twin Peaks too after reading Molly’s article. Blue Velvet is very, very strange.”

Sopranos: “I’ve been into that and it is very good”

Wings of Desire: “a Wim Wenders Film, is one of my favorites. That film is floaty, it’s about angels and I feel like it is very atmospheric.”

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: “It is SO good and everyone needs to watch it. It is only something cinema can do”. After Natasha mentioned this, Leila definitely started visibly (and loudly, Mr. Jent walked out of his room to see what was going on)  freaking out as this is her favorite movie of all time.

Before Sunrise: “Before Sunrise

is my favorite, like I was literally obsessed with it for an entire year. That movie is so so good. I love Ethan Hawke- he is so good. I also love the Kat Bloom album in it” 



Manhattan: “I watched that- it’s a Woody Allen movie. It’s a good movie, but it’s also weird because he has a relationship with a 17-year old in the film, so it’s like an autobiography- it’s terrible!


Withnail and I: “Oh my god I have not said this yet. It is very strange. You’ll recognize the main character. It’s another strange, atmospheric movie. It’s so weird and bizarre” 

Do the Right Thing: “It’s a Spike Lee film and it’s just amazing. I think it’s super creative. Spike Lee, I saw his masterclass and then I watched it.  (sidenote: Natasha also loves Masterclass) I think everyone should watch it”

Check out Natasha’s Letterboxd at @tashasfilm !


“Pale Blue Eyes” by the Velvet Underground. “It’s amazing and I love it so much. It’s one of my favorite songs”

“October” by U2; “Since it’s October, ‘October’ by U2. U2 is very popular and they play the same 2 songs, but their first two albums are actually amazing. Very raw energy” 

Charlie Brown album: “It’s adorable. Everyone listens to Charlie Brown. It actually is nostalgic, I listened to it so much as a kid”

Thirty Thousand Feet Over China by The Passions: “It’s, I keep saying this, but atmospheric reverb electric guitar, and I really like it- it’s a great album”

The Car by the Arctic Monkeys: “It’s really good. I think it’s beautiful and it has an interesting beat, too” (Ellyse: “I love a good beat”)



“Joan Didion is my favorite ever. She writes a lot of autobiographies. Slouching Towards Bethelem is probably the most popular,  but it’s really amazing. Play It as It Lays is really good- it’s not an autobiography, it’s a short book. She’s my favorite and people need to look into her. She has a totally different voice” Side note, Natasha let Sarah borrow Play It as It Lays and she says it’s amazing so far, so thanks Natasha!


The A24 Podcast “I never listen to podcasts, but this one was Jonah Hill and Michael Cera and it was so funny. It made my day honestly”


Elena Yu (12):

TV Show- “I have been watching Gossip Girl. It is fun, I really like watching rich kid shows. I like how fall it is and the outfits are very cute”

Music- As an avid Taylor fan, Elena has been listening to the Midnights album of course. She also recommends “Baby Blue” by Luke Hemmings.


Katherine Nguyen (12): 

TV Show- “Last night I watched all of the Young Royals all in one go. I lost sleep but it was very good. I didn’t cry-shocking. I can’t wait for season 3!”

Music- “I am streaming Midnights by Taylor Swift. People are hating but they just don’t get it (Molly begs to differ). They name one bad song and claim that the whole album is bad. Personally, I really enjoyed it! Read Lilly and I’s article on Midnights”


Carolyn Selvidge(12):

Movie-“This weekend, I watched all of the Matrix movies to prep for my Halloween costume. A classic watch as always.

Tv Show-“I also began rewatching Derry Girls for the fifth time to make me forget that I have schoolwork to do (read my article!)”

Music- “Fleet Foxes” by Fleet Foxes, The Batman score by Michael Giacchino (reminds her of Halloween)








Mrs. Lankford: 

In classic Mrs. Lankford fashion, she said that she likes to watch “Scandinavian crime dramas and read the subtitles, so I am watching the 3rd season of Deadwinds on prime”. She also loves PBS and her “favorite shows are Verra, Shetland, and anything starring Nicola Walker” 

 “I watch too much TV, books are good too though”

— Mrs. Lankford


Ava Peterson (12): 

Podcasts- “I listen to a lot of podcasts, usually crime podcasts. I have been listening to Crime Junkie, Murder Squad, My Favorite Murder, and Distractable (it’s not murder related)

TV Shows- Supernatural 


Mr. Garris: 

When asked about media of the week, Mr. Garris explained his recent reading of a historical

 article about the price of bread in early modern France but was unsure whether others would be as interested in it as he did. However, we found it fascinating and very on-brand for Mr. Garris. He went on to describe his recent reading-

