Must Watch Shows Coming Out Soon

Need something to watch? Luckily there are plenty of new shows coming out soon to indulge in!


It’s always fun to look forward to a new episode each week of a show you really like, and with House of the Dragon season one ending this Sunday, you might be wondering, what other TV shows are coming out that I can look forward to? So, I have listed six shows that are coming out this year or the beginning of next year that you can watch to fill your time. Enjoy!


Tales of the Jedi
The Star Wars universe continues to expand as the animated series Tales of the Jedi comes out October 26th. The creator Dave Filoni described the series as exploring “two paths and two choices” with one narrative following Ahsoka Tano and the other on Count Dooku before his fall to the dark side. Star Wars fan Carolyn Selvidge expressed her excitement about the series stating, “I’m very excited to see Ahsoka again. I absolutely love the animation style and I love to see how far the animation style has come since 2008. I also am interested to see Dooku’s side of the story that is not in the books.” While Ahsoka’s story will “get rough at times,” she will also get many happy stories, one being about Ahsoka’s first hunting trip with her mom and another featuring baby Ahsoka. Count Dooku’s story will be more tragic as it will explore his relationship with his padawan, Qui-Gon Jinn. There is a lot of excitement about Tales of Jedi as Dave Filoni is a fan favorite creator for Star Wars, having created the very successful animated Clone Wars series which really showed the potential of the Star Wars universe after the mediocre sequels and prequels. The Tales of the Jedi will be streaming on Disney + so if you are a Star Wars fan don’t forget to stream on October 26th.



White Lotus Season 2

Stay excited for the second season of the HBO original White Lotus coming out October 30thWhite Lotus was originally a limited series that was only supposed to be one season, but after the amazing reviews and winning five Emmy awards, HBO renewed White Lotus for a second season. White Lotus is a dark comedy set in a luxurious Hawaiian hotel about the extremely wealthy people who stay there and the horrible treatment of the employees who have to deal with their ridiculous requests. The next season will have the same premise as the first season, except it will take place in Italy and have an all new cast, besides fan favorite Jennifer Coolidge who will be returning for the second season. Some exciting new additions to the cast are Michael Imperioli, who played the character Christopher in the award winning show The Sopranos, F. Murray Abraham, who acted in Amadeus, Scarface, and the Grand Budapest Hotel, and Theo James who played Four in the Divergent series. Considering that the show runners did not plan to make a season two of the show, I hope this season will not try to copy the last season and do something creative and unique. After watching the trailer for season two, it does seem way darker and less comical compared to season one which should be interesting. If you haveHBO I highly recommend watching White Lotus, it’s only six episodes and definitely worth your time.



Young Royals Season 2: 

Another show to stay excited about is Netflix show Young Royals season two coming out November 1st. Young Royals is a coming of age romance story about an unlikely relationship between the Prince of Sweden, Whilhelm, and Simon, who is a member of the lower class in an extremely wealthy private school. While the plot does sound straight out of a wattpad story, it actually is a really good show. Since the show takes place at a wealthy private school the story focuses more on the struggle between the upper and lower class and how Whilhelm and Simon face difficulties understanding each other’s points of view due to their different social and economic statuses in their school and also Swedish society. Season one of Young Royals got a lot of attention so hopefully the showrunners do not let the pressure get to them when writing season two and will continue to make a great show. Fair warning before watching Young Royals; it is very sad so make sure to watch something happy afterward.



The Last of Us

Although the HBO original show, The Last of Us, is coming out in 2023, it is still something to keep an eye out for. The Last of Us is, which is an live action adaptation of the popular video game of the same name, is about a character named Joel who is hired to smuggle out a 14 year old named Ellie from an oppressive quarantine zone after a pandemic spreads across America, turning people into creepy, zombie like, mutants. The casting is also really good with Bella Ramsey playing Ellie and Pedro Pascal playing Joel. Pedro Pascal, actor from The Mandolorian and Game of Thrones, is an amazing actor and shines in any role he plays, so it will be exciting to see him play a main character in a drama series. HBO has been coming out with some amazing originals like White Lotus, Succession, and House of the Dragon, so I think it’s safe to say that once The Last of Us comes out it will probably be on the list of must watch HBO original dramas. The Last of Us does not have an exact release date, but considering that HBO has been promoting it alot, I would suspect it will be sometime early next year before Succession’s likely return in 2023. 



You Season 4

Netflix original show You will also be returning in 2023 for season four. Its release dates will be spread among two parts with part one coming out February 10th and part two coming out March 10th. You is a show about a very creepy guy named Joe, who is obsessed with books and women. He stalks the women he is obsessed with and learns everything about them before he inevitably kills them. While You seems like a very serious show that provides insight on the patriarchy of American society which leads him to doing these horrible things to women without any consequences, it has really become more of a meme now. The plot has gone so far from anything grounded in reality and the writing is very comical, especially Joe’s inner monologue that is narrating the show. All of this considered it has really become just another classic Netflix show that has been renewed because of all the traction it gets from being such a bad show and keeps getting worse as it goes on. For some reason season four is taking place in London and in the previews Joe is dressed up as a posh British person from the 20th century which is a very interesting promotional choice. So with all this considered, season four will probably just be another season where you stop watching halfway through because the bad writing stops being funny and just becomes annoying. Yet, I still included it on the list because it is You after all and no matter how hard you try to avoid it, you will probably see at least one meme about it on your Tik Tok for you page or Twitter. 




The new Netflix original show Wednesday directed by Tim Burton is coming out November 23rd. The show is about Wednesday, the character from the Adams Family, and her years attending high school at Nevermore Academy. The show got a lot of attention due to Wednesday being played by Jenna Ortega and the director being the iconic Tim Burton. After breaking out of her stardom as a Disney channel child actor, Jenna Ortega started appearing in more horror movies such as X and Scream, and she has really proved to be a great horror actor, so I think she will really stand out as her role of Wednesday. So between Jenna Ortega’s acting and Tim Burton’s directing, I think this show will be something to stay excited for. 



I hope you watch some of these shows when they come out and enjoy them. Personally, I am most excited about Tales of the Jedi, The Last of Us, White Lotus, and Young Royals and can’t wait to watch them. Also, if you have any other show recommendations comment them down below!