One Song For The Rest Of Your Life


Feeling uninspired? Bored? Sick of your same old playlists and songs? Well then listen in. I’m about to tell you what your fellow raptors are listening to, give you some song inspo, and finally, rank the answers I got (to let you know what to listen to of course). I went around and asked raptor nation a seemingly simple but actually very difficult question: If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be? Why? The answers go as followed.

16. Madelyn Hall would listen to Cbat by Hudson Mohawk because she “really likes the beat.” As a former SOA dancer, she would just really like the beat. 

15. McRae Wallace had a little bit of a more difficult time with this one. He battled back and forth in his head, realizing that he didn’t want to be listening to rap when he is 90. He finally settled on The Cave by Mumford and Sons because, in his words, “I listened to it a lot when I was little”. Ok, McRae, that’s fair I guess.


14. Piper Hudgins toggled a bit between genres and finally went with 23 Island by JayDaYoungan. This is very much 2020 COVID lockdown music. Absolutely no hate though. Piper said, “it’s always a mood booster and it’s really easy to Dougie to.” Great reasoning. Priorities are straight. 

13. Jacob Somsky said Dough by Key Glock. I love Mr. Glock, don’t get me wrong, but interesting choice. No hate. Jacob said, “it’s a hype song”.

12. Harrison Crites said he would listen to You Might Die Trying by Dave Matthews Band because “it’s the greatest song I’ve ever seen live.” I think this is phenomenal reasoning. I have never actually listened, but I will give it a try.

11. Jack Tierney would listen to Citrus Skies by Tunnel Vision (even though his friend claimed that he put him on and wants the credit). Honestly, I have never heard of this song before. But, after listening, I understand the reason. Jack “likes the beat and tone.” 

10. Lilly Murphy had actually been preparing for this question, and upon asking her, she immediately knew it was The Spins by Mac Miller. Her reasoning was “It’s a really basic song but it’s so upbeat and fun.” I do agree that if you’re going to listen to a song for the rest of your life, it HAS to be upbeat and fun. 

9. Izzy Heise said Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd because “it’s long and I don’t have to listen to the same part of it for a long time.” Fair. I don’t have an attention span either. Again, such a classic. Everyone loves a good Free Bird. Actually a very sad song though, only reason why it’s not ranked higher. 

8. Lizzie Murray, again with no hesitation said her song would be Nautical Wheelers by Jimmy Buffet. It’s not Lizzie if her answer isn’t Jimmy Buffet. Her reasoning was “Cause it’s a really good song and I like it a lot”. This is just a little bit vague, so I’ll give you some more inside of the song. A soft yet happy tune about drinking and dancing.

7. Randy Villariza said Rap God by Eminem because “it’s a song I listen to to hype myself up before sports and it’s also a good song”. I mean DUH it’s a good song. I think it hits us all with a wave of nostalgia.

6. Hanna Ismail said Heartless by Kanye West. Because, she said, “I like Kanye West.” I like Kanye West too. If you say you don’t you’re just so clearly trying to be different (sorry). Obviously, Kanye has got to make an appearance in this article somewhere. Even though this song was released on 808s and Heartbreaks in 2008, I have seen it resurfacing because of the recent Kim and Skete breakup. Kanye was right. You’ll never find nobody better. Give it a listen for nostalgia. 

5. Mr. Cosgrove put a lot of thought into the question. Pondering, he first said Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison, but immediately exclaimed that it was too overplayed. He knew it had to be an upbeat and happy song. After countless debates in his mind, he went with Dancing With Myself by Billy Idol. This song SCREAMS Cosgrove. Such coming-of-age and happy energy.

4. Kofi Ayuki gave a typical answer. I was waiting for this one. Long Time by Playboi Carti. I have a theory you can listen to this song in any mood. And honestly, that’s what makes it such a good song; the dynamicity. Kofi “feels it on a deep spiritual level.” I do too, Kofi.

3. Anddddd we’re down to the top three. Emily Byrne did not waste any time and immediately said she would listen to Drops of Jupiter by Train because “the lyrics are really cute”. 10/10. I condone this. A classic song about a hearty topic, how could you go wrong with 2000s rock?

2. Troy Rauchut exclaimed that he’s “gotta say Kanye” and went with Gold Digger. More Ye on the list. This song is an absolute must. Maybe I have some personal bias but if you can’t rap this whole song go on genius lyrics right now. As said by Troy, “Kanye’s an artist”. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

1. And finally, we have the winner. Officer Watson also had an immediate response, saying he would listen to Hotel California by the Eagles. A complete classic, no way you can go wrong there. In his words, it is “the greatest song ever made” and the “lyrics, music, and everything all together make one perfect song”. I would have to agree, definitely a top 5 song of all time. Give it a listen if you haven’t.

Overall, the list compiled by the few raptors I talked to is pretty solid.

Disclaimer: These are my opinions, do not take offense.