“I’ve been reading a book called Allah’s Common Wealth, which is a cultural and historical history of the Islamic Golden Age, and what has been fascinating about it is the internal divisions in Islam, besides Sunni and Shiite. We tend to think of religious division as being exclusive, however, there are different schools, like Shafi, Hanafi, and Hanbali, which are different conceptions of Islam but not mutually exclusive. This still matters today because the religious traditions of Turkey are different from Saudi Arabia, even though they are both Sunni”


Mason Atwood (12): 

When approached about his recent media of the week, Mason Atwood, after pausing for a brief moment, casually stated “uh, not really”. When asked about any music, Atwood then stated “I don’t know”. Sarah Baer desperately asked this tough nut to crack about TV shows to which he replied “I don’t really watch TV shows”. After a bit of pestering by the interviewers, Mason revealed he had been spending some time listening to Kendrick Lamar and Rumors by Fleetwood Mac.

uh, not really

— Mason Atwood(12)


Bea Vaught (10)

Music– Bea is really into “Experimental hip hop and classic hip hop” , and says that Ghais Guevara is one of her favorites right now. Her all-time favorite though is MF Doom (I have to agree-ellyse). 


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Her– a little weird, but really good. Following this, we all kind of got distracted by the fact that one of the main characters’ actors, Joaquin Phoenix, used to date one of our friends’ moms.

Tv Shows-

Jane the Virgin– She finished the whole show

Black Mirror– Different episodes are better than others because it’s not really coherent. The fifth season is really bad but the other seasons are really good.


Helin Bilgis (10):

“I am really into Breaking Bad this week and have been listening to Lana Del Rey. I have been reading this book called The Poems of Sylvia Plath. It is pretty good. My favorite movie is Mamma Mia


Radhika Pandey(12):

Music- Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants by Stevie Wonder- 

Tv show- New Girl

Book- Jack by Am Homes


Ang  Paredes Arizmendi(11)

Movie: Blonde– it was absolutely horrible- it was super inaccurate. I hated it so much. It was very pretty visual-wise but it was definitely catering to the male gaze. It didn’t portray Marilyn Monroe for who she actually was. 

Music: “I am listening to Midnights by Taylor Swift . I have also been listening to Frank Sinatra and I have a lot…(she pulled up her Spotify)”. She also said that she has been listening to “a lot of alt-J, Chet Baker, Ella Fitzgerald, Father John Mitsuki, Billie Holiday, and Dean Martin. I love Dean Martin- he’s the love of my life.”

Tv Show: “I have been rewatching American Horror Story. It’s actually so good. My favorite season is ‘Asylum’. I’m sorry I have to say it. Only the OGs know the real one. They’re really good, especially if you like horror”.


Priceless Johnson (12):

Tv showBreaking Bad

PodcastTry Guys


Mr. DeVenio:

TV shows- The Big Bang Theory, 

Podcast- Coney O’Brien: Need a Friend, 

Movies- “I have just been watching a lot of Halloween movies such as Ghostbusters and Nightmare Before Christmas”

Music- “I have just been listening to what is on the radio”


Lilly Skinner(12):

Music- Taylor Swift-Midnights 

TV ShowsLook Both Ways on Netflix- it was cute but not exceptional, would recommend though

Gilmore Girls


Ella Sanders (12):

Music– “Thriller” by Michael Jackson

Tv show– King of the Hill

The episodes are short- 20 mins so it fits her attention span. “Funny and good emotional release after a stressful day at magnet”


Miguel Mejia-Cobos (12)

Tv showBelascoarán, PI on Netflix


Molly Schweickhardt (12)

Movie-Barbarian– “Really great horror movie. The cinematography is really great and was pretty shocking.

Podcast- Emergency Intercom

Tv show- Succession– I have been rewatching Succession for the 4th time and it is goofy. 

Music- “Suitcase Full of Sparks” by Gregory Alan Isakov


Fia Puckett-Rinella(12)

Music-“Flight of the Navigator” by Childish Gambino 


Elliott Yarborough (12)

When first approached with the question of his media of the week, Elliott responded- “I don’t know not really”

After further encouragement though, he came up with a movie.

Movie: “I watched Flight Club recently and I thought it was interesting”

Boris Pekar (12)

Music-He also requested for us to promote Lil Baby’ new album- “Lil Baby just dropped an album, if you could promote that”

Movie-“A good film is Good Will Hunting that I watched recently and Rain Man is pretty good, a favorite of mine”

Tv show-Boris recommends “The Watcher, for sure.”. Also, he says

“Breaking Bad is what I’m watching right now”

“Some Family Guy maybe”.




This concludes the AMHS media of the week! People definitely had interesting choices and we will definitely be taking some of people’s recommendations(or warning against) certain media. I hope you guys will too! Shoutout once again to Emergency Intercom (and former Talon staff member Inés Carrillo-Marquina) for giving us inspo!